Poultry shears: perfect for carving your poultry

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The poultry shears are a helper that should not be missing in any kitchen. Especially not if you are invited to family lunches and you bring a sizeable poultry dish to the table.

The poultry shears are used to carve larger types of poultry, such as Turkey, duck, goose, chicken or turkey. With the poultry shears, large parts of the food can be easily cut apart and portioned. Many poultry shears have a recess below the cutting edge. It can also be used to cut through larger bones.

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Construction of a poultry shear

The two long, slightly serrated blades form the main cutting tool of the poultry shears. The handle is increasingly reminiscent of a can opener due to its horseshoe-shaped structure. This can be easily squeezed and relatively little force is required.

Some models have a small spring that makes them easier to compress. Most poultry shears have a cutout under the blades that is designed to break stronger bones. Many models of poultry shears have a type of lock on the lower part of the handle to safely stow the tool after use.

Poultry shears style, shape and finish

There are narrow and wide types of poultry shears on the market. They differ in structure, grip and handling. Depending on your wishes and needs, smaller and therefore lighter poultry shears are more suitable for small women's hands than a much wider one.

A high-quality poultry shear offers the advantage of little effort. In addition, the cutting edges are made of sturdy stainless steel, which gives rust no chance. In this way, the poultry shears can be used for years without losing their sharpness.

The handle can be made of the same material as the blade, stainless steel. However, for convenience there are also other materials that are used for the processing of the handle.

This includes wood, plastic or even boxwood. Depending on the material, the handling becomes more pleasant and makes it easier to cut up the poultry. While the cutting edge of poultry shears almost always has the same structure, which is very reminiscent of common household scissors, the handle can be variable.

There are split handles with a smaller lever attached to the upper piece so that the scissors can be opened and closed. These models also do not have the safety clasp on the lower part, but have a non-slip plastic handle. Slipping is almost impossible. The handle has an ergonomic shape that fits perfectly in the hand.

Differences in execution

There are poultry shears that look like common household or handicraft scissors. Other versions make one think of secateurs or a tool. The high-quality poultry shears have a handle that lies comfortably in the hand, easy handling, a razor-sharp edge and a safety lock.

In the best case, the poultry shears can be taken apart for cleaning so that you can get to the most remote places. Most of these models are therefore also suitable for the dishwasher. A high-quality poultry shear is priced at around 50 to 100 euros. Of course, it depends on the frequency of use.

If you put a bird on the table once a year, poultry shears for 100 euros may seem a bit expensive. There are significant differences in the processing and the qualitative execution, each with advantages and disadvantages.

Pay attention when buying

First and foremost, the appearance plays a significant factor in the purchase decision. If you are not convinced here, the second step comes into play: Feeling. In the shop and also when ordering online, you have the option of looking at the product, picking it up and opening and closing it. The outside plays a negligible role. The poultry shears should certainly look good. Especially when the bird is carved in front of the assembled crew.

Whether the handle is shiny or red, blue or green plays a subordinate role. When it comes to the handle, it is important that it lies comfortably in the hand. If you have the feeling that a sharp edge is poking your hand and handling is uncomfortable, you should keep your fingers off the model. A good grip is supple and at the same time non-slip. It lies ideally in the hand and the poultry shears can be operated with a simple movement and little effort.


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Cut poultry properly

The cutting edges should be sharp and smooth. Poultry shears that can only be pulled apart by force are completely unsuitable for everyday use. A slight movement with little effort is ideal. In this way, the poultry can also be sliced ​​smoothly and comfortably.

The safety clasp at the bottom must not be missing. In some models, the cutting edges are pressed tightly together so that they cannot open by themselves. The models that have a spring on the grip joint should be started with a clasp. With this version it can otherwise happen that the poultry shears are squeezed together and they pop out again (if they cannot be secured with the buckle).

It is worth paying attention to whether poultry shears can be disassembled for cleaning. This process is usually easy to accomplish and the poultry shears can be reassembled after cleaning. It is ideal if the poultry shears can be put in the dishwasher. This leaves only the thoughts of a festive meal and not of the troublesome cleaning afterwards.

Stainless steel should be commonplace. Unfortunately, not all models have this feature. Especially in the lower price segment, it may be necessary to dry the poultry shears completely after cleaning, as otherwise flash rust can form, which is not only unsightly, but above all unsavory.

Clean poultry shears

Carving a goose or duck can be a chore and leaves a mess in the kitchen or at the table. The residues remain in the poultry shears and must be removed by hand later if in doubt. Therefore, the recommendation clearly goes to a more expensive model. Why? These advantages inevitably speak in favor of investing a little more money:

  • comfortable handling
  • stainless steel
  • sharp cutting
  • comfortable grip
  • Safety clasp or firm hold together of the cutting edges
  • Demountable
  • Dishwasher safe

Just the work you have to do with cleaning a cheap model quickly fades memories of a festive meal.

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  • 💎 【HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL】 Poultry shears are made of stainless steel, which is rust and corrosion resistant and durable. The fine...
- € 13,17Offering
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Fiskars poultry shears, total length: 25 cm, ...
Fiskars poultry shears, total length: 25 cm, ... *
Made in Finland: High durability, easy cleaning - dishwasher safe
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