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Winter lace-up boots Safety boots Safety lace-up boots S3 SRA SEESEN EN ISO 20345: 2011 Width 11 - black - Size: 44

What are rescue shoes?

Rescue service shoes belong to the group of safety shoes and are either low shoes or boots. In the rescue service, the employers' liability insurance association makes it mandatory to wear these special shoes. (See also BGR 191, rule for the use of foot and leg protection) - Buy rescue shoes

In many accidents, unsuitable footwear is the cause. This applies to private as well as professional use. The high risk of accidents is only one reason why people in the rescue service have to wear these special shoes. In medical emergencies in particular, it must be ensured that no viruses or bacteria in liquids can get through the shoe and thus put the wearer and his fellow human beings in acute danger.

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In addition, rescue shoes are easy to put on and are particularly comfortable and easy on the joints. The rescue service shoe must protect the wearer one hundred percent and protect his or her feet from excessive stress, sores or joint pain during the often long hours of deployment by the rescue services, often under adverse conditions and surrounded by chemicals, flammable liquids, electrically conductive liquids, oil or mud.

During operations with great heat, for example in the fire brigade, the rescue service shoe must also cover a variety of comfort features as well as specific safety features. Therefore, when selecting the rescue service shoe, it is essential to pay attention to the use for which it is required and which possible additional laws and regulations could be complied with during these activities.

For what Rescue shoes needed?

In addition to protecting the feet, rescue shoes also serve to prevent accidents and protect both the wearer and everyone else. Rescue service shoes are used in very different situations:

Classic rescue service:

Paramedics and helpers are quickly on site and help in the event of accidents or acute medical emergencies. Usually the shifts of these helpers last 12 hours and often longer. The shoes make an important contribution to maintaining your own health, because they are easy on the joints, breathable and have an anatomically shaped footbed.

Wearing the shoes for hours is an essential requirement in these professions, because every second counts. While the order comes in, the paramedics run straight to their vehicle and there is no time to put on and take off your shoes every time. Foot sweat must be permanently drained and the foot must be able to breathe easily. Damage to posture is avoided by specially cushioned heel areas and existing joint damage is not made worse.
When it comes to use, however, the rescue service shoe does further valuable work.

Ice target place of use

The mission goal has been achieved and it goes straight to the care of the injured or affected. Even if the well-trained rescue personnel can quickly get an overview, it cannot be ruled out that there are chemicals, flammable liquids or toxic substances at the place of use. Under certain circumstances, the injured person can only be reached by the rescue service entering these areas. The time factor also plays a major role here, because every second counts and can save human lives.

The paramedic must be able to rely on the fact that he can enter all types of liquids with his shoes in accordance with protection class S2. In this way, he can take care of the injured directly, carefree and without further measures that only cost unnecessary time.

In addition, in the event of medical emergencies and accidents, it is the order of the day for human secretions, such as blood or saliva, to come into contact with the shoes of the rescue service. While he is going about his actual job and taking care of the first aid and stabilization of the patient, there is no time to protect the feet from infections or the spread of bacteria and viruses. His legally prescribed rescue service shoes also protect him from this with innovative membrane technology.

Care for the elderly and the sick

Safe rescue shoes are not only required in acute outdoor use and are even required by law. There are also regulations for the elderly and the sick that stipulate which shoes are to be worn. A driver of an ambulance has to transport old and bedridden people from one place to another. Often this is done with an ambulance that is equipped for such transport trips.

This includes, for example, a fold-out couch with castors on which the patient can easily be pushed from his bed into the ambulance. Should an object such as an oxygen device or an EKG device fall down, then his rescue service shoes must be able to withstand the prescribed 200 joules of energy. The toe caps in the shoes have been specially designed for this purpose.

Of course, this person is also dealing with blood and other fluids that may be infected with viruses and bacteria. Here, too, your shoes are an important protection against your own infection and the spread of the pathogen. And just like in the rescue service, an employee in the elderly and sick usually has to work shifts of several hours at a time. The high-quality footwear in the form of standardized rescue service shoes must also be specially equipped for this case and offer a high level of comfort.

What types of rescue shoes are there?

In general, both low shoes and boots are suitable as rescue service shoes and are available in stores. As a binding, there are rescue service shoes with Velcro fastener and laces, but also to slip on. Furthermore, lace-up zip models are also available, especially for high boots. Other designs and special features of rescue service shoes are:
Metal-free and therefore significantly lighter than rescue shoes with a steel toe cap. In addition, the plastic toe caps are not thermally conductive.

  • Breathable microfiber fabric for the removal of foot sweat and pleasant cooling
  • Antibacterial mesh lining with a membrane to protect against viruses and bacteria in liquids
  • Removable insole (s) and orthopedic insoles for people with joint problems
  • Transparent tread for indoor use as well as non-marking soles that leave no black marks on light-colored floors
  • Robust rubber cap over the toe cap for additional protection.
  • Upper made of high quality leather
  • Moisture-regulating insole ensures a comfortable foot climate and prevents the feet from overheating when they are worn for long periods of time
  • High rolling comfort thanks to the flexible sole material provides additional support and cushioning
  • Hydrophobic = water-repellent surfaces
  • Shoelace fixation prevents snagging
  • Pull-on loop for quickly slipping into the rescue service shoe
  • Anatomical footbed with separate heel cushioning
  • Exchangeable insoles in different widths offer flexibility
  • Comfort widths are also available so that no foot is restricted
  • Leather lining or exchangeable insoles create a pleasant shoe climate
  • Pigments in the leather reduce the heating effect caused by solar radiation
  • Ladder bar profiling for even more grip, even on smooth surfaces
  • Reflective strips for more safety in the dark
  • Different leather thicknesses from 2,5 to 2,7 mm offer excellent wearing comfort

The upper material of a rescue service shoe can be:

  • microfiber
  • suede
  • full leather
  • nubuck
  • nappa

Differences in toe caps in rescue shoes can be:
Safety cap made of plastic or 200 joules polycarbonate
Safety cap made of 200 joule steel
Safety cap made of 200 joule aluminum

200 joules means:

If a weight of 1 kg falls from a height of 20 meters, the shoe must be able to absorb this energy or pressure without damage. For the standardization of protective toe caps, an agreement has been reached on the deformation energy of 200 joules, thus setting a value in accordance with the 20345 standard that a rescue service shoe must withstand undamaged. If the protective cap, regardless of what material it is made of, is damaged, there is no longer a complete protective function and the rescue service shoes must be replaced.

Differences to work shoes?

The main difference between a simple work shoe and a rescue shoe are the toe caps, which according to the regulation of the DGUV, the German statutory accident insurance, must be incorporated into a rescue shoe. For use in the rescue service, the shoes must also comply with protection class S2 according to DIN EN ISO 20 345. This standardized category states that the rescue service shoe must have the following properties:

  • Antistatic shoes
  • Oil and petrol resistant sole
  • Energy absorption in the heel area
  • Closed heel area
  • Slip-resistant sole with a coarse profile and heel reinforcement
  • Resistance of the shoe upper to water penetration and water absorption
  • In addition, there are rescue service shoes that also prevent the transmission of bacteria and viruses through liquids. This is done with a special
  • Membrane reached inside the shoe.
  • The soles of rescue service shoes are always puncture-proof soles so that nails or shards cannot penetrate the soles.

Further protection classes for rescue service shoes

In addition to the prescribed minimum protection class S2, a rescue service shoe may also have to have additional features or have a higher protection class. For example, a firefighter needs an ambulance shoe of one of the three following types:

all-purpose flour is suitable for all technical assistance and fire fighting outdoors
all-purpose flour is the standard type for the German fire brigades and suitable for internal attacks
all-purpose flour is a rescue service shoe that is suitable for use with hazardous substances.

In addition, increased chemical protection may be required. The penetration security is also a particularly important protection for rescue service shoes of all kinds. And of course especially with the fire brigades, because this professional group often has to go into buildings with rubble and building materials. So-called ESD rescue service shoes are also antistatic and prevent electrical charging.

What to look for when buying?

When buying a new rescue service shoe, the operating conditions under which they are to be worn are very important. Then of course the legal regulations and standards that must be complied with. Everything else is decided by personal taste and individual preferences. Whether low shoes or boots, which upper material, which insoles and which additional comfort features the rescue service shoe must have, is determined individually by each wearer. However, it is important to pay attention to high quality from brand manufacturers when choosing.

Cheap offers or no-name manufacturers are strongly advised against, since it can be a matter of your own life and the life of bystanders, you should not save at the wrong end here. In addition, the rescue service shoe must of course fit comfortably and adapt well to the natural shape of the foot. If you notice areas that are chafing or pressing while trying, then this model or size is not ideal for you.

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Top 10 - Rescue Service Shoes

1. Top seller
Haix Airpower XR1 Safe work clothing: combat boots for the rescue service. 46
349 Reviews
Haix Airpower XR1 Safe work clothing: combat boots for the rescue service. 46 *
  • EN ISO 20345: 2011 S3 HRO HI CI WR SRC
  • waterproof and breathable
  • Rescue service boots S3
  • Inner lining: 3-layer CROSSTECH
2. Top seller
Haix CONNEXIS Safety GTX S3 mid / Gray-Citrus. UK 9.0 / EU 43
89 Reviews
Haix CONNEXIS Safety GTX S3 mid / Gray-Citrus. UK 9.0 / EU 43 *
  • Moderner, Metallfreier, leichter Sicherheitsschuh mit Schutzkappe - ein echtes Leichtgewicht
  • CONNEXIS System - spezielles Tape, das gezielt die Faszien im Fuß stimuliert und eine ermüdungshemmende Wirkung auf den gesamten Bewegungsapparat hat
  • Stylish work shoe in the color gray-citrus
  • Breathable and water-repellent thanks to Gore-Tex

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3. Top seller
Haix emergency medical service Nevada Pro Mid shoes, shoe size: 42.5 (UK 8.5)
167 Reviews
Haix emergency medical service Nevada Pro Mid shoes, shoe size: 42.5 (UK 8.5) *
  • Light and safe protective cap
  • Breathable, waterproof and antistatic (ESD)
  • The sole is resistant to oil and petrol
  • Pigments in the leather prevent the shoe from heating up
4. Top seller
EWS Profi Feuerwehrstiefel Modell: 9210 Feuerwehr Rettungsdienst THW Stiefel, Größe: 43
8 Reviews
EWS Profi Feuerwehrstiefel Modell: 9210 Feuerwehr Rettungsdienst THW Stiefel, Größe: 43*
  • EWS professional fire fighting boot model: 9210
  • Penetration protection and safety cap: Yes
5. Top seller
Haix Special Fighter Pro Low fire fighting boot with CROSSTECH. 44
59 Reviews
Haix Special Fighter Pro Low fire fighting boot with CROSSTECH. 44 *
  • Bw-Größe EU-Größe UK-Größe US-Größe 230 35 3 4 235 36 3,5 4,5 240 37 4 5 242 37,5 4,5 5,5 245 38 5 6 250 39 5,5 6,5 252 39,5 6 7 255 40 6,5 7,5 265 41 7...
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6. Top seller
Haix Fire Eagle New standards with this sporty, light fire fighting boot. 45
158 Reviews
Haix Fire Eagle New standards with this sporty, light fire fighting boot. 45 *
  • Extremely light: less than 1000 g per shoe
  • Lightning-fast on and off
  • CE 0197 EN 15090: 2012 HI3 CI M SRC - Type F2A Safety class F2A
- € 23,507. Top seller
Magnum Unisex Adult Mid Work Boots, Black, 44 EU
285 Reviews
Magnum Unisex Adult Mid Work Boots, Black, 44 EU *
  • Ein Obermaterial aus Leder und Nylon schützt vor Schmutz und Feuchtigkeit, während eine gepolsterte Zunge und Kragen eine außergewöhnliche Unterstützung um...
  • Classic 6 lace-up boot
  • EVA insole
  • Non-slip sole with ladder handles
8. Top seller
Mil-Tec Tactical Boot with YKK zipper black size 42 / UK9
1.135 Reviews
- € 8,089. Top seller
ELTEN safety shoes SID ESD S3, men, sporty, light, black, plastic toe cap, Velcro fastener - size 45
165 Reviews
ELTEN Sicherheitsschuhe SID ESD S3, Herren, sportlich, leicht, schwarz, Kunststoffkappe, Klettverschluss - Größe 45*
  • High quality work shoes for men - EN ISO 20345 - Article Code: 72131
  • Halbschuh aus Textilmaterial, wasserabweisend, atmungsaktiv, Innenfutter aus Textilmaterial, herausnehmbare Einlegesohle
  • TPU / PU sole from the ELTEN Trainers series (non-slip), medium tread depth, all-rounder well suited for almost any surface
  • Width: normal / comfortable, size: normal for safety shoes, order one size smaller than sports / running shoes
- € 25,0610. Top seller
ELTEN Herren Elten Sicherheitsschuhe S3, Herren, Umknickschutz, Schwarz, Stahlkappe Sicherheitsschn rstiefel Fusion GTX S3 CI Gr e 9, Schwarz, 43.5 EU
70 Reviews
ELTEN Herren Elten Sicherheitsschuhe S3, Herren, Umknickschutz, Schwarz, Stahlkappe Sicherheitsschn rstiefel Fusion GTX S3 CI Gr e 9, Schwarz, 43.5 EU*
  • Hydrophobic nubuck leather / textile material Cordura
  • GORE-TEX climate membrane
  • BIOMEX PROTECTION - cuff to stabilize the ankle

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