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Sandblasting - like new!

Sandblasting with sandblasters

Is it easy to clean? Anyone who can call their own home and yard, workshop or company may think about their own Sandblaster do. It is practical! Quickly remove old paint or rust, deburr or polish. From handy to industrial, the modern ones Sandblasters are often indispensable.
We have written a guide for you in which you can read everything you need to know about sandblasting: which sandblasting agent? Which sandblasting devices are there? What do sandblasting devices cost and which sandblasting device suits me? - sandblasting machine

Sandblasting cabin - in comparison

BananaB sandblasting cabin 2 pen 2 tanks sandblasting device 4kg/cm...SAND BLASTING CABIN GSK 110 LTR.BGS-technic 8717 compressed air sandblasting cabinVaran Motors - NESB-09-B SANDBlasting CABIN WITH GUN AND 4 ...Sandblasting cabin with suction device - 350 litersSandblasting machine DL SBC 990 sandblasting cabin with suction 990L...BGS 8841 | Compressed air sandblasting cabin | largeRP-Tools sandblasting cabin sandblasting device sandblaster type 220LMobile sandblaster sandblasting 38L Mobile sandblasting device...Sandblasting cabin table model - 175 liters
224,99 €300,90 €276,60 €119,51 €Check price1.798,98 €617,12 €367,99 €141,00 €249,00 €
BananaB sandblasting cabin 2 pen 2 tanks ... *SAND BLASTING CABIN GSK 110 LTR. *BGS-technic 8717 compressed air sandblasting cabin *Varan Motors - NESB-09-B SAND BLASTING CABIN WITH ... *Sandblasting cabin with suction device - 350 liters *Sandblasting machine DL SBC 990 Sandblasting cabin with ... *BGS 8841 | Compressed air sandblasting cabin | large*RP-Tools sandblasting cabin sandblasting device...*Mobile sandblaster sandblasting 38L Mobiles ... *Sandblasting cabin table model - 175 liters *
◼️ Premium material: We have the metal storage for sand ...◼️ Güde sandblasting cabin sand blasting cabin GSK 110 LTR...◼️ for sandblasting / cleaning surfaces with dry ...◼️ Voltage: 230 V◼️ N / A◼️ 4 x fluorescent tubes (230 V), each with 26 watts in...◼️ for sandblasting / cleaning surfaces with dry ...◼️ N / A◼️ Mobile sandblaster 38L◼️ Incl. glass protection film, lighting with transformer,...
◼️ Improved lighting: Compared to the general ...◼️ Working pressure: 2-8 bar◼️ suitable for component sizes up to 480 x 380 x 260 mm◼️ Power: 10 W◼️ N / A◼️ Emptying of the suction via integrated bottom flap◼️ blasted-good sealing cover with viewing window, ...◼️ N / A◼️ Air requirement: 400-700 l/min◼️ Suitable for various blasting agents, e.g. glass beads and...
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price historyprice historyprice historyprice historyprice historyprice historyprice historyprice historyprice historyprice history
224,99 €300,90 €276,60 €119,51 €Check price1.798,98 €617,12 €367,99 €141,00 €249,00 €
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What is a sandblaster?

A sandblasting device combines air and sandblasting agents into a cleaning success that is available in different sizes and versions. The compressed air, which usually comes from a compressor, shoots the sandblasting agent out of the sandblasting device and onto the surface to be cleaned.

There are also different options:

A handy one Sandblasting gun , a protected Sandblasting cabin, a solid Sandblasting blower or mobile version are available here. Which sandblasting gun or sandblasting cabin is suitable for you depends on what you want to process with it and may also depend a little on the price.

A small sandblast gun is around 20 €, a device useful for household use starts at around 100 €, but can also cost 1000 €. Of course, there are no upper limits. Industrial devices then cost around € 10.000.

What can you use a sandblaster for?

A sandblasting device can be used for many things in everyday life. You can use it wherever you need to clean and edit things:

  • Clean wood and
  • remove old paint residue
  • Clean metal and
  • free from rust
  • Cleaning tools
  • Restore things
  • deburring
  • Roughening
  • dull
  • Descaling
  • Eliminate / clean structural damage

Without a doubt, a device that is particularly useful for your workshop. There is no need for laborious sanding by hand.
A distinction is made between four different types of sandblasting devices. Not everyone is made for every job. In the following we have detailed the various options for you.

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Sandblasting machine - different options

When you are considering which device is most suitable for you for sandblasting, you need a good overview of the options you have at all:

Sandblasting blower

A sandblasting fan is operated with a blower wheel or with compressed air. These drives throw the sandblasting agent strongly and reliably onto the materials to be cleaned. Since the output is very high, a sandblasting blower is often used on construction sites and in the industrial sector. Handling is not that easy, which is why a good instruction in the device is often necessary.

Advantages of the sandblasting blower

✔ Mobile operational readiness
✔ High performance

Disadvantage sandblasting blower

✘ Not easy to use
✘ Lots of dust and dirt
✘ Expensive to buy
✘ Often a compressor is required
✘ Surfaces can be damaged

# Preview Products Rating Price
1 Kärcher sand/wet blasting set for high-pressure cleaners Kärcher sand/wet blasting set for high-pressure cleaners* Currently no reviews 70,15 €Amazon Prime
2 The sandblaster in the service of glass manufacture The sandblaster in the service of glass production* Currently no reviews 16,90 €Amazon Prime

Sandblasting gun

A cleaning weapon for everyone? You could write like this, because a sand steel gun is light, versatile and easy to use. Here, too, air and sand steel material are mixed by means of air pressure. The principle is as simple as it is ingenious, the performance of the sandblasting gun can be controlled via the compressor with good equipment.
Another advantage: The jet nozzles and also the air nozzles can be exchanged. This makes it possible to work even more precisely.

Some sandblasting guns can be adjusted to work as best as possible with the various sandblasting agents.

Separate blast media guide

Sandblasting guns with separate blasting media are also used by companies.

Cup guns

Cup guns for sandblasting are ideal for the handyman who wants to use the sandblasting method for small jobs around the house.

Advantages of the sand steel gun

✔ Light weight
✔ Good handling
✔ Quick and easy cleaning
✔ Easy to transport
✔ Good price-performance ratio

Disadvantage of the sand steel gun

✘ Compressor required
✘ Shorter service life than professional devices
✘ Less suitable for large surfaces

# Preview Products Rating Price
1 Air blast gun + 25 kg blasting material Compressed air sandblasting gun + 25 kg blasting material * Currently no reviews 39,67 € 37,49 €
2 Yato YT-2375 YT Sandblaster Yato YT-2375 YT Sandblaster* Currently no reviews 24,64 € 22,07 €
3 PS sandblasting gun with hose PS sandblasting gun with hose* Currently no reviews 119,00 €
4 Metabo compressed air sandblasting gun SSP 1000 (601569000) box,... Metabo compressed air sandblasting gun SSP 1000 (601569000) box,...* Currently no reviews 37,96 € 35,43 €
5 WELDINGER compressed air sandblasting gun with tank WELDINGER compressed air sandblasting gun with tank * Currently no reviews 36,99 €Amazon Prime

Sandblasting cabin

There are two different sandblasting cabins:

Suction pressure blasting cabins

Suction jet cabins

Both types of sandblasting cabins are popular in the industrial sector because they can clean, deburr, compress, rag, rust, roughen and descaling. This takes place in a closed sandblasting cabin, which has been expanded with firmly attached gloves. Dust and dirt are completely extracted - this makes the work very clean and healthy. The pistol can be carried in the hand (through the glove).

If you want to move the workpiece, you can also lock the sandblasting gun firmly on a bracket. The pistol is then controlled with a foot lever.

Tip: If you want, you can purchase a device with a recovery system. This again saves additional costs for sand steel media.

Advantages of the sand steel cabin

✔ Dust and dirt remain in the cabin
✔ Recovery systems
✔ Excellent for filigree workpieces

Disadvantage sand steel cabin

✘ Not suitable for large materials
✘ Requires a compressor
✘ Transport not without problems

Mobile sandblasting device

Mobile sandblasters are small and handy, which makes them perfect for you if your work area varies. Despite the fact that they are smaller, they can be used extremely well for cleaning and derusting.
The sand steel agent is here in a cauldron. The agent is then blown out through the gun using air pressure.

Do you want to remove rust or clean wooden furniture or the fence for a new coat of paint? No problem!

Advantages of the mobile sandblasting device

✔ Handy and
✔ easy to use
✔ suitable for large areas
✔ Perfect for larger areas

Disadvantage of mobile sandblasting device

✘ Compressor required
✘ Lots of dust and dirt

Compressor for sandblasters

Which compressor is right for my sandblaster? Anyone who has to buy from scratch has the advantage that they can first look for the sandblasting device of their choice before deciding on the compressor.
But it's not that complicated. Most manufacturers have given precise information.

If you want to operate a sandblasting machine, you definitely need the right air liter output. While a small sandblasting gun might get by with 170 liters / minute, a mobile sandblasting device can have 400 liters and more. As a precaution, compare the information from Bar. Der working pressure and the air requirements are crucial.

Sand steel agent

There are many sandblasting agents. Many many. For each job you have different means to choose from. A brief overview:

Steel-aluminum granulate

Excellent for cleaning hard materials or for deburring.


This can be walnut shells, for example. They are used for soft materials and plastics.


Polyamide, thermoset, polycarbonate: these gentle cleaning agents are used, for example, in vehicle technology and also in the dental sector.

Ceramics, chemicals, silicon

Microblast or Zirblast are meant here and they are used for very large aluminum surfaces.


For the fine-shine: Removes metal oxides and can roughen soft materials. But also polishes hard materials.

Quartz, Feldspar

Quartz sand or petroleum coke is widely used in the glass industry and in precision engineering.

# Preview Products Rating Price
1 25 kg of blasting medium, 0,2-0,5 mm 25 kg blasting abrasive, 0,2-0,5 mm* Currently no reviews 19,99 €
2 25 KG blasting media beam master 0,2-0,8 mm from Samore GmbH 25 KG blasting media beam master 0,2-0,8 mm from Samore GmbH * Currently no reviews 18,99 €
3 Strahlmaster 0,1-0,4 mm sandblasting abrasive Strahlmaster 0,1-0,4 mm sandblasting abrasive* Currently no reviews 18,99 €
4 STEAG Asilikos blasting agent 0,2-0,5mm, 25 kg STEAG Asilikos abrasive 0,2-0,5mm, 25 kg * Currently no reviews 15,95 €
5 25 kg glass beads blasting medium 200-300 µm 25 kg glass beads blasting medium 200-300 µm* 76 reviews 44,99 €

Protective equipment sandblasting

You should always protect yourself and your health, but also that of your surroundings and that of the environment. Well, some things cannot be avoided. Nevertheless, on:

you shouldn't do without.

What to consider when buying sandblasting equipment

Which criteria are now important for you?

  • Which work and which materials should the sandblasting machine be able to process?
  • Does the device support the preferred sandblasting agent?
  • Is it compatible with the compressor?
  • Is the sandblasting device easy to clean?
  • Size and weight: right for you?
  • Is the device quiet enough or not too loud?
  • How much area can you clean with the device?
  • Can you buy the right accessories for you?
  • What do the other users and the comments say?
  • Is the container size sufficient for you and your work?
  • Is the air hose sufficient for you and your work area?
  • How much money do you want to spend?

Size and weight can play a role for you, even if you want to use the device around your house. And the volume cannot be insignificant either - the neighbors could complain if you don't live all alone in the hallway.

Advantages and disadvantages of sandblasting equipment

Do you only have work to do every now and then or do you consider having your own device? Here we show you the advantages and disadvantages of a sandblasting device:

Advantage sandblasting device

✔ You can remove rust and paint from wood and metal
✔ Sandblasters work very effectively
✔ Also clean stubborn dirt
✔ Fast results included
✔ Versatile use
✔ For private and corporate
✔ Lots of accessories and
✔ Various sandblasting agents available

Disadvantage sandblasting device

✘ A compressor should not be missing in most cases
✘ It takes a bit of practice and knowledge to be able to use a sandblasting device really well
✘ Good, high-quality devices cost a lot of money (with a compressor)

Conclusion: sandblasting device

A sandblasting device is practical and can be used in many ways. All you need is a device of your choice, a compressor, protective equipment and the right sandblasting agent. Then you can start: remove the ugly paint residues from the fence, remove rust, deburr or roughen up - the possibilities are almost unlimited.

Do your thing and do it yourself. Sure, you have to pay attention to a few subtleties, but especially when you have your own house, there is always something to do, right? Or you decide to start your own business. Because if you have to sandblast your machine parts, this can be expensive in the long run. Even then, it is worth buying your own sandblaster.

Find in the Top🔟 the best & best-selling sandblasting equipment products 2023 on Honest Tests

Great🔟🔥Offers🔥 🆕Online
1. Top seller
Sandblasting cabin, 220 l*
  • Heavy steel construction, a door on the right side.
  • Transparent viewing window.
  • Cabin for removing rust, traces of corrosion and paint from larger components; prevents dust from getting onto the floor or into the air...
2. Top seller
Mobile sandblaster Sandblasting 38L Mobile sandblasting device...*
  • Mobile sandblaster 38L
  • Air requirement: 400-700 l/min
  • with pressure gauge
3. Top seller
Sandblasting device 38L compressed air sandblaster sandblasting device +...*
  • Compressed air sandblaster 38L + 8 nozzles CARMAX
  • Efficient - no more annoying refilling thanks to the 19 l container
  • Powerful – high compressed air output of up to 8,6 bar
- € 2,184. Top seller
Compressed air sandblasting gun + 25 kg blasting material *
  • WD Tools sandblasting guns can be used for finishing a wide range of materials.
  • Specially designed for removing rust and paint from small areas, such as at joints, edges or other hard-to-reach...
  • Also suitable for cleaning stones & concrete, such as on the terrace or in the wall area.
5. Top seller
Mobile sandblasting device with suction - 80 liters of sandblasting...*
  • The sandblasting machine has been equipped with a suction device so that the abrasive can be collected and reused
  • The hose from the boiler to the gun is 2,5 meters long.
  • Recommended surfaces: aluminium, steel, wood, polyester
- € 20,006. Top seller
Arebos sandblasting cabin 90 liters | including blast gun with 4 ... *
  • [HIGH-QUALITY PROCESSING] The AREBOS sandblasting cabin is made of high-quality steel and is therefore extremely robust and durable. With a...
  • [EVERYTHING IN VIEW] The viewing window is made of resistant acrylic glass measuring 48,5 x 39 cm, for which you also have 5 replacement foils ...
  • [APPLICATION AREA] The sandblasting cabin is ideal for processing small and medium-sized parts. It can be used universally...
7. Top seller
Sandblasting device sandblasting cabin sandblaster 90L*
  • This sandblaster removes rust, corrosion, surface paint, scratches and casting marks
  • Benchtop sandblasting cabinet with a capacity of 90 liters with a powder-coated steel surface and a transparent...
  • Use with dry abrasives such as glass beads, quartz sand and aluminum oxide
8. Top seller
MSW mobile sandblasting device sandblasting system sandblaster...*
  • no more annoying refilling thanks to the 76 l container
  • high compressed air output of up to 9 bar
  • 2,5 m long heavy-duty hose
- € 2,579. Top seller
Yato YT-2375 YT Sandblaster*
  • Hose length: 1 m
  • Weight: 1025 g
  • compressed air
10. Top seller
Compressed air sandblasting gun, sandblasting device incl. blasting sand -...*
  • sandblasting gun with 1000ml suction cup sandblasting; Suitable for blasting metal and paint and varnish to remove old paint or...
  • Nozzle (standard diameter): 6,0 mm
  • max.air pressure: 3 bar must be applied - the air throughput is more important
- € 2,18Packages
Sandblasting Gun, Air Sandblasting Tool, Portable...
Sandblasting Gun, Air Sandblasting Tool, Portable...*

✔️ Large Capacity --- Tank capacity: 510ml.

Sandblaster sandblasting device Sandblaster professional sandblasting cabin...
Sandblaster sandblasting device sandblaster professional sandblasting cabin...*
Sandblasting cabin 220 liters for all gastronomy; Ideal for refreshing metal parts; Sandblasting gun with 4...

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