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Maintain parquet

How to properly care and clean your parquet or laminate.

Maintain parquet: Natural flooring is wonderfully warm, high-quality and cozy. But sometimes it is also very sensitive. You have to be careful how you clean it, otherwise unsightly scratches can arise, which become bigger and bigger after a while and swell up. What to do if one or the other stain cannot be avoided? Pets and children in particular have an innate talent for leaving stains of all shapes and sizes. And even for us adults something falls over every now and then. If you have a natural floor, it is not easy.

Parquet care and laminate care require a little love and forbearance with the great material wood. Unsealed or sealed, oiled and waxed - in this guide we clarify the most important facts about cleaning and caring for this great floor covering. - Guide: care for parquet - care for laminate

Advice: maintain parquet - maintain laminate - in comparison

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Wood - a living resource

Unlike PVC, wood, as well as cork and solid wood flooring, is a wonderfully warm natural floor covering. Since he has been treated less, he reacts with his environment. Moisture and heat work much more in the material than in plastic-sealed floors. Wood is more prone to scratches not only destroy the surface in the faster moisture can penetrate, they are also bad to repair. But the lining is warmer and disturbing plastic smell can not be found here. As with leather care, a little more love is needed to keep the floor long and cozy.

Differences between laminate and parquet

Both materials are made of wood and needs a lot of care. Nevertheless, the two floor coverings differ. But where exactly are the differences?

Maintain the laminate

Laminate consists of three layers. A sturdy paper serves as the bottom layer. The middle layer, where the tongue and groove are also with click laminate, is the stable base. This layer usually consists of an HDF board. Above that is the top layer, well glued. The one that makes up the ground. Thanks to the high-quality technology, it is hardly possible to distinguish between some production methods whether it is real parquet or just the look. Laminate is available with a wide variety of prints, in all imaginable colors.

But the most popular is wood. Not without reason, because wood always radiates warmth. The whole thing is sealed with a layer, for example made of melamine resin. The resin not only protects, it also makes the laminate appear even more natural.

Maintain parquet

Parquet is real wood. It can also be laid wonderfully easily with a click technique. The system is the same as both laminates, only - in real life. The top layer is a real wood veneer. It is also easier to treat for scratches. If the soil has suffered over the years, it can be sanded down and breathe new life into it with a new seal. It used to be common practice to glue parquet sticks directly into mosaics or patterns. Quite a job, but it was often the pride of the owners. This possibility still exists today, but is rarely used.

➔ In addition to the classic 3 coating system, the parquet is also available in an 2 coating system. This is particularly suitable for underfloor heating.

Treated or untreated

Most floors are pretreated, at least for the laminate. The parquet is often only oiled, means a small breathable, but purely natural layer. If you prefer a robust but natural floor covering that is easy to lay but nevertheless looks very natural, you will choose the laminate. You can treat all floors even after installation. Sometimes this is even recommended to have a protective layer on the floor, which also closes smaller gaps after laying.

The right pre-cleaning

Here, a little caution is required, distinguish the parquet from the laminate little. Before you start with wet or wet cleaning, the dust and lint must be gone. Even small stones, which are taken from the street into the house, have lost nothing on the ground. Otherwise it quickly leads to scratches. Vacuuming is the most sensible at this point. Make sure your vacuum cleaner nozzle is extended. Who does not trust this, there is an extra nozzle for most vacuum cleaner models. This is edged either with soft felt or natural hair.

How to prevent damage to the floor

Safety first. So that the smooth-glossy floor is no stumbling and scratchy surface, you should already have a few things in mind in advance.

Patch devil

Something always goes wrong. Nevertheless, always wipe up liquids immediately and wipe with a damp cloth. Water is enough. It is important that no puddles form and that the liquid has no time to seep into the ground.


High heels with stiletto heels and hard soles of shoes, rather take off right at the entrance. The hard soles dents and scratch the ground. Even the smallest scratches damage the protective layer and can leave ugly traces over time. If that does not work, it's better to put a rug where you have to step on it with your soles.


Attach felt pads to chairs and to any other furniture that is inevitably torn to and fro on the floor. That saves a lot.

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Magic word: foggy

If the floor is sucked, you can wipe it and again. The recommendation of the experts tends to economical wiping and very discreet. If you have a very sensitive floor, you can also use two buckets. In one bucket comes the water with the cleaner, in the other bucket only clear water. After each wipe, the wiper is cleaned in the bucket of clear water.

▶ Tip: Avoid microfiber. Microfibre is not suitable for wood floors as the fibers damage the structure (too fine). Use soft cotton rags instead.

Care afterwards

With each 5ten wiping process should follow a care. For some floors more. Inquire if necessary with the manufacturer. There are many good care products on the market that seal the floor easily, that it can remain breathable, yet protected. For most floors, care is very easy and can be easily applied with a soft cloth. Then she has to dry and move in as well. Be sure to let the floor have this time and include it in your daily routine.

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Before you take action, you should definitely find out if the floor is very valuable. The range of cleaners and care products is usually very suitable for robust laminate from the hardware store. High-quality parquet, which may have just been oiled, needs more intensive care. It is important that the products are suitable for the floor in question, that they are not aggressive to the floor, your hands or the environment. Some manufacturers also use the power of oranges here! The advantage, an orange cleaner smells wonderfully fruity and neutralizes undesirable odors perfectly. - Maintain parquet

Advantages and disadvantages of wooden floors

Yes, no, yes, um, expensive, but ... oh ... Sometimes it is not so easy to find the right floor, especially when there are maybe a few children in the house who slide around on the floor all day - tugging small floor vehicles or walking the rocking horse. Pets can also hit the floor with their claws. And woe is trying to pull the dog on. Yet. A beautiful floor can be worthwhile and the rocking horse can also get felt under the runners.

Advantages of wooden floors

  • well suited for underfloor heating
  • They do not smell unpleasant like plastic, but natural wood
  • Laminate is already deceptively real to buy
  • You can buy laminate in every conceivable color and pattern
  • Parquet as it used to be? The parquet sticks are also still available
  • Oiled parquet is especially precious and over the years it gets its very own personality
  • Parquet can be sanded off and resurrected
  • Wooden floors provide a warmer indoor climate
  • Click laminate can be laid quickly and easily, is straightforward

Disadvantages of wooden floors

  • are more expensive to buy
  • are more sensitive
  • require more care

Conclusion: maintain parquet

Anyone who values ​​high quality sustainability would always opt for a wooden floor. Regardless of whether it is oiled, not oiled or sealed or not sealed. The more protection the floor has, the easier it is to care for. Mop up liquids immediately, do not abuse the floor unnecessarily with hard shoe soles or chairs and careful cleaning and care - that's all you need if you want a warm and cozy floor covering that does not smell of plastic. You don't have to cover the whole apartment with it. One room might be enough. Do you have a stove? This brings out the naturalness even more.

The parquet and laminate maintenance is not rocket science, there are enough cleaning agents on the market, something to wax, something to polish and even the right vacuum cleaner nozzle. Parquet and laminate maintenance can be easy - so that the floor lasts for a long time.

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