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Guidebook: Penis Pump - Much Nothing About the Penis or Steadfast Support?

Erectile dysfunction can have many causes. Often there are psychological reasons, just as often physical. This guide is about the penis pump. Also a bit about the comedy. Does it help at all and can your problem be solved almost all by itself with this method? You don't necessarily have to swallow pills. At least not always.

This guide is about the possibility of vacuum around the penis, what you should look out for when buying a penis pump and where the advantages and disadvantages are.
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What is a penis pump?

A penis pump works with a vacuum. A kind of tube is put over the penis and by negative pressure the blood and oxygen flows more into your penis. To stay there, a blood ring is prevented from flowing back. In this way, the penis can be increased over a certain period of time and it comes to a longer and harder erection. There are many reasons for erectile dysfunction. Below, we will discuss the various causes. Problems with "virility" can have physical and psychological origins. Premature ejaculation also comes with a penis pump and the benefits of one penis ring less common.

Function of a penis pump

A penis pump consists of a cylinder into which the penis is inserted. Either manually or electrically, a vacuum is generated. The blood is drawn into the cavernous body and supplies the whole organ with oxygen. Better care and enlargement of the blood vessels can make a small penis larger.

But not only the blood vessels are widened by this procedure. Because the increased oxygen supply also supplies the nerves. These can work better and more effectively. This is advantageous, for example, after a prostate operation. This may even, with some luck, correct the complete erectile dysfunction.

Areas of application of a penis pump

In which areas is the penis pump now used? Not always Viagra or an injection with prostaglandin possible or wanted. A therapeutic support but for the psyche or the body inevitable. So you can use a penis pump if you:

  • general erection problems or
  • have a penis that is too small for you
  • If you had to go through a prostate operation
  • If you have erectile dysfunction due to
  • Hypertension
  • Kidney or liver dysfunction
  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • You have circulatory problems

Health effect penis pump

Is this the healthiest option if you have health problems, whether mental or physical? Yes. Injections and medicines burden the entire body. The list of side effects is long. With a manual option, such as the penis pump, you have it in your own hands and can increase, decrease, or omit use depending on your personal well-being.

Mental support

Men and women have their different "weak points". In a man it is perhaps the stomach, the intestines, the back on which the package of life must be carried. But also the prostate. In traditional Chinese medicine, the cause often lies in the kidney. Things that might "get to your kidneys" as a man. In a figurative sense, the prostate stands for the man. "Standing up for your husband" - lies in the prostate.

The flow of life is meant by it, the "creation" of life itself. Stress and depression favor problems with the prostate and also with the erection. Can a penis pump help? Yes, she can, even if she can't magic your problems away, she can help that your self-worth and your "being a man" will be maintained.

** Erectile dysfunction can be triggered in some men by too much pressure, stress or discomfort. So if your doctor does not find anything, take care of your psyche. Do things that are good for you and clearly communicate your wishes! **

Physical support

After an operation, the fear is great: how does this continue? The body has to regenerate and you should actively support it. A positive approach is just as important as a physical support. Strength training for your best piece if you want so.

**Tip: Some health insurance companies subsidize the purchase of a penis pump **

Whether the nerves were damaged in the operation, whether the prostate was perhaps completely removed, whether simply the age strikes: At the biological level, the device trains your prostate and enlarges your penis and has a positive effect on the health and creativity of your best piece.

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Lusts toy penis pump

Some manufacturers state that when using a penis pump, hairline cracks develop in the tissue, which leads to an enlargement of the limb after healing. If you want to use the pump for a lengthened act, you will need a cock ring - in most cases it will be included with the product - which you are putting on the limb before pumping. By the way, such a "cock ring" is not an invention of the modern age, the idea is several hundred years old.

Bigger, harder, longer? The penis pump can be considered as a small dumbbell, with which you can give your physical expression more steadfastness. This training is necessary. You could, purely statistically, After 6 months just over 5 cm more in length and 2,5 cm more in perimeter gain for you.

** For some users training with the pump also helps with premature ejaculation **

Differences manual and electric penis pump

The difference is simple, while in a manual penis pump you give yourself the pressure and the pumping mechanics, this is done with an electric pump, a motor and various adjustment options. Which system you prefer is up to you. The mechanics do not change anything about the mode of action.

Training with the penis pump

You need a bit of time if you want to work out with the pump. You can calculate 20 minutes a day. Here you build up an erection with the pump for about 2 minutes and let the vacuum for 15 seconds again. The whole can and should be repeated 10 times.

** Every body is different. Never go over your pain threshold when working with the pump. Pay attention to your penis and also to your feeling. Do you have any "bellyache" with it, train less or split the training throughout the day. Do you have concerns? Talk to your urologist about your problems **

Important for a penis pump!

Here are some basic hints:

  • An intimate shave before training is helpful for the vacuum
  • Use lubricant
  • Massage the penis a bit warm before exercising or use warm water
  • Please bring the skin of your testicles to safety
  • Never go over your pain threshold
  • Once a day is enough training, even your best piece has to get used to it
  • With penis ring is an erection 30 minutes possible - please follow the instructions of the manufacturer

Side effects Penis pump

Only with wrong training or with a wrong handling with the device it can come to side effects. Your lymphatic system may be affected and bruising may occur. But if you have a good pump and behave according to the instructions, nothing can go wrong.

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What should you look for when buying a penis pump?

Whether subsidized by the health insurance or not, a few basic things you should buy at the penis pump yet note:

  • Watch out for quality! After all, it's about your best piece
  • Manual or electric, the selection is up to you
  • The manual of the manufacturer should not leave you alone
  • Good material must be processed

Pros and cons penis pump

At this point we have listed some advantages and disadvantages of the penis pump. But: Immediately beforehand, should you want to use a pump for health reasons or have to, this technique is the most gentle for your body!

Benefits Penis pump

✔ The penis enlarges

✔ Training against premature ejaculation

✔ The libido increases

✔ health benefits just after surgery or

✔ for stress-related erectile dysfunction

✔ Can straighten penile curvature

Disadvantages of penis pump

✘ Incorrect use may result in painful bruising

✘ A penis pump is often a sensitive topic in the widely held opinion of the mass

✘ Some users complain about unpleasant cold feelings

Conclusion - penis pump

A penis pump is not dangerous if you follow the instructions. You can use them when your body needs support after an operation or illness. You can train with her when you find age is in the door. You can use them as a pleasure toy - even with your partner. The pump can lead to good results. Do not overdo the training and please pay attention to your body awareness.

Regardless of the reasons you inquire: You are worth the fact that you feel good in your body! So you can buy the pump with manual and electrical technology. Regardless of the variant, the best advantage is that you do not have to swallow any chemicals and you do not have to inject anything into your erectile tissue in order to “stand up”. Have fun and good luck!

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