Products from the Chain Bridge Honey Farm - family business for centuries

Beeswax lip balm

Products from the Chain Bridge Honey Farm - family business for centuries

I am still in Scotland. An old chain bridge leans over me over the River Tweed. It is very old, construction began in 1819. It is still exactly what it has been since Samuel Brown designed and built it. Cars can still drive on it today. At walking pace. And individually.
The tweed is blue, clean and long hiking trails invite you to be completely one in nature. I take a few steps up Union Bridge, behind me is an old cottage and below me a fishing hut. I stop right on the middle of the bridge between Scotland and England.

Wow! I see big white swans below me, leisurely and confidently making their rounds. Pair of ducks teasing each other with a croak. It is beautiful here. A light wind blows the fresh smell of the river up to me. I stand by the railing and let my eyes glide over the fields and forests lying on the river. Yellow, colorful and green alternate. The world is still fine here. A little bee sits next to me on the railing of the bridge warmed by the sun. I have to smile. I say "Hi" and then I go to her home, the Chain Bridge Honey Farm, which is now only a few meters away from me. - Products from the Chain Bridge Honey Farm

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Products from the Chain Bridge Honey Farm - in comparison

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The history of the farm

William Selby Robson was 1948 beekeeping consultant. He led his company on a smaller scale, but quite successful. His son, Willi, happily accepted the inheritance and at the same time set about expanding beekeeping and marketing the products. Father and son worked together very closely and the knowledge about the bees could be passed on. 1973 joined Daphne Robson on the scene. She processed the honey and delivered it too. This is how the small family business grew year after year. With care and love for - and with nature.

Today, the family manufactures all products themselves. From their own bees. Visitors are always welcome - a fact that makes the company even more likeable. There is a small bee museum with a lot of knowledge. Children can play around on the large area. A museum can be astonished: on a few hundred square meters, the family collected everything from the past - even from Germany! If you are tired and hungry, you will be taken care of. The Robson's have unceremoniously converted a green bus into a café and there are incredibly delicious homemade cakes, scones, tea, coffee, biscuits, sandwiches, juice, honey, jams and spreads. If you think you have to share your honey bread with a bunch of hairy, wildly raised English bees, you're wrong. Englishmen have behaviors. Be it a human or a bee!

The products

Here we come to my conclusion. I ate the honey and have to say: unfortunately awesome. Forget the stuff from the discounter. What I still have in the closet (and now in the face) is one Lips balm, At that time I bought it more as a souvenir. Later he became my salvation. My Nose was from a cold, so to speak, no longer available. And the balm helped. And how!

What I later bought (I lived very close for a while) was homemade Beeswax candles, They are available in every imaginable form. From little angels to frogs and bears.

Family Robson lives what she does and you notice that with every moment. No matter if you bite into a sandwich or in front of you beesstock is or in the small farm shop is. The creaking floorboards more like a home. Proximity instead of tourism. It is homely and familiar. It's more like you're visiting friends.

Furthermore, the shop is still more, of course, with the own wax and the honey of their own bees:

Here and there is enriched. With lavender or Peppermint, A great care experience!

♥ Why is beeswax so caring? Beeswax is little Dying and from much water-insoluble lipids. At 20 degrees, the wax kneads, at about 60 degrees it becomes liquid. We with our skin are in between. That makes sure that the wax is on ours Haut distributed and provides a wonderful protection. The Ingrediens of the Balsam or the care productIt can thus remain protected on the skin, which relaxes by protecting the heat. The result is a caress tender and -protected. Especially in winter or overstraining the skin, the wax helps the skin to heal itself. ♥

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My lips balm

My lip balm is an un-perfumed balm with honey and beeswax. 12 grams are in the small pot. That seems little, but is incredibly productive. I bought it before 3 years ago and it's still great!

Nutritional Values

What else is in it? The list of ingredients:

That's it. Not more.
The Conditioner impresses with down-to-earth modesty.

Vitamin E is one of the few Vitamins, by the way, which can be absorbed through the skin. The vitamin is an integral part of our cells, a regular cell food and rejuvenating.
The almond oil is particularly fat and contains plenty of vitamins - you can also use almond oil in atopic dermatitis super. Because in pure form. It helps combat itching and regenerate skin damage.
Oat oil calms and nourishes the skin just as well, just in its own way.
A pretty strong team, which the Chain Bridge Honey Farm set up there.


Unscented does not mean odorless. If you open the small tin, it smells almost half and half of wax and honey at the same time. One moment you have one wax candle in mind - in the next a honey bread. More smells can not be found out there for me. But I believe that simplicity makes the balm a very self-confident experience.


For me, the balm is in the bathroom, where I never have it very warm. Far below 20 degrees. The content of the small pot is so hard. This changes almost the moment you run your finger over the mass. The wax melts immediately and can be easily on the Lips Apply. You really do not need much!
On the lips it feels soft, but also waxy. Honey Bread - Fantasies are still dissolving with wax candles but that does not matter.


My balm was filled in a small tin. It consists (believe) of aluminum and is correspondingly light. The lid holds reliably - even in one Ladies handbag! 😉 If the balm ever should be, I'll definitely keep that little box.

Why did I buy it?

I lived near Berwick upon Tweed for a few years, so I knew the farm. At that time I did not necessarily have much money but I wanted to take something with me. So I bought the small pot lip balm - and the decision has not regretted until today.
He is still ¾ full! That does not mean that I never use it but that it simply keeps it for so long.

What do I use it for?

I'm lucky and mine Lips are rarely broken. In winter, this happens every now and then. At torn corners of my mouth I only tend when I'm about to succumb to a flu. Last time, the lip balm was on duty when I nearly died of such a flu. By constantly blowing my nose not only my nose but also my upper lip was completely destroyed. The skin hung down in shreds and I have my nose with pain-distorted Face need to clean again. Everything was red, torn, sore and, above all, humiliating. One evening I remembered the lip balm and I quickly covered half my face with itcremt. The next morning my skin was healed. Within 3 nights the thing was off the table. Or rather the gaping wound had turned into a nose.

What is my conclusion?

My conclusion is a very clear YES. The list of ingredients is so manageable that I'm delighted. There's nothing unnecessary in the product, it's easy.
Im Summer the balm would not be for me now, but I can also call myself insensitive. It also worked wonders against my sore nose. Who knows, if I accidentally stick a nage in my eye, maybe the balm will help too. Apart from the purity of this product, I was on the farm and my impressions from there are probably also formative. I know where my balm was born. By whom. And how.

I'm almost certainly one of them bees who has put her work in the balm.
Will I try out more Honey Farm products? Yes.
Oh and I almost forgot: The products are animal-free. Yes. So all just pure, self-made products - without animal suffering and without frills. I think the family business is keeping up with the times - and then my sore nose next winter.

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