Rat valve in case of rat infestation

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Rat flap in case of rat infestation, the one-way system Protects you from these uninvited guests. With the installation of a rat flap in the waste pipe of the toilet, a one-way street system is created. The penetration of brown rats through the sewer is prevented. The Rat flap can be retrofitted in every toilet. Old apartment owners are particularly affected by the infestation of rats. In the rarest of cases, a rat flap was installed in the drain pipe of the toilet, as in new apartments.

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Almost everyone shudders with horror at the thought of meeting a rat. Nobody wants the brown rat to be a guest in their own home. And yet they are showered with all edible delicacies. No homeless person is served such an opulent, free meal every day as the brown rat. In the North Rhine-Westphalian city of Cologne alone, up to 4.000 tons of kitchen waste are disposed of in the sewer system every year. With this abundance, even half-starved, omnivorous rats become picky.

Rat infestation - Uninvited guests

If you throw away your leftover food in the toilet, you shouldn't be surprised if there is a knock under the toilet lid. Even if there is always a supply of food, the brown rat searches for the source of the food source and visits the generous host. Climbing through drainpipes over several floors is not a rat's favorite pastime, but hunger drives it, especially in the winter months. So that uninvited guests do not come to visit and a horror scenario arises, the following rules must be observed.

Do not dispose of human or pet food in the toilet!

Keep the toilet lid closed day and night!

Install rat flap

Brown rats are excellent swimmers and excellent climbers, but not heavyweight lifters. A rat cannot open a toilet lid.

As a disease carrier, rats pose a serious risk! Even over several floors, rats use the toilet's sewer to gain unwanted access to residential and business premises. In particular for food companies, restaurants and hotels, perfect hygiene is simply essential! You can also benefit from more safety and hygiene at home, because nobody wants rats to visit the toilet or bathroom at home! Anyone who absolutely does not like other pests like spiders is safe with this one Spiders drive away advisors well advised.

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