Counselor: Learn to meditate | Tips for beginners

Here you will learn to meditate in just a few steps

Ommmmmmmmmmmmm ……. the sound of "I am" vibrates deeply in the entire chest. Om is not just a word, it is a state. What does Om have to do with mediation and what vibrations are we talking about? Many find it difficult to sit still for two minutes. Let alone 20. And all these things that come to mind…

Why meditate when it's so hard?
This little guide is about meditation. In a few words we will give you a little introduction and explain what it is about. Also what it's not about. Meditation is as old as humanity and heals. And really, meditation is not boring. But on the contrary. Really? Really. - Guide: Learn to Meditate | Tips for beginners

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Mediation health

Mediation can (and, if you use it regularly) have a positive effect on your health. She has to because she gives you an inner peace and balance. In contrast to stress. This does not mean positive stress - but negative stress.

The difference: Negative stress gets you done. Positive drives you to achieve your goals. If you find that you are becoming more and more "frisky", lacking impetus, less and less aware of what to do and more and more losing yourself, then meditation would be just what you are looking for. How can she help you?

** During mediation, our brain reaches a frequency of 3-8 Hertz. This is the area where we are most powerful **


Mediation can help you physically:

  • To strengthen your immune system -
  • which automatically leads to better health
  • You will be calmer overall - that's good for your heart
  • Your metabolism can normalize
  • Less cravings
  • Improved sleep
  • More strength and endurance

Why is that? If you have stress, always under pressure, it can lead to poor sleep. You can fall asleep badly, "drag" your problems to bed, you are unfocused. During the day you eat too much fat, sugar, fast food. Maybe you smoke too much and your after-work beer is indispensable. Sports? Do not you have any strength - let alone time? You urgently need to complete this project!
Your body and your immune system are in constant alert. Your gut is struggling with all the "crap", your immune system goes down - you acidify, you feel limp, tired and lethargic. That goes on your psyche.


Are you mentally struck? You find the key in the fridge, the purse in the fruit basket and otherwise just "disappear" things? You react irritated - even to people you actually love. Pull back and find that you have more and more of these grim thoughts? Burnout or Boredout might diagnose anyone. A disease of the "new" time. In a time when everything has to happen faster and faster, smoother and more powerful. You also do not come up with any new ideas, after a while of negative stress, and feel mentally insolvent.
A meditation can help you mentally:

  • To clarify your thoughts
  • To put your focus
  • To realign yourself
  • To reconcile the heart and mind
  • To establish thought breaks
  • To develop your potential
  • To dissolve internal stress

So if you always feel that "something is not right," you can not come to a decision, find that you're always making the same "mistakes," and somehow are not in your right path, mediation can help to put your horsepower on the road.


Another field of mediation is self-programming. Similar to biohacking, where you consciously do things for your body, you can turn your focus around in a mediation. If you want to eat less sweets, you can program yourself that you like healthy and fresh things - you love and need them. The trick is that you can address your subconscious directly in a mediation. You will find the reason behind your behavior by meditating on it. Then you can change it. Below I have given you an example of how this can work.


What do you need for meditation?

When you are just starting, rituals are not wrong to let something new into your life. It also help small utensils. That could be:

Care for your personal relaxation. Your favorite scent and relaxing music will help you calm your mind. You are in a "different world" and the "present world" just has a break. That means you too:

  • Looking for a quiet place where nobody can disturb you
  • Phone, mobile phone issue
  • Tell animals, children, partners that you need the few minutes for you
  • Care for fresh air

Alternatively, you can pluck yourself out into nature and sit under a tree. The city park may not be suitable due to the noise. Unless you take Headphones and one MP3 player mit.

Recommended reading: You will find many guides on various topics in the advice section !

Instructions for meditation beginners

Now it can start. In the following I introduce you to three short instructions. Go with fun and enjoy things, do not judge, let it flow! At the moment of the "I am" there is no time. Enjoy your little break and just have a look how you are doing.

  1. Please take 15 minutes each time. You can get one Alarm clock put! Make a ritual in which you always take the same time. You decide whether to take the time for you every morning, every lunchtime or evening, or even just 2 - 3 times a week. Only regularly should the time be for you.
  2. Sit comfortably but upright. Either cross-legged or on a chair. It is important that your back is as level as possible. Your head balances on your upright shoulders. Your rib cage is free forward. If you sit in the chair, do not cross your legs. You lay your hands on your knees.
  3. Just behind your incisors is a small pit. Put your tongue tip in there and leave it there (as soon as the tongue is "stuck", you can not talk and thus, less or not think).

** Why the breath? Without breath, life is not possible for us. The concentration on the breath is aware of this - being about the present. Future or past exists only in our head. Breathing means to be totally in the here and now. No fears for the future, no questions. A space in the now. **

Meditation to rest

This little tutorial is about stopping your thoughts. This meditation is especially good if you feel that you can no longer think clearly and can not concentrate properly. This meditation is about your breath.

** If you stop that for a while, you will notice that your flood of thoughts stops. The moment you hold your breath, you have to consciously think. Amazing, right? **

Please take your position now and close your eyes. Breathe deeply into your abdomen and then fill your rib cage. Hold your breath for a moment and release it in the reverse order (first your chest, then your stomach). Very slowly! You can also count in your thoughts: Count to 5 by inhalation, count to 5 while holding your breath and count to 8 while exhaling. 5-5- 8.

Your thoughts will begin to go on a journey. Important: do not force. Lead! When you find that you are suddenly thinking of anything but your breath, bring your mind back to your practice. Make it as if you are leading a child back to the actual task. If you find in the first meditations that you have great difficulty keeping your concentration in your breath, that is the best "proof" of how well this exercise will do you.

Meditation of becoming

Inside, like outside - that's a hermetic law. If you do not already have what you want in the outer, you can not be. Less complicated: If you want to become a doctor, you have to become one first. You need a training and experience. After some time, you will think like a doctor, acting like a doctor, you will be a doctor. You do not have to think about what it would be like to be a doctor - you have become one.

The same goes for health, kindergarten teachers, CEO's, prosperity. The problem: You do not know what a kindergarten teacher thinks or feels or how health feels. So maybe you will always do things that are contrary to your goal. To understand what is involved, a tree is the obvious choice. Begin the breathing exercise until you are tidy up. And then imagine what it must be like to be a tree.

Ingrained with mother earth, the crown proud and expansive in the sky. Nutrients that you take from the soil, metabolise, and produce fresh green. Seasons may be added. In autumn, when your leaves fall off ... Does a bird build its nest in you? This exercise is very good for all other things. The power of your imagination grows like a muscle.

Find meditation answers

Again, you start breathing again until you are tidy up. When your mind is "empty," there is room to create something new. You can not put new things in a stuffed cupboard. It's the same with your mind. That's why emptiness is so important in mediation.

Do you have a specific question? Your subconscious and your heart know the answer in most cases. When you are in your inner emptiness, you can meditate on this question. The answer can come to you in different ways: as a picture, in an emotion, in a bodily sensation. Maybe nothing happens. And in the next few days, you're sitting on the toilet and "knowing" the answer. Anything is possible and you should not doubt yourself. Everything has it's time!

The Om

What is this om? As you inhale deeply and let the Om flow out of you, you find that your entire chest vibrates. Similarly, as if you were standing next to a bassbox. Om is the "I am," the first word, the beginning. The original vibration of the universe - so it is said. No matter what you put into this vibration, it is strong enough to spread in the room. Because: Everything is energy and energy follows attention.

Meditation pros and cons

Have fun with your mediation, imagine one yourself. It is a powerful tool for your personality development.

Meditation benefits

You can with some practice:

✔ Realign yourself

✔ Get some rest

✔ Do a lot for your health

✔ Focus your goals

✔ You become yourself

✔ Reprogram yourself

Meditation cons

If you want it, you will also find disadvantages:

✘ It takes time

✘ rest

✘ and patience

Conclusion - learn to meditate

Mediation can become your personal tool. Your space, your time, your little vacation. When you meditate, you exist right now. It's like the future and the past do not exist. The moment you meditate, you are free of worries and fears, stress and everything that bothers you. In the rest lies the power and that is physically correct. Because without space nothing new can arise. Neither in your garden, nor in your cupboard, nor in your mind.

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