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Hey, welcome to my review of the Russell Hobbs Express Airfry Mini Oven! If you're looking for a versatile kitchen appliance that not only saves space but is also energy efficient, then read on.

- 30,13 €1st best product
Russell Hobbs Oven Airfryer [5-in-1: Hot Air Fryer,…*
  • Convection Technology: The circulating convection airflow ensures fast, even cooking and therefore always outstanding…
  • AirFry Technology: Uses high-intensity hot air to bake, brown and crisp your favorite foods with little to no…
  • 4x faster heating time*, 49% more energy efficient** (*Compared to heating time to 220℃ in a conventional oven, **Compared to...
  • Large capacity – 12” pizza, 6 slices of toast or a whole chicken (volume: 20L)

I bought this mini oven for my outdoor kitchen because it is multifunctional and intended for many things. It is used in a variety of ways, from bread rolls, fries, pizza and cakes, and saves me having to turn on the large oven.

Design and construction

Check out the Russell Hobbs Express Airfry Mini, model 26095-56: It's not only elegant, but also totally functional - perfect for any modern kitchen. With its shiny stainless steel housing, it looks really chic and promises you quality and durability. The elegant finish blends seamlessly into any kitchen interior and is a real eye-catcher.

- 30,13 €1st best product

And despite looking so sturdy, the Airfry Mini is surprisingly light - it weighs less than 6,5kg! Thanks to its compact dimensions of around 45 cm long, 35 cm wide and 30 cm high, it also fits into smaller kitchens or households where every centimeter counts. Despite its compact size, it offers a surprising amount of space inside - a full 20 liters to be precise. This means you have enough space for all kinds of goodies.

The device is also super easy to use. The controls on the front are clearly and understandably arranged, so you can switch between the different cooking modes quickly and easily.

One small downside: the glossy surface is quite sensitive to fingerprints and dirt, so you'll need to clean it regularly to keep it looking great. But despite this small drawback, the design of the Russell Hobbs Airfry Mini is a great example of how well looks and functionality go together in modern kitchen technology.

Technical: Russell Hobbs Express Airfry mini oven

Now to the technical highlights: With 1.500 watts of convection power and AirFry technology, this device is a real all-rounder. Whether baking, grilling, toasting or keeping warm – the Airfry Mini makes it possible.

  • Power: 1.500 watt convection technology for efficient and fast cooking.
  • Capacity: Large 20 liter capacity - perfect for a 12 inch pizza, 6 slices of toast or a whole chicken.
  • Design: Elegant stainless steel housing, modern and stylish, fits into any kitchen environment.
  • Dimensions: Compact size of approximately 45cm (length) x 35cm (width) x 30cm (height), ideal for small kitchens.
  • Weight: Lightweight at less than 6,5kg, easy to move and handle.
  • features: 5-in-1 functionality including hot air frying, baking, grilling, toasting and keeping warm.
  • AirFry technology: High-intensity hot air for low-fat frying - enjoy your favorite foods with little to no oil.
  • Energy efficiency: 49% more energy efficient than a conventional oven, ideal for environmentally conscious households.
  • heating time: 4x faster heating time compared to a traditional oven.
  • Service: Simple and intuitive operation with 3 controls/rotary switches on the front for temperature, time and preparation type.
  • Accesories: Includes frying basket, baking tray and grill rack - everything you need for a wide range of dishes.
  • Safety Instructions: Housing gets hot during operation; The device should stand free and have at least 15 cm clearance on all sides.
  • Cleaning: Easy to clean thanks to the removable crumb tray; sensitive to dirt and fingerprints.
- 30,13 €1st best product

Recipes and applications

Fancy pizza or a casserole? No problem! The Airfry Mini heats up super quickly, saving you time and energy. Pizzas are crispy, cakes are juicy and toasts are perfectly browned.

Here are three delicious recipes to try with your Russell Hobbs Express Airfry Mini:

  1. Crispy air fryer fries
    • Ingredients: 500g potatoes, 1 tbsp olive oil, salt, paprika powder.
    • Preparation: Peel the potatoes and cut them into sticks. Mix in a bowl with olive oil, salt and paprika powder. Place the frying basket in the Airfry Mini and distribute the fries evenly. Fry at 200°C for about 15-20 minutes until golden brown and crispy. Turn once in between.
  2. mini pizza
    • Ingredients: pizza dough, tomato sauce, grated cheese, topping of your choice (e.g. salami, ham, vegetables).
    • Preparation: Roll out the pizza dough and cut it into a size that fits into the Airfry Mini. Spread with tomato sauce, spread cheese and toppings on top. Bake in Baking mode at 180°C for about 10-12 minutes until the edge is crispy and the cheese is melted.
  3. Baked chicken breast
    • Ingredients: 2 chicken breast fillets, 100g grated cheese, 2 teaspoons Italian herbs, salt, pepper, olive oil.
    • Preparation: Season the chicken breast fillets with salt, pepper and Italian herbs. Brush with a little olive oil and place on the grill rack. Grill at 180°C for about 15 minutes. Then sprinkle with cheese and grill for another 5 minutes until the cheese melts and browns slightly.

Accessories: Russell Hobbs Express Airfry Mini Oven

The Russell Hobbs Express Air Fry Mini not only comes with impressive features, but also with a practical accessory package that makes your kitchen work easier. Included in delivery are a frying basket, a baking tray and a grill rack. These three accessories open up a world of culinary possibilities.

Frying basket: Perfect for the Air Fry function. Whether crispy fries, baked camemberts or light vegetable chips, the frying basket allows for even cooking and crispy results with a minimal amount of oil.

Baking tray: Ideal for cakes, casseroles or pizza. This multifunctional baking tray also serves as a drip pan, catching drips and crumbs and ensuring clean preparation. Although a little smaller than expected, it still serves its purpose for smaller baking projects.

Grill grate: Perfect for grilling meat, fish or vegetables. With this grate you can give your dishes a nice grilled touch without having to use a large outdoor grill.

Additional accessories, which can be purchased separately, include larger baking trays or special inserts that further increase the functionality of the Airfry Mini. An important detail is that the oven itself gets very hot during operation. That's why it's advisable to always use pot holders or oven gloves to avoid burns.

These accessories make the Russell Hobbs Express Airfry Mini a versatile, easy-to-use device that will revolutionize your cooking and baking experiences.

to purchase additional accessories.

Maintenance and care

The maintenance and care of the Russell Hobbs Express Airfry Mini is quite straightforward, but important for its longevity. After each use, you should let the device cool down completely. Then remove any crumbs or leftover food with a soft, damp cloth. The removable crumb tray makes cleaning particularly easy.

For the stainless steel case, it is recommended to use a special stainless steel cleaner to remove fingerprints and stains and maintain the shine. Be careful not to use abrasive cleaning products or utensils as these can damage surfaces. Regular care not only ensures hygiene, but also maintains the functionality and appearance of your Airfry Mini.

Advantages and disadvantages

No product is perfect, and that applies here too. One disadvantage is the lack of interior light. In addition, the baking tray included could be larger. But otherwise? For me it's a good device that I use often!

Versatile functions: Air frying, baking, grilling, toasting, keeping warm.Sensitivity to fingerprints and dirt: The shiny surface requires regular cleaning.
Fast heat-up time: 4x faster than a traditional oven.No interior light: Difficult to monitor cooking without opening the appliance.
Energy efficient: 49% more economical than a conventional oven.Size of the baking tray provided: May be too small for some foods.
Compact design: Ideal for small kitchens, lightweight and space-saving.Hot housing during operation: Caution is advised, especially in households with children.
Large capacity: 20 liters, suitable for a variety of dishes.Short cable: An extension cable may be required.
Easy operation: Intuitive controls/rotary switches on the front.
Good customer reviews: Generally positive for smaller households and versatile use.

Conclusion - Russell Hobbs Express Airfry Mini Oven

The Russell Hobbs Express Air Fry Mini, model 26095-56, is a versatile and efficient kitchen appliance, ideal for smaller households or as an additional appliance in larger kitchens. With functions such as air frying, baking, grilling, toasting and keeping warm, it offers impressive flexibility. Its quick heat-up time makes it more time efficient and energy efficient than traditional ovens. For me in the garden I am happy.

The design is attractive and practical, with a compact size and light weight, perfect for limited space, while the 20 liter capacity provides enough space for various dishes. Its stainless steel housing ensures a modern look, but the device is susceptible to fingerprints. But for me it's the result that's important, not necessarily the design or whether it leaves fingerprints.

Some disadvantages include the lack of an interior light and the smaller size of the included baking sheet. Nevertheless, the Airfry Mini impresses with its multifunctionality in terms of price-performance ratio. It is a solid choice for those looking for a space-saving, versatile and energy-saving kitchen appliance. Customer reviews confirm general satisfaction, especially with regard to the ease of use and versatile uses. The Russell Hobbs Express Airfry mini oven is a recommended product for me and my use.

What do you say about the mini oven? Do you have another one? Let me know.

Tip: Alternatives Tefal EY111B Ultra Fry hot air fryer

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