Care for your teeth like a professional - dental care for at home

Pflege deine Zähne wie ein Profi – Zahnpflege für Zuhause

Guide: Professional dental care for the home

Did the good old toothbrush have its day? She has some advantages. It does not need electricity, it is small and light and it is not expensive either. On the other side are the electrical relatives. They are expensive to buy, need electricity and should be much more effective. But what options are available?
A dental care guide is needed. One in which all the options are listed. We did that. This is about tooth cleaning, the different toothbrushes, mouth showers, tooth whiteners. It's about the pros and cons of electric toothbrushes and let's see what the studies say. - Dental care for at home


Dental care at home - in comparison

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Teeth Whitening Tartar Remover Tartar Removal Tooth Polisher Non-slip ...Oral Irrigator Tooth Cleaner Water Flosser - Liberex IPX7 Waterproof Portable Oral ...Dental Floss, KWOKWEI 200 pieces dental floss / toothpick stick with toothpick ...Oral-B Genius X 20900 electric toothbrush, with artificial intelligence, with ...COCOBAE® Teeth Whitening - Activated Charcoal Powder Made From Coconut Charcoal For White ...aronal and elmex dental care bag set, 2x12 mlBÄRBEL DREXEL Ratanhia dental care powder, teeth powder, teeth whitening for ...Canosept Dental Care Finger Pads for Dogs 50 pieces - Finger cots for ...ATMOKO dental care set, dental scaler, professional dentist ...Teeth Whitening Kit, OUZIGRT teeth whitening set, 32X LED light teeth whitening ...
Teeth Whitening ...Oral irrigator tooth cleaner water ...Dental Floss, KWOKWEI 200 ...Oral-B Genius X 20900 ...COCOBAE® Teeth Whitening -...aronal and elmex ...BÄRBEL DREXEL Ratanhia ...Canosept Dental Care ...ATMOKO dental care set, ...Teeth Whitening Kit, OUZIGRT ...
◼️ 👍 【MULTIFUNCTION】: The matt head is a ...◼️ PROFESSIONAL WATER FLOAT - With a water pulse of ...◼️ 【Useful dental floss toothpicks】 The especially ...◼️ Genius X with 2nd handpiece - ideal for couples, families ...◼️ 🦷 𝗡𝗔𝗧Ü𝗥𝗟𝗜𝗖𝗛 ...◼️ Fits in every handbag◼️ ✅ RATANHIA TOOTH CARE POWDER: For the gentle removal of ...◼️ Canosept Dental Care Finger Pads enable ...◼️ 【Professional dental care set】 The dentist's tools ...◼️ 【32X LED light Improve teeth whitening】 --...
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teeth cleaning

Those who eat basic and healthy foods have fewer problems with their teeth. Smoking, alcohol, genetics and other diseases can show on the teeth. Dark spots, malnutrition, plaque, tooth decay, tartar, periodontal disease. Not only outside are our teeth attacked.


The term "electric toothbrush" runs three different brushes, which are all electrically, but they are divided into rotary toothbrushes, sonic toothbrushes and ultrasonic toothbrushes.

Rotary toothbrush

A rotary toothbrush you can already buy very cheap. These models are electrically powered by battery and have a rotating brush head. On average, the 8.800 are rotations per minute. The brushes have different sizes and strengths. Depending on the manufacturer, the bristles are arranged in certain patterns. Long and short, so you can get between the tooth spaces. In addition to the rotation is also called a pulsation, which is on average at 40.000 per minute.

What is a pulsation?
Pulsation is a recurring (rhythmic) movement. Like your pulse. The toothbrush pulsates so that leads to a circulation of the gums and the teeth are each time in a different place stronger and also weaker cleaned.

A rotary toothbrush will take away your cleaning work. You can buy different attachments for them and also different brushes.
In addition, good devices also have various cleaning programs and tell you if you have scrubbed long enough. This is very practical because in fact, often you brush the teeth way too short.

The battery only has to be charged every few days, which is also very convenient. A short break is thus feasible, without you also have to carry the charger with you.

sonic toothbrush

The sonic toothbrush goes one step further. It does not cleanse, as its name implies, with sound, but actually uses a high frequency of movement. This is created with a sound generator that works either magnetically or with a piezo element. One senses it: the feeling in the mouth, when everything vibrates through energy - getting used to. But that also has advantages:

  • hardly any pressure necessary
  • very gentle on gums and exposed necks

If you want to know more, read our Guide Soundproof toothbrush

ultrasonic toothbrush

With the ultrasonic toothbrush we come within the range of the actual sound, which at
kHz begins. Now you do not need to clean anymore, just stick to it. To every single tooth. The sound does the rest on a high frequency.

For your ultrasonic toothbrush you also need a special toothpaste. The sound causes it to be beaten into small bubbles, which in turn detach the deposits on your tooth.

Especially for people who often and often suffer from tartar, this can be an excellent supplement. The fine bubbles with the sound come almost everywhere.
Another advantage: where other electric toothbrushes give up, the ultrasonic brush continues. It can still remove stubborn tartar well.

These toothbrushes also have timers that tell you when you're done. With an ultrasonic toothbrush, however, you should proceed a little methodically and concentrated, so you do not overlook a tooth. Lost mind scrubbing is history then.
You'll get used to it quickly, but the first few days will be a bit strange.

Apps and Gadgets

What do the new brushes bring with them? You can choose:

  • Some brushes can be connected via Bluetooth with your mobile phone. This allows you to make presets and evaluate your cleaning behavior
  • Many toothbrushes can be recharged via USB - extremely handy if you are traveling longer
  • There are also interesting gimmicks like sturdy and quality travel cases
  • And "water glasses" that charge the toothbrush
  • irrigator

    Topseller 1
    Oral-B WaterJet cleaning system for thorough cleaning and massage of the ...
    WaterJet technology for targeted cleaning and massage of the gums; Single beam for removing food residues on ...

    A irrigator is not a toothbrush and not a replacement. Means: You still need to brush your teeth. An oral irrigator is just a supplement.
    What she does? Plaque, so remove the precursor of tartar. She does that pretty well, because she also comes in hard to reach places. Another advantage: with floss can you hurt your gums. This happens to you with a shower for the mouth far less or not at all.

    Especially useful is a mouthwash if you:

    • have a crown
    • or an implant
    • very close together teeth
    • or bridges
    • or have a brace

    It looks different if you have an inflammation in the mouth. Then you should not use them. For gum pockets not synonymous.

    In fact, an oral irrigator makes sense to you if you have a corresponding need for cleaning in hard-to-reach places in the mouth.

    The oral showers are available with and without a large station, some devices are handy and wireless.

    tooth whitening

    What to do if you want to whiten your teeth? Which products are suitable? It is best to forego all coloring things, of course. Bad tobacco, bad coffee and tea.

    You can also use an extra whitening toothpaste. But: they quickly scrub the tooth enamel. The culprit is a wanted emery effect. Do not bleach too often!

    Hydrogen peroxide-based products are widely available. This fades out. You can do it as Whitening strips or get a pen. But even here, caution is needed, you can quickly damage your gums with it.

    Is there also home remedies? Clear. Oil pulling with coconut oil not only makes you lighter, but also clean and kills bad bacteria.
    Baking powder on the toothbrush and cleaned up, knew our grandparents.
    activated carbon cleans and polishes discolored teeth as well.

    There are also kits to buy, including a device that works with vibration. A gel is placed in a tooth splint, which you then clamp onto the teeth and hold the device, which works with LED technology, in front of it.



    Tartar is mineralized plaque. And this is caused by mucilage and food residues. On this basis, caries pathogens multiply. Once tartar has formed, it must go. Otherwise, periodontitis threatens.

    If the tartar is already well advanced, often only the way to the dentist helps. He often works with ultrasound. This high frequency generates waves and heat that cause the tartar to flake off.
    In a small way, this works also at home. Handy devices can help to remove smaller tartar. In addition, there are often different polishing heads in the set, which you get unsightly stains, such as tobacco or coffee, wegpoliert.
    The tartar removers vibrate with at least 30.000 revolutions per minute and some high quality models also work with ultrasound. Like a dentist.
    They are either charged with a battery or have a rechargeable battery that you can easily connect to the power supply.
    LED bulbs make sure that you see something in your mouth as well. Of course, they are also waterproof.

    But remember, you may also do some damage to your tooth. If you are not sure, go to a dentist.

    Oral Care Center

    - € 4,33Topseller 2
    Oral-B Oral Care Center PRO 700 Electric Toothbrush + Waterjet Oral Irrigator
    Waterjet technology - single jet for targeted cleaning between the teeth; Multiple jet for a gentle massage on ...
    82,24€ - € 4,33 77,91€
    - € 64,70Topseller 3
    Oral-B Mundpflege Center AquaCare 6 Pro-Expert Kabellose Munddusche & Oral-B...
    3 customizable water intensities for normal, medium or sensitive cleaning
    219,69€ - € 64,70 154,99€

    Do not mind 500 devices? Then some companies have the right thing for you. They have thought along and whole Cleaning Center designed for your mouth. There you can buy once and have an electric toothbrush and also an oral irrigator in a device.

    Other dental instruments

    Is anything missing? Yes. Your tongue and then the classic: the floss.

    tongue cleaner

    - € 0,13Topseller 1
    meridol SAFE BREATH tongue cleaner, 1 piece
    For daily tongue cleaning; Extra flat, with knobs and slats; With clinically proven effectiveness
    3,49€ - € 0,13 3,36€

    In India, cleaning to the tongue is part of everyday ritual. In vain, the Indians do not do that, because around 70% of the bacteria and viruses in the mouth live on the tongue. So you should not forget them.
    There are tongue scrapers and tongue cleaners that, when used properly, can help against tooth decay and periodontal disease.

    You can choose from:

    Some toothbrushes also have a small knobbed brush on the back. If you are not sure if you need it: you can take a teaspoon as a sample and carefully scrape off your tongue with the edge. This will also dissolve the surface and, by the way, release your taste buds again.


    # Preview Product rating Price
    1 Oral-B Essential Floss, unwaxed, 50 m Oral-B Essential Floss, unwaxed, 50 m Currently no reviews 1,32€
    2 Oral B Pro Expert Premium Dental Floss, 40 m, 6 pieces Oral B Pro Expert Premium Dental Floss, 40 m, 6 pieces 779 Reviews 15,82€ 14,21€

    Dental floss is great for thoroughly cleaning the interstices down to the gums. Also be careful, otherwise bacteria could get into the bloodstream through the injured meat. This may make you ill.
    You can buy dental floss in a classic way on a roll or you can take interdental brushes, it will be easier.
    How often? At least once a day.

    …Further Find dental instruments

    What you should consider when buying professional - dental care for the home

    No matter which product you choose, we would like to give you a few more decision-making pointers.

    ★ How much money is your dental health worth?

    ★ Which product do you most benefit from?

    ★ Are you able to handle the product or do you dare to learn how to handle it?

    ★ How much technology should your product bring?

    ★ Do not you need something because you regularly go to the dental check-up and, for example, have your teeth undergo professional teeth cleaning from the start?

    ★ How Expensive are Replacement Brushes, Creams and Co.?

    ★ What do the customer opinions say?

    ★ What is the battery power?

    ★ How do you charge the brush while traveling?

    ★ Are other devices such as irrigator, for example, also travel suitable?


    What you should also have in mind is the accessories. The brush heads may vary in price depending on the manufacturer and you should replace them after 3 months at the latest.

    Special creams for an ultrasonic toothbrush are also expensive and you have far less headroom - maybe your favorite taste is simply not there?

    Maybe you would like to connect your toothbrush to your phone or travel a lot?

    Advantages and disadvantages

    Generally one can say that by a good care 20% tooth loss can be avoided. This can not be everything, pregnant women know. Not for nothing it is said that a child costs a braid or a tooth.


    ✔ With the right dental care you save a lot of follow-up costs - and lengthy medical appointments

    ✔ A good toothbrush is an investment, not an expense

    ✔ You can buy accessories anywhere

    ✔ Charge your batteries conveniently with a USB port on the go

    ✔ You can save your dentist a lot of time with the right systems - and you have to pay less


    ✘ Not only the dental care but also your way of life is important

    ✘ You need more space in the bathroom and when traveling - you need a power source

    ✘ Depending on the model, the investment may be higher

    How to support your teeth from within

    • Nourish yourself basic. Your body's acidity can not work properly, causing problems only from A to B. It may also remove the valuable calcium from your teeth, which then weakens your teeth
    • Give up on pleasure poisons
    • Exercise provides more oxygen in the blood - this also provides your teeth with better care
    • Comfrey can help your teeth and bones stay strong and stable (never use in pregnancy!)
    • If you do not want to check your teeth at regular intervals, your dentist can also explain you do's and don'ts about dental care

    Conclusion - dental care at home

    Even if you do not have a hundred percent guarantee that tooth decay and Co. will remain stolen forever, with an electric toothbrush you can do a lot. It would also be a thorough brushing with a conventional brush. For that you need a lot of time and have to work very thoroughly. That speaks for the electric supporter.
    The irrigator is not a wand, but can support you very well.
    If you pay attention to your tongue at the same time, you are already much further than many others and hopefully in 30 years can count on a bright smile.


    Recommended dental care center - Top 10 top seller list

    The most popular dental care center products dental care center offers with discount to save

    Topseller 1
    Oral-B Oral Care Center, SMART 5000 Electric Toothbrush + OxyJet ...
    • Oral-B Oral Care Center - The ideal combination of the cleaning technology of the SMART 5000 toothbrush and the advantages ...
    • Micro-bubble technology attacks bacteria and gently cleans the gum line
    • With adjustable water pressure and different nozzle functions for your individual needs
    - € 4,33Topseller 2
    Oral-B Oral Care Center PRO 700 Electric Toothbrush + Waterjet Oral Irrigator
    • Waterjet technology - single jet for targeted cleaning between the teeth
    • Multiple jet for a gentle massage on the gum line
    • The water pressure can be regulated according to your needs
    Topseller 3
    The Pet Center 96 Dental Care
    15 Reviews
    The Pet Center 96 Dental Care
    • Regular dental care for healthy dog ​​teeth
    • Regular dental care protects against bacterial deposits (plaque). Numerous bacteria collect in the oral cavity that ...
    • Composition: surfactants, sorbitol, plant extracts, mineral salts, water.
    - € 3,67Topseller 4
    Oral-B AquaCare 6 Pro-Expert Cordless oral irrigator for gentle cleaning of the ...
    • Gentle water jet for a pleasant but effective cleaning of teeth and gums, ideal for people with ...
    • Activate the water jet as needed
    • 3 customizable water intensities for normal, medium or sensitive cleaning
    Topseller 5
    SEGMINISMART dental spray for dogs and cats, dental care spray, dental care ...
    • Dental spray helps remove tartar and effectively protects against new formation.
    • Ideal means as dental and oral care for your dog or cat.
    • Suitable for dogs, cats, horses, small animals and puppies.
    Topseller 6
    Oral-B Genius 8000 Oral Center Toothbrush and Oral Irrigator Aquacare 6, ...
    • Oral-B cleaning system, the most widely used dentists in the world
    • Oral irrigator to improve the health of the gums by enriching the water with purified air.
    • Round brush head: surrounds and envelops each tooth for better cleaning than a manual toothbrush.
    Topseller 7
    ProfiCare Dental Center PC-DC 3031, 2in1 sonic toothbrush and oral irrigator, ...
    27 Reviews
    ProfiCare Dental Center PC-DC 3031, 2in1 sonic toothbrush and oral irrigator, ...
    • [2IN1] - Look forward to healthier, well-cared for teeth for a radiant smile with the PC-DC 3031 Dental Center ...
    • [SONIC TOOTH BRUSH] - The fastest vibrations of the brush head with 31 vibrations per minute ensure ...
    • [MOUTH SHOWER] - Stubborn food residues and an unclean feeling in the mouth are a thing of the past. The oral irrigator ...
    Topseller 8
    Sonic electric toothbrush with oral irrigator Sonic electric toothbrush (2 ...
    • ✅ With this dental center you are perfectly equipped when it comes to oral care. The wireless electric ...
    • ✅ The toothbrush is supplied with three brush attachments, which are marked in different colors. It is about...
    • ✅ The electric toothbrush is very convenient to use thanks to its wireless induction charging function. The...
    - € 64,70Topseller 9
    Oral-B Mundpflege Center AquaCare 6 Pro-Expert Kabellose Munddusche & Oral-B...
    • Oral-B Oral Care Center - The ideal combination of the cleaning technology of the Genius X toothbrush and the advantages ...
    • The Oral-B Genius X with artificial intelligence recognizes your brushing technique through motion sensors and provides real-time feedback ...
    • 6 cleaning modes: daily cleaning, pro-clean, gum protection, sensitive, lightening and tongue cleaning
    - € 51,40Topseller 10
    Oral-B Oxyjet oral irrigator for healthier gums, with ...
    • The OxyJet technology enriches the water with micro air bubbles from purified air and thus ensures healthier ...
    • The oral irrigator gently cleans the interdental spaces to remove food particles
    • With adjustable water pressure and different nozzle functions perfect for your individual needs
    - € 4,33Check these top 1
    Oral-B Oral Care Center PRO 700 Electric Toothbrush + Waterjet Oral Irrigator
    Waterjet technology - single jet for targeted cleaning between the teeth; Multiple jet for a gentle massage on ...
    82,24€ - € 4,33 77,91€
    - € 4,33
    Oral-B Oral Care Center PRO 700 Electric Toothbrush + Waterjet Oral Irrigator
    Waterjet technology - single jet for targeted cleaning between the teeth; Multiple jet for a gentle massage on ...
    82,24€ - € 4,33 77,91€
    Oral-B Genius 8000 Oral Center Toothbrush and Oral Irrigator Aquacare 6, ...
    Oral-B cleaning system, the world's most popular dentist; Timer: Signals 2 minutes of brushing, like your ...

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