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Renovate your walls with the Renovator Pro

Renovator Pro is an English word and means "renewer". Today we are dealing with renovating your walls. He promises a painter with fun, he promises it quickly and without dripping. Renovation should go quickly and at a price that is in no way inferior to the usual painting tools. No misplacing of the painter's tarpaulin, you don't skip into the fallen drops of paint and smear the paint all over the floor.

Sounds excellent so far. Paint a wall in 5 minutes and a room in 20 minutes? But how exactly does a Renovator Paint work? How expensive can it get? Which accessories are there and what is the cost-benefit factor? We get to the bottom of these questions, including where the advantages and disadvantages are and whether you can buy accessories. - Renovating with the Renovator Pro

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The functioning of the Renovator

What sounds so impressive is basically a simple but a very good idea. Instead of running to the bucket again and again with the brush or paint roller, dunking it, rolling it up and then going to the wall, the paint comes with it. You just fill in the color Paint roller. The Renovator looks almost like a normal roller, but instead of fur or the usual material on the roller, it is equipped with a microfiber cover. Microfiber impresses with its evenness and is also used in car wash gloves, for example.

The material absorbs the liquid evenly and releases it again just as evenly. In addition, it holds the liquid much longer. This already prevents dripping. Microfibre is also easy to clean as the fabric is very absorbent. If you have now filled the color of your choice into the tank of the paint roller, about a liter fits into it, you can start. Simply apply on the wall, just like with an ordinary paint roller. The same principle applies to the edge roller, although the tank is slightly smaller.

The corner brush does not have its own tank, it has to be dipped gently into the paint. To ensure that the paint is evenly applied, the microfiber must be seamless and that is also given here. According to the manufacturer, the renovator is suitable for all water-based emulsion paints, acrylic paints. and latex paints, but not for varnishes and oil-based paints. If the paint is too thick, according to the manufacturer, the paint must be thinned a little. - logically actually, because microfibre lives from being able to absorb and distribute liquids evenly.


In the basic kit, the renovator itself, i.e. the paint roller, comes home with a filling bucket, a shelf, a corner scraper and an edge roller. You can buy a telescopic pole, this is made of aluminum and is very light at 110 g. This extends the role to 75 cm. A replacement roller is also available. All parts should always be washed well after use, if the microfiber sticks, it is gone and the next time you paint, unsightly areas are the result, on which the paint cannot be applied evenly. The same applies, of course, to the tanks in which the paint is filled. Making sure everything can dry is also a must. This prevents the usual mess and of course it goes easy on the material.

Advantages and disadvantages of Renovator Pro

Here are the pros and cons listed because like any product, it may not be suitable for everyone.

The advantages:

▴less splashes and less smudging: the manufacturer advertises with a clean result. The paint roller should not drip and splash when applying. The same applies to the edge scooter and the corner scraper

No bucket or painter tray. By filling the tool you are flexible for a while and do not drag the paint around with you

▴Microfiber has, with proper care, a long life expectancy and can be very well cleaned and dried

▴Time savings, because you do not always have to dunk the "manual" role in the color and strike out

▴ this sometimes less stress on the back and joints, less bending over or carrying the bucket or the paint pot necessary

▴man always has one hand free when stroking and can still cling to a ladder

The disadvantages

▾the weight of the paint. A high quality paint weighs about 2 - 2,5 Kg per liter. So if a liter in the role, that can go quite well on the joints

AchtenCheck for cleanliness. If the roll is glued, it must be replaced. A replacement role in relation to currently just 20 Euro relatively expensive, in contrast to a vile old-fashioned paint roller

It may be necessary to dilute the paint, otherwise it will not be released evenly from the roll. Again, you have to pay attention to the correct ratio of water / color and preliminary work is therefore necessary. The remedy is to buy a color that already has the right consistency from scratch

Not necessarily a liter. The paint needs a bit of space and overfilling is negative again

Tips and Hints

The painting and painting is not done by itself here and so a few things are necessary to achieve a perfect result.


In advance, make sure that the wall is clean. Dust or cobwebs, maybe even beetles, disturb the overall picture considerably. Especially if the paint or the substrate has not been renewed for years. Sometimes it is even necessary to apply a primer before you can start.
Shaking does not help here. The color must be thoroughly stirred so that all ingredients distribute evenly.

Quality of color

Wall paints, that is usually then the emulsion paint, is composed of water, color pigments and a binder. It is this mixture that makes the color of high quality, or not. While it is easy to dilute the paint with some water, if it should be too thick for the renovator, conversely it is already more difficult. But not only the opacity, but also the abrasion. If the paint is dry and you want to remove a stain, perhaps spinach, or ketchup, there should still be paint on the area that has been briefly wiped off. Mending is worth little, you will recognize the color difference.

The underground

Depending on the nature of the substrate, a thorough painting may be necessary here as well. On a textured wallpaper or woodchip, it is possible that the color is not immediately mercilessly even. Remove soiling such as dust, spiders and so on, thoroughly. If the structure of a wallpaper is badly damaged, that does not help, it has to be down if you want to get a good and even result.

The range

The capacity of the Renovator is specified with 1 liter, it is recommended to take a little less paint. Take 800 ml in this example. These 800 ml weigh on average about 1,5 - 2 Kg. If you want to paint a 15 qm wall, you need round about 2,25 liters, a bit more with structured wallpaper. For 15 qm Wand you have to fill the Renovator about 3 times. Roughly calculated, at least.

The craft

The best tool and the highest quality color are still helplessly delivered to the user. Evenly painting and clean work are certainly simplified by the Renovator, but not completely removed. Those who are not very experienced need more time to paint their wall clean. In addition, preliminary work such as masking the sockets, light switches and baseboards.

Conclusion: Renovator Pro

The renovator may not be a magic wand, but it can be very useful. The subsurface still has to be prepared, clean work is still necessary. The paint also has to somehow go into the tank, if necessary it has to be refilled from the paint bucket into the filler and from there into the renovator. For people who have weak joints or are easily exhausted, the weight of the roller with the color can be an issue.

A room usually also includes the ceiling, this should also be taken into account because the corner scraper cannot be attached to a telescopic handle. That still means thorough work on the ladder. The sockets and light switches as well as the strips on the floor must also be protected. Painting a wall in five minutes may be utopian for the inexperienced, unless it is a very small wall. The 20 minutes for a room, which may have been calculated as 4 x 5 minutes, also include a ceiling rather less.

If you want to carry out minor renovation work or redesign an accent wall, the Renovator is more suitable for you. This probably really saves more time and makes the work easier. You won't be spared cleaning the device afterwards, if you don't want to buy a new replacement roll for the next time. In addition to the preparatory work on the wall itself, buying the right color or diluting it in the right ratio, all of this has to be included.

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