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Here you can read my review of the Primal Berries Smoothie fruit juice powder! Certainly interesting as an addition to your shakes or yogurts. Have fun

Primal Berries Smoothie fruit juice powder
Test: Primal Berries - Red Berry Smoothie | Primal State 38 Test: Primal Berries - Red Berry Smoothie | Primal State

What is Primal Berries?

The Primal Berries Smoothie consists of red berries as pure fruit juice powder. The manufacturer is Primal State based in Berlin and produces products for healthy performance, well-being and health. In short: food supplements! The products are intended for health-conscious people who want to bring more power into their everyday life using natural nutrients.

Primary State: Bioacking for more energy and health!


The Primal Berries Smoothie tin came in a package filled with cardboard and paper, so no plastic or styrofoam when sending. This is very environmentally conscious. 🙂 The Primal Berries Smoothie jar is sealed airtight, you have to tear it open first. To close it again with the lid, you can close the whole can airtight again.

Content - fruit juice powder

When you open the can, you think, hey, the can is only half full, but don't worry, there is what should be in it, according to the packaging. I have it with one kitchen scale weighed! 300 grams net weight of the fruit powder are on the package and it also contains a minimum of 300g, so everything is correct.

Product description:

  • Natural fruit powder with extracts from 16 types of berries and roots (e.g. strawberries, blueberries, cranberry, cherries, papayas and roots such as yucca, Ginseng and ginger)
  • Fruity addition | Water | Smoothies | Shakes | yogurt
  • With antioxidants | Dietary fiber | Polyphenols
  • With a caffeine note from guarana | Mate | Green tea extract
  • vegan | gluten free | Sugar free | lactose free | free from artificial colors and preservatives
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Test: Primal Berries - Red Berry Smoothie | Primal State 39 Test: Primal Berries - Red Berry Smoothie | Primal State

Test: Solubility and Taste of Primal Berries


It says on the packaging of Primal Berries that the consumption recommendation 1 tablespoon (10 grams) in 200 ml of liquid daily at a hunt.

I test Primal Berries once with cold milk (200 ml) and once with lukewarm water (200ml). The solubility in lukewarm water is of course much better, but small residues or lumps remain. With cold milk, there are much larger lumps that remain, which is also clear because it is cold. I stirred both vigorously and longer with a fork and whisk.

Despite the lumps, the taste was still there and very present. Since the fruit juice powder is usually used as an additive for a smoothie and you often use the blender anyway, that's not a problem. Still, I can say you can dissolve it well without a mixer, but not perfectly. Other manufacturers cannot either.

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The taste with lukewarm water (200ml) is very intense and very sour, because there are berries. With milk it was hardly sour and tasted like normal "strawberry milk" only with more berries in it.

The ratio of 200 ml of liquid and 10 grams of fruit powder, which corresponds to a well heaped tablespoon, I find this amount (10gr) not suitable for me, you can easily take twice as much liquid. Therefore I have the 200ml on 400ml filled up. Both water and milk still tasted very intense. Just for the test! Remember, the powder is usually added to your smoothie with at least 300-400 ml. Pure, I can say great taste and delicious! This will be a bomb in your shake.

Conclusion: Primal Berries Smoothie fruit powder

I find the Primal Berries fruit juice powder very tasty and it is easily enough for 30 days or more depending on how you divide it into your smoothies or shakes. The fact that selected natural nutrients are used here, which also make the smoothie healthier + taste, is a great thing. Whether it gives me momentum and more vitality in everyday life can only be said in the long term. But I think it's never wrong to add more nutrients to your body. I can only recommend it. Have you tried it yet? What do you say?

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