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Popcorn loop
Popcorn loop
Popcorn like in the cinema

As popcorn connoisseurs and lovers, you will be won over by the popcorn loop. When buying a popcorn loop you can try several mixes for popcorn. The inconspicuous help to make popcorn in a pot looks more like a bathing cap. The appearance of the stir bar is reminiscent of a back scraper. But this look shouldn't put them off.

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Check price14,90 €Check price14,90 €19,90 €21,90 €
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Application of the popcorn loop

Put some oil in a saucepan, heat the oil until it starts to steam slightly, then add a handful or two of corn to the saucepan. Also sprinkle the corn with sugar or salt. Then they put the Popcorn loop over the pot and start to stir, after a short time the corn will start to pop. Stir until there is no more space to be heard. Reduce the heat while stirring to prevent burning. Attention: do not use a coated pot, only uncoated pots are suitable.

The built-in heat-resistant metal rod is used to stir the popcorn, the attached textile hood prevents the popcorn from jumping out while it pops up. The function of the textile hood is that the resulting water vapor is absorbed by the hood, so the popcorn is incomparably tasty and crispy. Constant stirring with the stirrer prevents the sugar from burning in the pot. This constant movement will distribute the sugar evenly, so it can caramelize better and then stick to the corn. In this way, almost all corn kernels pop open without burning, which contributes to an excellent taste.


Tastes and recipes

Of course, it is also possible to season the dishes according to your own taste. From sweet to salty to low-calorie as a healthy snack, with butter or oil, everything is conceivable. If you Buy a popcorn loop can be found in the book specially written for this product Popcornloop recipes some suggestions as to what else is possible with popcorn. Things get really unusual here, so everyone gets their taste. The world snack popcorn will be presented in completely new spice variants.

The recipe ideas in this book are diverse, imaginative and sophisticated. It contains over 40 surprising recipe ideas for true popcorn lovers. All recipes for the popcorn loop developed by Murat Akbulut, known from the TV show "The Lion's Den". This ingenious idea is also available as a set for a fabulous movie night at home. This set also includes the corresponding popcorn. Since the textile hoods have to be washed from time to time, they are also available as a set to buy later.

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A little about the history of popcorn

Only one special type of corn is suitable for making popcorn, this type of corn is called puffed corn. The water contained in maize changes its physical state from liquid to gaseous when heated to approx. 200 °. This is how water vapor is created. Because water vapor takes up a much larger volume, the water in the corn kernel comes under pressure. The corn kernel can then no longer withstand the pressure. The heat and pressure cause the corn's husk to burst and expand. The expansion creates a foam structure influenced by the strength it contains. When the starch emerges from the grain, it is very hot, but it cools down immediately and solidifies.

With the conventional maize that is generally grown on our fields and is mostly used in the production of fodder or starch, the production of popcorn is very difficult. Normal corn kernels are usually too dry or too soft, so the water bound inside can only build up little pressure to burst the shell.

Popcorn Maker

Popped corn is really delicious. Anyone who thinks of popcorn may first think of relaxed cinema and television evenings. The so-called "pack watching" is often underpinned with a delicious portion of popcorn. There are basically two different types of popcorn: the sweet and the salty. From the sweet popcorn, other creations with different flavors have been formed, such as caramel or chocolate popcorn. So there is something suitable for every taste.

What is popcorn made of and how is it prepared? Popcorn consists of corn kernels that unfold their full splendor when served in hot oil and pop up into the white popcorn that you are probably familiar with. There are many ways to prepare it and there are different ways to serve yourself homemade popcorn at home. There is the right preparation and the ideal model for every taste.

The different types of popcorn makers

Preparing popcorn in a pot or pan with hot oil and a lid often leaves a mess in the kitchen. Grease squirts out, the popcorn isn't really good either, and the scrubbing is still on after the enjoyment. In addition, butter / fat and the sugar used cannot be evenly distributed. That means that you have some sweet snacks afterwards and others that unfortunately don't taste like anything. The preparation in the microwave is made possible by advertised microwave popcorn. To do this, you simply have to put the paper bag in the microwave. In terms of taste, however, this variant cannot compete with homemade popcorn.

But there is also an easier way. The big, transparent glass containers with seemingly tons of popcorn in them are certainly familiar from the cinema. These popcorn makers are available in smaller versions for use in the home kitchen. The popcorn maker for the home can be reminiscent of a pot or has an imposing structure that is reminiscent of a showman or cinema popcorn maker. Above all, the popcorn maker in a cool retro design is an eye-catcher on every movie night. Mostly these are square, transparent boxes so that you can watch the spectacle of popcorn preparation.

Up to 60 liters of popcorn

In the middle there is a pot that can be filled with corn and oil. At best, there is an integrated stirring device that ensures that the popcorn is prepared evenly and that no corn sticks to the bottom. In larger models, up to 60l of popcorn can be produced. Some models are provided with additional features by the manufacturer, such as measuring spoons for corn, oil and sugar or a handsome serving bowl. These models of the popcorn maker cost around 70 euros. Nothing stands in the way of a fun evening.

Another type of popcorn maker works without oil. This type of preparation is particularly preferable for the nutrition-conscious. The function of the hot air machine is similar to that of a hair dryer. The corn kernels can be filled in. Instead of the nozzle, there is a bowl in which the finished popcorn falls. The popcorn itself still has to be sugared or salted. Therefore, the air fryer is more suitable for natural popcorn. In this you can also prepare other great dishes without fat. The price of the hot air fryer is between 60 and 150 euros, depending on the version and model.

Conclusion on the popcorn makers

The classic Popcorn maker in a smaller version than you know from the cinema, is a great eye-catcher for the kitchen or a cozy evening in front of the TV with guests. The panorama windows offer an ideal view of the inside and you can watch how the popcorn is prepared. Since the cleaning of this popcorn maker is associated with a little effort, the preparation in this machine is particularly worthwhile for larger events where a whole bunch of popcorn is produced. If you don't shy away from the effort, you can of course shine with a freshly prepared and delicious portion of popcorn at every film evening.

In addition to popcorn, many other dishes can be prepared in the air fryer. This type of popcorn production is especially ideal for those who are looking for a lower fat consumption. The hot air fryer works almost without fat and puffs the corn kernels thanks to the high, hairdryer-like temperatures. French fries, potatoes and vegetables can also be prepared in this kitchen appliance. A gain for all nutrition-conscious and those who want to use the device universally. This is an advantage over the popcorn maker with oil or butter.

What should you look out for when buying a popcorn maker?

The different designs and external designs are up to the taste of the respective user. There are very funky designs that are reminiscent of fairground stalls and also simple models that fit ideally into the interior. The optics can therefore be selected as you wish. A short warm-up phase for the popcorn maker is particularly beneficial for short-term film evenings. This takes a maximum of a few minutes and can begin when the guests are on their way. So the popcorn maker is ready for use when the movie evening starts.

Sufficient wattage is also important. The wattage affects how long it takes for the popcorn to be ready to serve. 300 to 1200 watts are recommended here. A high popcorn yield is especially good if you are expecting several guests. This allows you to prepare a large amount of popcorn in one go. The capacity depends on whether you are preparing popcorn for yourself or for a large number of guests.

An integrated stainless steel pot has ideal heat distribution. At best, the popcorn maker is equipped with an agitator that distributes the popcorn evenly inside. The stirring function also prevents small corn kernels from collecting on the hot heating plate and burning there. Small add-ons such as a measuring spoon or a matching serving bowl not only make the user happy, but also make it easier to fill the popcorn maker.

Popcorn small excursion

Popcorn has a long tradition in the snack industry. Coming from America, it is assumed that the natives of the continent already consumed popcorn. During excavations, puffed corn kernels were found that were over 4000 years old. So it's no wonder that popcorn is still one of the most popular snacks in the world today.

For the preparation of the typical popcorn, the use of certain corn kernels is necessary. This puffed corn has a certain texture in terms of shell and inner workings. Only this corn puffs up into a delicious, white snack at high temperatures. The traditional fodder corn that can be seen on roadsides and fields is unsuitable for popcorn use.

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  • Nothing sticks to the coating. Spices can be added during preparation through the ventilation openings. Butter...
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