Dance pole | Pole dance pole for the home

Pole dance pole

Dance pole | Pole dance pole for the home

Stomach, legs buttocks. This is where women prefer to collect the pillows. The classic would be pedaling on a bike, swimming, running and a lot of (sometimes dangerous and only temporarily successful) diets. "Just do more sport and don't eat so much!" Yawn. Yes / Yes. Where is the fun actually when you think that the classics are fun-free? Cut: OK, you think you could do something, your self-worth suffers a bit or you feel like trying something completely new.

Something that not every woman does please and should be fun! Here comes our pole dance guide! You can even set it up in the living room. - Or in the basement. The training builds muscles (including the grinning muscles in the face), burns excess fat and catapults you into the surprise effect. We explain to you what is important. - Pole dance pole | Pole dance at home

Dance poles - in comparison

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149,80€Check price149,00€145,99€Check priceCheck price145,99€135,99€19,90€19,90€
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Pole dance pole possibilities

Here it begins, the decision jungle. The first question is where or how you want to assemble your rod. You can screw the bar to the floor and ceiling or clamp it between them, so to speak. When mounted, the pole is the most stable. Transportable, you can remove it Perfectly.

** Note: Please keep in mind that you have enough space around the pole! Nothing should stand in the way, so you can not hurt yourself. There should be space for at least 2 meters around the pole. **

Transportable dance poles

Maybe you only have a small flat or you do not want to have the Polestange standing anywhere? Then the possibility of the portable solution is suitable for you. If you want to exercise, you just build it up and when you're done, you'll dismantle it and put it away. You can choose between two more options:

  • Spread rod: here you clamp the rod under pressure between the ceiling and the floor. It has to be so strong that it can withstand your weight. Pay attention to the stability of the floor and the ceiling! Soft materials are not suitable.
  • Freestanding pole : Here stands the pole on a kind pedestal. They are made to withstand your weight (note weight!). There is no need for fixation on the ceiling.

** Poles that you clamp between the ceiling and the floor are not made for plasterboard or wood paneling. You need the concrete (maybe in the basement) or very hard wood. Tiles are also only partially suitable, they can break. Carpet is usually too soft.**

Does that have pros and cons?

Advantages Transportable pole post bars

✔ You can simply "fix it somewhere" and quickly dismantle it
✔ You do not have to use screws (and have no damage!)
✔ Easy assembly and dismantling

Disadvantages Transportable pole post bars

✘ They tend to be more wobbly than fixed rods
✘ You have to check the condition of the ceiling and the floor
✘ With pedestal, the poles have a huge space requirement

** If you want to try this kind of sport "just like this", you can see if you can find a pole that you can clamp between the ceiling and the floor. That's the space-saving alternative. If necessary, the rod can be easily removed and you forget the whole thing. ** 🙂

Permanent pole pole

Permanent pole post poles are firmly fixed in the ground and in the ceiling. That means: screws. Even if you do not want to have the pole or move anymore, you will have to fix this damage in a rented apartment. So check carefully how easy it is. Parquet can be expensive! And?

Does that have pros and cons?

Advantages of permanent pole rods

✔ More security because firmly installed
✔ Can carry more body weight
✔ Very well suited for a high room height (or advanced)

Disadvantages permanent polandance poles

✘ screws in floor and ceiling
✘ awkward dismantling

** Pay attention to the texture of your floor and ceiling! Because the screws have to go into the material. Lumpy wooden floors are just as unsuitable as steel beams! **

Fixed pole dance pole

A static, so static pool bar is a solid rod. It is mounted and stands firm. Unlike one

Rotatable pole dance pole

Pole dance pole. Although it is also firm in itself, but the outer shell rotates about its own axis.

** Some rods can be used for both sports! **

Recommended reading: Lots of guides on different topics .!

Features pole dance poles

With fixed or not fixed it is not done yet, because the rods also differ in their materials and other properties:

Space requirements - dance pole

Usually a radius of 1,20 m is estimated - without pedestal. That could be a bit tight, especially if you're a beginner and still have no real sense of pole. The exercises themselves also require a lot of space. If you can, plan more space.


Chrome and stainless steel - classic and shiny. The chrome provides more grip, making it better for beginners. These are also the materials that are most likely to be found. Titanium, brass or a gold coating may it already be? Yes, that's it. For a bit more money.

** Cleaning pole pole: During training, you may have to free the rod once or twice from sweat and dandruff. This gives you more support again. Simple is normal glass cleaner and a lint-free cloth or alcohol, from the pharmacy. **


On average, the rods can carry 150 kg, according to the manufacturer. Please never go to the limit of stress! With this you play with your own safety. There are also rods that can hold more weight.


What is the height of your room? Free standing poles need around the 3 meters. Most poles settle to a height of 2,20 - 2,70 meters. So they are also suitable for a normal apartment. In addition, there are extensions to buy, so you can adapt your pole to the conditions of your premises.

** No place? But maybe you have a garden? Then, as long as you have a solid and even surface, you can also put a pole with a pedestal outside! **


The average rods usually come with a diameter of 45 cm. If you look around in the higher quality category, you'll quickly find that you can buy 40 and 50 cm diameter poles as well. Which is the right pole for you depends on the size of your hands, your strength and also on your ability. Are you a beginner and have small hands? Then 40 cm tend to be best.

Pole Dance Rod Fitness

Let's have fun! Because fitness has to be fun for you ... it's stupid. So, what do you profit from?

  • Poledance combines interval training with Pilates and even yoga
  • This improves your metabolism (fat loss) and your motor skills and the training will relax you
  • You can train more than 300 different characters
  • You do something for your arms, back, stomach, legs, buttocks and shoulders
  • This will allow you to burn up to 800 calories per hour
  • You stay flexible and strong
  • Your body feeling improves
  • and also your movement. That makes you sexy!

On what you should pay attention to when buying

There are some things to keep in mind, not many:

  • How should the bar be installed?
  • Would you like to be able to take it off again at any time? Put outside? Do you have enough space?
  • Is the diameter suitable for your hand and strength?
  • What is the load capacity?
  • Is there the right accessories to buy, such as extensions?

Take a pole that has a seal of quality and pay attention to a very stable stand.

Pros and cons of pole dance pole

If you are thinking of entering a new area in your life, you may not be sure yet. We have summarized the possible advantages and disadvantages for you:

Advantages Poledance rod

✔ You can easily mount the pole
✔ You can do something for your whole body
✔ You stay strong, flexible and lose excess fat
✔ That will make you happy
✔ You can acquire knowledge in online forums and train according to their instructions

Disadvantages Poledance rod

✘ Not every pole is suitable for every room and every ceiling or every floor
✘ Good poles cost a little more money
✘ It may be worth starting a course or a trainer for a start

Conclusion - pole dance pole

Good mood, new hobby, stronger musculature, better health. Pooldance has integrated itself from the "dirty corner" into the sport. The first Poledancers, by the way, were men and performed in the Chinese state circus. Its origin therefore had this sport in the art. I just wanted to write it before sorting pole dance into the wrong corner. If you have the space, just give it a try. If you have to grin now and have fun, then do it! Life is too short for bans!

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COSTWAY professional dance pole Static & Spinning, 45 mm pole dance pole 2,23 m to 2,82 m height adjustable, strip pole without drilling, incl. Tool set for home, club, gym and parties
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