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Having your own pool is awesome. You may have it for pure pleasure or to keep yourself physically fit. Clean the pool every few days? Check the water and make it winterproof at the end of summer - you can use a bit of technical support during the season. You can use this time much better. To support you, they were created. The automatic pool cleaners. We have written you a pool robot guide in which we take a closer look at the various pool robots.

What does a good robot have to do? What does he have to bring? What do you need for that? How do you clean it and how do you care for it? What should you look out for when buying?
Enjoy - pool robots top 10 - wall and floor pool robots

Wall and floor pool robots - in comparison

Zodiac Electric Pool Cleaning Robot Vortex OV 3505, Floor Only ...Steinbach Poolrunner S63, for pools up to 18 m² ...Intex Auto Pool Cleaner - automatic powerful ...Dolphin E20 automatic swimming pool cleaning robot ....Steinbach Poolrunner, for pools up to 32 m² area, ...Steinbach-80107-HAYWARD Magic Clean swimming pool cleaner, ...Zodiac Electric Pool Cleaning Robot Vortex OV 3505 Tile, Only ...well2wellness Electronic pool cleaning robot for floor and wall ...Dolphin E20 - Electric cleaning robot, pool cleaning robot ...MAYTRONICS Dolphin E10 Automatic Robot for ...
1.099,00€236,10€89,99€928,60€406,89€301,90€Check priceCheck price698,70€699,00€
Zodiac electric pool cleaning robot Vortex OV 3505, ... *Steinbach Poolrunner S63, for pools up to 18 m² ... *Intex Auto Pool Cleaner - automatic ... *Dolphin E20 Automatic ... *Steinbach Poolrunner, for pools up to 32 m² ... *Steinbach-80107-HAYWARD Magic Clean ... *Zodiac electric pool cleaning robot Vortex OV 3505 ... *well2wellness Electronic pool cleaning robot for ... *Dolphin E20 - Electric cleaning robot, ... *MAYTRONICS Dolphin E10 Automatic robot for ... *
◼️ Robots for cleaning recessed pools and ...◼️ Fully automatic floor vacuum cleaner for optimal pool floor cleaning◼️ Powerful pool vacuum works according to the Venturi principle ...◼️ Lower and get started: Easier to use, lighter ...◼️ Fully automatic floor vacuum cleaner for optimal pool floor cleaning◼️ Very suitable for above ground pools◼️ N / A◼️ Pool cleaning robot 'Dpool Master' with 3 different ...◼️ 24 months guarantee◼️ Drop and Go: A user-friendly, lightweight ...
◼️ 6 cycles: cleaning the floor (duration: 1 / 1,5 / 2 hours) or ...◼️ Control via water jet nozzles on the front and back◼️ The automatic swimming pool cleaner must be connected to a filter pump ...◼️ The optimal device for small swimming pools: A ...◼️ Control via water jet nozzles on the front and back◼️ Self-propelled floor vacuum cleaner for all pool shapes with a flat ...◼️ N / A◼️ With 18 m floating cable and 2 filter baskets.◼️ Suitable for all pool shapes◼️ No random cleaning pattern: CleverClean technology ...
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1.099,00€236,10€89,99€928,60€406,89€301,90€Check priceCheck price698,70€699,00€
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What is a pool robot?

The robots are available in many different versions - below, we will take a closer look at the specific differences. A robot works as autonomously as possible. That means less work for you. He must support you as best as possible and relieve you of the tiresome work. If you do not consider the pool-cleansing to be very meditative, these hard-working helpers are the right thing for you.

A pool robot usually only needs one: a power connection. High quality appliances have above the water level - mostly swimming - a device that prevents the twisting of the power cable. So he can completely self-cleaning back and forth, without you have to pay attention to him.

The robot has its own container where it collects the dirt and various filters that collect the small particles again.
With a Käscher you can still support the cleaning, much just float on the surface.

What else you need to know

The details of how much the robot manages are usually given in terms of the circulation capacity (m³ / h). Do you have a large pool, you need, as an aquarium too, a larger turnover.

The different models have different filters. Mostly, you can simply rinse them with clear water and put them back in. If they are damaged over time, you will need to replace them, as with a vacuum cleaner too.
There are certain filters also for example against bacteria. The sucker sucks the water through the filter and spits it clean again. Completely bacteria-free, you will not get your pool, you do not need that either. It is important that the pool does not tip over, algae attaches or somehow turns green.

Unfortunately, the suction cups do not measure the pool's pH and correct it automatically. That would be something for a new generation of vacuum cleaners! Not every vacuum cleaner is suitable for every pool. Some prefer to only vacuum rectangular shapes, others are designed for round pools. The depth of the pelvis can also play a role. Maybe you have a salt water pool too? Then your teat must be designed for it.

The material of the pool is important. Foil? Tiles? Plastic? Maybe even a natural stone or concrete? The smoother the surface, the cleaner the robot gets your pool. You may even need specific roller systems for a rough surface that will adapt to the terrain.

The length of the pool also plays a role. If you have a pool with up to 25 m, you will have no trouble finding a suitable device.

How does he get up the walls?

This is due to his special tires that allow him to drive up the pool wall. Of course, there are differences from manufacturer to manufacturer. For the system to work well, your pool walls should be level and level. Otherwise, your robot may not be able to hold on properly.
The order in which the clever technique cleans is irrelevant. Some make the floor first, then the walls, while others clean everything at the same time.

Various possibilities

You have different options when choosing a pool cleaner. And there will be a matching device for your pool. Basically, there are two variants:


Semi-automatic means that you still have to operate the robot. You can connect it to the skimmer or to the suction plate. Then you slide it across the floor and manually clean your pool with the help of your pool pump. This is good if you don't want to spend a lot of money. However, depending on the nature of your pool, it may not be so thorough. Here, too, the details of the cleaner are given with the circulation rate.

fully automatic

Fully automatic is easier. Nevertheless, we recommend that you always keep an eye on your robot. The robot works all by itself, but needs a power source. If your pool is not that big, you can also take a look at the battery-operated pool robots.

Now there is only one difference: with or without walls. Some models can only drive around on the ground. The walls of your pool you have to clean as needed by hand. There are special tools and accessories for this.

Even a fully automated robot is no guarantee for a sparkling clean pool. Some devices are not so good in corners, others are not so suitable for slopes or stairs.
That's why it's important to be very specific about what your robot's strengths and weaknesses are.

Pool - cleaner accessories

When you choose your device, make sure that the right accessories are available. Filters are important, at some point they are old. You should also be able to exchange the brushes and rollers. When they're worn out, they don't clean as well and you don't necessarily want to replace the whole device.

What else can break? A pool robot is basically like a vacuum cleaner, just that it works underwater. He has a motor, rollers, filters and is powered. In addition to the engine, the filters and the rollers, the power supply can grow old with age. So always pay attention to the safety of the power cord and check before each cleaning process that it is intact.

Care of a pool vacuum

Who loves his robot, who cares for him.
This includes thoroughly rinsing the filters and the entire robot after use. Algae can otherwise settle and eventually the device is completely glued. This also applies to the roles, so that they remain common. Thoroughly rinse the filters so nothing gets stuck.

The robot no longer sucks properly

The reasons could

  • a suspended drive roller
  • a jammed impeller
  • glued rolls or
  • clogged and contaminated filters

be. You can check these things relatively quickly. Clean the filters and see if everything is common that is supposed to move. The impeller is this little propeller, it usually sits on top of the pool robot. Algae or hair like to get stuck here.

★ Attention! Before you clean your robot, please always unplug the power plug!

The pool robot no longer vacuum

Also for this impurities can be responsible. Sometimes it is worse. The V-belt could be cracked. Also, the engine may have given up the ghost. If your robot has died, it is best to send it to a professional who will take a closer look.

How do I store the pool cleaning robot?

If you don't need your robot, you should store it well. Good means that you should dry it as much as possible after thorough cleaning so that no mold or the like can form anywhere in it. If you have space, you can also store it protected in a dry basement or garage. Make sure that it is not "sitting" on its brushes. It's a bit like car tires. After a while the weight will settle on it and the tires or brushes will flatten. This again has a negative effect on work performance.

You can also just lay your robot on its back.
If you do not want that, you can also buy a caddy, especially from the manufacturer. These caddies are specially made for storage and with them, it's also easy for you to bring that device where it needs to go.

What is a pool robot app?

Some manufacturers have linked their robot to an app that you can download for Android or iOS. There you have various access options such as a weekly timer, the cleaning mode and the cycle time. The app also lets you program the robot to tell the robot when to stop cleaning and you can also control it manually. That's fun again!

Pool robot for floor and wall

If you want to treat yourself to real luxury, buy a robot that can do everything. You don't have to compromise with that. Maybe fish a leaf out of the pool here and there. That rocks! You just put your little friend in the water and he can get started. In the time you have gained, you can start the grill or mix a delicious cocktail.
The robot then just cleans everything and is ready when your friends come. If he has not finished, you can simply switch to "manual" via app and then your people can still play by having the robot cleaned manually.

Pros and cons pool robot

If you are still thinking about whether this cool gadget is for you, check out our list. Here are the pros and cons:

Advantages pool robot floor and wall

✔ he works quietly and


✔ efficient and

✔ time saving

✔ Your pool water will be circulated once again and cleaned

✔ which is also noticeable in the fact that you have to use less chemistry

✔ The more often the robot is used, the better your pool cleans itself

✔ Maintenance and care is not difficult

✔ It can be fun to see this technique and also be able to control it via the app

Disadvantage pool robot floor and wall

✘ depending on the device, the starting price is higher

✘ if the device is broken it may need to be returned

✘ it consumes electricity

What you should consider when buying pool suction

Congratulations on the decision that a new helping friend may move in with you! What should you pay attention to now? There are not many points, that's why we've made a list for you:

  • how big is your pool?
  • how much m³ / hour does the robot manage?
  • is the power cable long enough?
  • how heavy is the robot?
  • are there any accessories to buy?
  • and also filters, roll systems and more?
  • what kind of surface does your pool have?
  • and is the robot also suitable for walls and stairs?
  • do you have any salt water?
  • do you need a caddy?
  • should the robot be controllable via app?
  • Can you store it over the winter?

You can make some very good bargains on the internet if you go looking for them a bit. Read through the many reviews. Customers on the net are not compliant. You can use that.


A pool vacuum is great, a semi-automatic even better and best and hottest is and remains a pool robot, which can also ramp up the walls. He does his job mostly alone and the more often he does it, the cleaner your pool stays in itself. The water is also circulated and that means you have to use less chemistry. But, even if you have a saltwater pool, there are the right devices.

The manufacturers have made the right thing for every need. For all floors, all walls, for stairs, for salt water and chlorine water, for the different sizes with a sophisticated technology. Have a bite on the grill, have a cold beer and let your new helper clean the pool. 🙂

FAQ: pool robots

How long does it take for a pool robot to clean my pool?
Depending on the model and performance, as well as the size of your swimming pool, the cleaning time will be between 1 - 5 hours.

Can I swim with the robot while cleaning?
This is not recommended due to the power supply required for the robot.

What helps with cleaning?
Make sure that your water always has the right pH. If this tilts, then your pool water is no longer in the balance. Chlorine is a popular remedy that keeps the pool clean in a chemical way.

How heavy is a pool robot?
Depending on the workmanship and model, it can weigh up to 15 Kg.

How do I store my robot?
You can store it in a sheltered area of ​​your home. Put it on your stomach, so that the weight is not on the brushes. Otherwise, special caddies or you are inventive and sets the robot on a wooden plank, for example.

Popular pool cleaning robot buy | Buy pool robots cheap online

Buy pool cleaning robot - top 10 topseller list

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- € 45,00Topseller 6
ZACO V5sPro vacuum robot with wiping function, automatic ...
10.477 Reviews
ZACO V5sPro vacuum robot with wiping function, automatic ... *
  • Wet mopping function up to 180m²: Replace the suction container ...
  • Wiping function + The V5s Pro wipes your rooms, humidifies ...
  • Cleaning levels: Auto or timer function - Cleans when you ...
  • For pet owners or allergy sufferers: the fine dust filter filters ...
Topseller 7
Intex Deluxe Auto Pool Cleaner ZX300, gray, 28005 *
  • Powerful cleaner with Venturi principle only for INTEX ...
  • Swimming pool hose Ø 38 mm, length 650 cm
  • Suitable for salt water
  • Very effective and easy to use
Topseller 8
Decdeal vacuum suction pool precise vacuuming for ...
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Decdeal vacuum cleaner pool precise vacuuming for ... *
  • [Easy cleaning] Soft bristles on the floor protect the ...
  • [Deep cleaning] The pool vacuum head is suitable for ...
  • [Humanized Design] The handle has spring-loaded ...
  • [Practical] Weighted vacuum head for better ...
Topseller 9
Pool cleaner Power 4.0, fully automatic, floor and ...
600 Reviews
- € 16,87Topseller 10
INTEX underwater handheld vacuum cleaner ...
608 Reviews
INTEX underwater handheld vacuum cleaner battery-operated ... *
  • Independent cleaning system
  • Powerful filter pump
  • 239 cm aluminum telescopic pole
  • USB charging cable, charging time 8-10 hours
loading ...
- € 91,00Check these top 1
Dolphin E20 - Electric cleaning robot, pool cleaning robot ...
Dolphin E20 - Electric cleaning robot, pool cleaning robot ... *
24 months warranty; Suitable for all pool shapes; Cleans floors and walls; 1 PVC brush
990,00€ - € 91,00 899,00€
- € 140,95Check these top 2
TIP Sweeper 18000 pool cleaning robot (floor), black / blue
TIP Sweeper 18000 pool cleaning robot (floor), black / blue *
Fully automatic cleaning of the pool floor, can be used independently of the skimmer / filter system
439,95€ - € 140,95 299,00€
- € 45,53Check these top 3
Intex Auto Pool Cleaner - automatic powerful ...
Intex Auto Pool Cleaner - automatic powerful ... *
For Intex above ground swimming pools with 38 mm thread filter connection; Very effective and easy to use
119,00€ - € 45,53 73,47€
- € 119,03Check these top 4
Steinbach Poolrunner Battery +, for pools up to 80 m² ...
Steinbach Poolrunner Battery +, for pools up to 80 m² ... *
Battery-operated pool robot for optimal pool floor cleaning; Control via water jet nozzles on the front and rear
439,00€ - € 119,03 319,97€

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vidaXL Pool Cleaner Wireless Pool Cleaner Pool Floor Vacuum Cleaner Robot Swimming Pool Cleaner Floor Cleaner Pool Vacuum Pool Runner 27W
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