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Dog owners would like to have their darling with them all the time. This is even possible with the Petsfit dog backpack, at least for small breeds. I was very dissatisfied with my previous dog carrier and have therefore hardly ever used it. I ordered the Petsfit backpack and took a closer look at it.

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€69,99€49,99€49,99Check price€59,99€54,99Check price€68,59€55,99€63,13
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Dog backpack: so you always have your darling with you!


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Why a dog backpack?

Many are probably wondering why a dog backpack should be useful. Dog owners with small dogs are probably familiar with the problem: theoretically you can take them almost anywhere due to their size, but especially in crowds such as at the Christmas market or in shopping centers, letting the dog run on the floor becomes a problem. Many people overlook the small dogs and may accidentally step on them.

In order to avoid this, I have so far either picked up my dog ​​or left it at home alone. You also have similar problems with older or sick dogs that are no longer as agile and dynamic: you don't want to or can't leave the dog alone at home, but letting the dog run or carry it for a long time is also not possible.
It is also an ideal option for puppies to transport, as they are not yet allowed to travel long distances in the first few weeks and months.

You can always use a dog backpack for long walks, excursions or trips!

The solution? A dog backpack! I was immediately enthusiastic about the idea and ordered it too. Before that, I had a carrying case for my Bolonka Zwetna, but this was rather unfavorable in terms of practicality. My dog ​​sat very unsteadily in the bag because it didn't have a real solid base, you could never carry the bag really straight, so the dog always sat a bit crooked and it wasn't practical for long-term carrying. So I think the backpack could be a good choice.

# Preview Product Rating Price
1 Petsfit Pet Backpacks for Dogs and Cats Foldable... Petsfit Pet Backpacks for Dogs and Cats Foldable...* 807 Reviews €69,99
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3 Petsfit Pet Backpack for Dogs Cats, Expandable ... Petsfit Pet Backpack for Dogs Cats, Expandable...* Currently no reviews €69,99 €59,99

Practical tool for

  • Small dogs (up to 16 kg)
  • Sick dogs
  • Older dogs
  • puppies
  • Long walks, excursions
  • Travel or long train journeys
  • Christmas markets, shopping malls etc. (areas where dogs are not allowed to run free)
  • everyone who always wants their darling with them


  • Dimensions: 43 cm (height) x 32 cm (depth) x 29 cm (width)
  • According to the manufacturer, suitable for dogs weighing up to 16 kg
  • Mesh design for ventilation & visibility
  • Side pockets for storage
  • Material: oxford fabric and mesh
  • Colors: gray and blue

Very large dogs cannot be transported with a dog backpack.

All materials are harmless to pets. The backpack has adjustable padded straps for the dog to reduce the load and for a comfortable carry. There are mesh inserts at the front and top through which the dog can look out and also get some air. So he can watch everything well. You have a leash on the inside of the backpack to which you can attach the dog so that it cannot jump out. You have a deployable floor that allows the dog to sit really safely and straight in the backpack. In addition, the dog backpack can be quickly and easily folded and stowed away, so you can easily take it with you anywhere.

Getting used to the dog backpack

In the beginning you have to get your animal used to new things in most cases. So also with the dog backpack. Like many other things, you can approach this with the reward method and with lots of treats. It is best to put the backpack in the living room so that the dog can discover the backpack all by himself. In doing so, he will notice that nothing bad has happened to him. After a few days the backpack is a completely normal item like any other. In addition, the backpack for dog takes on the smell of the apartment, which makes it appear less foreign to the dog.

Next, you should put on the backpack and put the dog in or let the dog go into the backpack itself. First run a few steps, take the dog out again and reward him when he has been calm. After a few repetitions in a few days, the dog will get used to it.

Why a backpack for your dog and not a carrier bag?

As already described, I initially had a dog carrier bag. This also had a relatively stable frame and a small net window on the side to look out. However, it was very warm in this carrier bag, there was hardly any air in the bag. In addition, it was hardly possible to hold this bag upright so that my dog ​​could sit or lie comfortably in it.
Instead of leaving the dog at home, I decided that I would rather take it with me. Especially for small dogs, puppies or old or sick dogs, it is much more pleasant to be with their masters than at home alone. For this reason I finally decided to get one dog backpack to order.

From my previous experience, it was a good decision to test the Petsfit dog backpack. It makes everyday life easier for me and ensures that I can always take my little one with me. I can now transport him very well and stably without putting any strain on his joints. Because if the floor is too soft, flexible, the dog's bones and joints are heavily stressed. Especially for dogs with knee or paw injuries, a carrier bag would not be an optimal means of transport.


  • Your darling always and everywhere with you
  • quick and easy assembly
  • good comfort
  • great design
  • very easy
  • Mesh inserts for the dog to look out
  • comfortable position for the dog


  • Does not serve as a backup during car journeys (rather dog cages or dog transport boxes here)
  • Healthy dogs need exercise and exercise; it shouldn't become a habit to just carry the dog
  • Not suitable for every dog ​​or animal


My conclusion on the dog backpack: Practical aid for everyday life with four-legged friends! I think the design of the Petsfit dog backpack is very beautiful and well made. It is also very light. I find it practical that the front and the top can be opened and consists of a mesh insert so that the dog can look out and doesn't feel too constricted. The stable base ensures a secure hold.

I hope I could help you with my experiences. Now I wish you a lot of fun with the backpack for your dog on trips or trips! Your dog will thank you.

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PETEMOO Dog Backpacks Foldable Pet Carrier Bag Dog Bag Transport Backpack for Dogs and Cats Foldable Backpacks Good for Hiking Campaign Daily Use, PETEMOO

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Current price €48,99 6 March 2023
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€48,99 6 March 2023
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Product selection


Current price €42,99 6 March 2023
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lowest price €42,99 5 January 2023
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€42,99 5 January 2023

Price history for Kritter Planet Large Pet Backpack for Small Dogs and Cats, Foldable Padded...


Current price €42,99 6 March 2023
Highest Price €42,99 5 January 2023
lowest price €42,99 5 January 2023
Since January 5, 2023

Last price changes

€42,99 5 January 2023
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  • At you can get Kritter Planet Large Pet Backpack for Small Dogs and Cats, Foldable Padded Back Support for Puppy Pet Backpack for Hiking Walking Cycling Outdoor, 1.5lbs Puppy for only 42,99€
  • The lowest price of PETEMOO dog backpacks foldable pet carrier bag dog bag transport backpack for dogs and cats foldable backpacks good for hiking campaign daily use was found on March 6, 2023 3:52.

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