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Drano (Mr Muscle) Power Gel pipe-free drain cleaner, pipe cleaner, for kitchen and bathroom, removes blockages, 3-pack (3 x 1000 ml)

If you want to save the costs for the craftsman, you can use the practical pipe cleaner. A clogged drainpipe is a common nuisance: the water no longer drains properly because hair, leftover food, or debris clog the drain.

Freeing the drains in the shower, sink or toilet is not a pleasant task, because the accumulated soap residue, hair or food residues can form a foul-smelling nest after a while.

The use of this effective cleaning agent is usually uncomplicated, while the pipe cleaner can deliver first-class results after just a short time. In the following Guide Interested readers get all the important information about the practical everyday helper.

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9,75 €29,90 €10,89 €Check priceCheck price16,39 €84,97 €19,49 €39,90 €9,99 €
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What exactly is a drain cleaner?

The drain cleaner is always used when blockages in the pipes of the everyday household need to be cleared. This is usually a mixture of chemicals that will dissolve and remove these buildups. With daily use of the shower, toilet and wash basin, biological residues such as hair always end up in the drains and are never completely washed away.

These debris build up in the drain and develop into a persistent blockage over time. The water can no longer drain off as usual. With a drain cleaner, these build-ups can be effectively removed. To do this, the pipe cleaner is simply poured into the drain, where it can work inside the pipe. The cleaning agent penetrates effortlessly into hard-to-reach areas and decomposes the biomass there.

In principle, the drainage pipes in the bathroom and kitchen should of course not be polluted with too much waste. It makes more sense not to want to rinse away hair and other dirt first with the drain. However, washing away cannot be completely avoided. At this point, regular use of a pipe cleaner can help: it ensures that the pipes do not clog up too quickly and also removes stubborn residues before they become solid clumps.

With the help of the drain cleaner, residues that are far away can also be dissolved, as the practical aids penetrate far enough into the interior of the pipe. The pipe cleaner is available in solid or liquid form and as an organic or chemical cleaner.

How does the drain cleaner work?

The classic drain cleaners are the coarse-grained granulates and the liquid cleaning agents that contain alkaline substances. Modern pipe cleaners rely on particularly environmentally friendly enzymes. With the help of the alkaline granules, the accumulated dirt is chemically broken down into its individual parts and then simply washed away.

Worth mentioning at this point is the so-called sodium hydroxide, which can separate fats and organic particles such as hair. In addition, substances such as nitrate, sodium carbonate or aluminum granulate are often used.

The last-mentioned aluminum grains decompose through the elimination of hydrogen and the resulting heat development. This decomposition in turn loosens the accumulated residues. Nitrate was added to the pipe cleaner to prevent the hydrogen gas from developing a highly explosive mixture.

If the hydrogen is bound by the nitrate, ammonia is produced, which even laypeople can recognize from the intense smell of the cleaner. For this reason, you should always ventilate well after each use of the cleaner. If the drain cleaner is dosed too high, the pipes could even burst due to the heat generated. Caution is advised at this point, especially with drainpipes made of plastic.

In addition, if the dosage is too high, the practical cleaning agents can themselves clump together and completely clog the pipe.

It also works without chemistry!

Keeping the drain clean without chemicals works with the Drain Magic. The AbflussZauber is an enzyme cleaner and is able to dissolve almost all impurities in drain pipes. The use of enzymes loosens and breaks down dirt in the pipes.

Once used, the Drain Magic will do its job for a month. The knee in the drain, which is also known as the odor trap, ensures that the odors from the sewer do not penetrate the apartment. At the same time, dirt, hair, soap residues, oils, fats, food residues tend to collect in it, everything that you wash off with.

This is exactly where the drain magic works and ensures cleaner pipes. The Drain Spell dissolves within 4-5 weeks while releasing the enzymes that loosen the pollution. Clogged and smelly drains are a thing of the past. Is the Drain Magic suitable for all drains?

The Drain Magic can be used in all drains with an odor trap. Sinks in the kitchen, washbasins in the bathroom, drains from the shower and bathtub, floor drains in bathrooms, laundry rooms and garages. Tips for use: Simply stick the Drain Magic down the drain and run a little more water.

We recommend using a new Drain Magic every 4-5 weeks, as these slowly dissolve. Please wash your hands after use and store the Drain Magic out of the reach of children.

Liquid or granulate

Like the granular granules, the liquid version often also contains alkaline ingredients. Typically, surfactants and sodium hypochlorite are included here. The mode of action of the liquid variant is similar to that of the granules, but the fat-dissolving surfactants play the more important role due to their lack of physical effectiveness. Due to the chemical composition, it should be noted that both forms can cause burns to the skin.

The health risks are particularly high when the cleaning agent is a lye. Basically, alkalis are able to attack the skin more strongly than acids. Sufficient ventilation is also in the foreground. With the help of the symbols on the packaging, users can see at a glance the dangers involved in use.

Areas of application of the drain cleaner

Pipe cleaners are - as the name suggests - suitable for various blockages in the drainage pipes. As a rule, the ingredients are composed in such a way that the typical causes of stubborn deposits can be effectively eliminated. Some cleaners work optimally against standard soiling, while other drain cleaners have been designed to remove certain residues.

For example, there are standard and special cleaners for grease, because especially in the kitchen, pipes are more often clogged with grease. This is where the inorganic products are very helpful, with granules dissolving the residues much better than liquid cleaning agents. This is due to the heat development already mentioned, through which the fats liquefy and are then simply washed away.

Since hot water alone is usually not enough to clear the blockages, the practical cleaners clear the drain again.

Since the granulates and liquid drain cleaner are very easy to use and are also much cheaper than the costs for a craftsman, they can be found in almost every household. In addition, the cleaning agents also reach hard-to-reach areas that no one would otherwise be able to reach without tools.

In addition to the quick removal of stubborn blockages, the drain cleaners have an antibacterial and odor-neutralizing effect and are therefore used in every drainpipe.

What types of drain cleaners are available?

Drain cleaners can be differentiated based on their consistency (solid or liquid) and also according to their mode of action (organic or inorganic). Inorganic drain cleaner: Inorganic granules are highly effective because they react with the oxygen in the air and can thus effectively break down organic dirt.

Since they are usually based on sodium hydroxide, they can also be harmful to human skin and wastewater. The inorganic gel is less dosed and penetrates optimally into the spaces between the clogged drainage pipes. They are based on soap-like ingredients and chlorine and can pollute the water.

Advantages of the inorganic cleaner

- very effective
- easy to use and dose
- short exposure time
- can be used for almost all blockages

Disadvantages of the inorganic cleaners

- heavy burden on the environment
- poses health risks
- Users should use this cleaner very carefully

Organic Drain Cleaner: The organic granules are naturally effective as they are based on enzymes that simply break down the organic dirt. In addition, these granules are biodegradable and harmless to health. Like the inorganic variant, the organic gel is also less dosed and can penetrate deep into the pipe if there are heavy deposits. Thanks to its natural decomposition, this gel is environmentally friendly, but it usually has to act overnight.

Benefits of organic cleaners

- very environmentally friendly
- poses no health risk
- can be used safely

Disadvantages of organic cleaners

- less effective than the inorganic cleaners
- need a long exposure time


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