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Salt inhaler: A day by the sea ... Hardly anyone who doesn't feel better after a long walk on the beach in a stiff breeze. Some even take a cure and come back home almost or even completely cured, where the clinical picture sometimes even worsens quickly. It is not just the relaxation itself, the exercise or the packs of silt that are so good for the body.

One of the secrets is in the air. More precisely, in the salt. Why the salt is so beneficial for our respiratory tract, which diseases can be kept in check, which possibilities there are to feel at home in the sea air and for whom this might not be something. Towards the salty air, here is our salt inhaler guide. - Salt inhaler top 10

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Mobile salt inhaler SaltPipe *CEGLA RC-Cornet® PLUS respiratory therapy device solves ... *SIMBR inhaler nebulizer, portable ... *Naturgut refill pack sea air inhaler, ... *The Wick Sinus Inhaler WH200E, VH200E4 *CEGLA RC-Cornet® (Basiscornet) respiratory therapy device ... *Medisana IN 525 portable inhaler for ... *Raibu nasal rinsing salt for nasal douche 150 ... *Medisana USC portable inhaler for on the go, ... *WellO2 steam breathing apparatus: immediate help with ... *
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37,01€61,90€Check price9,70€35,99€51,75€36,25€16,95€Check price210,00€
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What is a salt inhaler?

The classic inhaler, which we may still know from our childhood, is an electrical device, with a filling container, a motor, a hose and a mouthpiece. Here a liquid is put into the inhaler and swirled around in the device, the mist-fine droplets are then inhaled through the mouthpiece. These devices used to be very bulky, but today you can buy them to save space.

However, if you don't inhale often, you might not have such a big thing standing around with you. Various manufacturers have reacted to this and so manual salt inhalers and salt pipes are still available. The electric inhalers work with liquids, inhalation solutions that are finely nebulized. The manual ones without liquid, here the salt is shaken up and only tiny salt crystals come through the filters, which you then inhale.

What does the salt do?

Why is the salt in the air so beneficial now? Soaking things in salt, this is not done without a reason. Why? On the one hand it removes fluid from the thing, on the other hand it removes the basis of life from every bacterium, every fungus, every virus. Depending on the ratio, salt can kill everything, or just the undesirable. As so often, the dose makes the poison. So if we go for a walk by the sea or if we breathe salty air through an inhaler, the following happens: the salty air hits our alveoli and "removes" water from them. The bubbles react to this by forming new water.

The effect: all the mucus and adhesions loosen and can be coughed up. At the same time, the salt also kills any bacteria and viruses that may be present. Freed from everything that does not belong in the lungs, the whole body is invigorated by the higher absorption of oxygen, antibodies can be formed more quickly (in the case of flu, for example), and the higher oxygen concentration in the blood allows the entire body to recover more quickly.

For whom is it suitable?

For asthma patients as well as for allergy sufferers and anyone who has any problem with the mucous membranes. So the salt is also recommended for congested nose or inflammatory pharyngeal diseases. Basically, everywhere, where infections make breathing difficult and where increased slime formation and dryness make breathing sometimes a torment. For example, anyone who has quit smoking and now wants to help his lungs get rid of all the mucus and all the deposits, can also very well support his body with salt. The most common diseases where salt helps very well include:

  • Cystic Fibrosis
  • Asthma
  • bronchitis
  • COPD
  • flu-like infections

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Which models can you buy?

With or without power or battery, there should be something for everyone. We introduce what is possible.

Electric salt inhaler

The devices that use electricity mist up the contents of the solution that was put into the device. This can be salt or additives such as chamomile or special medicines. Here, the liquid is inhaled as a carrier material directly. That does not dry out in any case. These devices are available directly with power connection, with battery or with battery in various sizes. So you can take these devices partly also on the journey.

Manual salt inhaler

There are one-way models that last around two years and products that you can refill. They are mostly made of plastic. In them is the dry salt. Through the air, the crystals are dissolved and a filter system ensures that only tiny particles are inhaled. It is not allowed to blow them into these devices, as the moisture then settles on the salt and forms a lump.

salt whistle

Like the manual salt inhaler, such a salt pipe is a vessel by giving the dry salt. The salt pipes are available in ceramic or plastic. The salt simply stays in the pipe. The simplest and most durable way to inhale the precious commodity.

Side effects and hints

There are no direct side effects. The concentration of the salt in a solution must not be too high, otherwise the salt will dry out the airways. Too little salt and it doesn't work as it should. This does not happen with the manual devices. Anyone who likes can use a salt inhaler and must decide for themselves whether it is good for them or not. Don't worry, it won't choke on you, nor will your symptoms get worse.

Just listen to your body. This applies to adults as well as to babies, children, pregnant women and the elderly. It should only not be used in acute asthma attacks. However, hygiene must of course still be observed, especially when people share an inhaler. With the electric models, you can buy different masks for each family member. Although salt is naturally deadly to bacteria, it should not be forgotten that the mouthpiece first comes into contact with saliva and then with air.

Advantages and disadvantages of manual and electrical inhalers

Here's a brief list of the benefits of different inhalers that allow you to decide what's right for you:

Electronic inhaler - advantages and disadvantages

The most effective way to inhale the salt, because through the fine mist it reaches the lungs definitely down to the last corner

▴Nose attachments are available

You can also inhale other fluids, such as chamomile or a medicine

Hygiene Better hygiene since replaceable mouth and nose pieces

▾man needs a power source

▾When batteries or rechargeable battery you have to worry that it does not go out just when you're on the go

It can break faster because more technology

▾ higher acquisition costs

Manual inhaler - advantages and disadvantages

Handy and easy

HaltLong durability

Environmentally friendly, if you use a ceramic or glass model

Irrespective of external energy sources

▴ if necessary, it can be completely cleaned

Cheaper in the acquisition costs

Not as effective as an electric model

▾ You should use it for one person only

With disposable inhalers, the environment is not good


Salt in the air, whether actually by the sea or in special brines - spas, is not only good for the poor in a disease, but also prophylactic. Inhaling salt is safe, easy and helps the entire body to regenerate itself. The body can absorb more oxygen and the whole mucus is released. A wonderful opportunity for anyone who can not get to the sea every day but whose health benefits from the salt. There are also various refill packs specifically tailored to the particular inhaler or whistle. So you can do absolutely nothing wrong. Pay attention to the quality of the salt, after all, it is inhaled.

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Mobile Salt Inhaler SaltPipe
Mobile salt inhaler SaltPipe *
Cleans, disinfects, soothes the respiratory tract; helps with asthma, COPD, bronchitis, cough, pollen allergies and cold
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Salt Inhaler, Salt Inhaler Ceramic Salt Tube Filled Inhaler With Free Salt 100% Pure The salt therapy inhalers contain approx. 300g Himalayan pure salt granules Pakistan Salt Fields - White
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