Retrofitting sound insulation for doors

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12 m seal strip foam tape seal strip door window draft exclusion EPDM tape self-adhesive seal strip for soundproofing against wind noise (black)

If you want to retrofit sound insulation for doors, there are several options. The basic prerequisite for ensuring that the sound cannot penetrate the door from the outside is that the closing surfaces are well sealed. A sealing tape for door and window surfaces is suitable for this. Tesa Moll achieved a high level of awareness for such seals.

With this highly flexible silicone seal it is possible up to Save 40% of your heating costs, of course, that always depends on the condition of the building. The weather and energy costs also play a role here. The self-adhesive sealing strips are suitable for a column width of 1-7 mm. Thanks to their self-adhesive properties, the seals from Tesa-Moll are easy to attach. Such silicone seals not only protect against cold drafts, but also against noise and dust.

12M Seal Strip Foam Tape Seal Strip Door Window Draft Exclusion EPDM Tape Self-Adhesive Sealing Strips for Sound Wind Noise Proof (Black)informationinformationSealing Tape for Doors, 16 Meters Doors Seal D-Profile Rubber Gasket Window Gaps Self-Adhesive Door Seals Rubber Gasket Against Cold Drafts, Noise (2 Rolls) (16M, Black)informationBubble foam self-adhesive 200x100x3cm acoustic sound insulation XXl topinformationNoico Black 2 mm 3.4 sqm self-adhesive aluminum butyl anti-drumming insulation mat, car insulation (noise protection, sound insulation and sound insulation for vehicles)information12 m sealing tape for doors, door seal, self-adhesive window seal, window anti-collision rubber foam seal strip, sound insulation (D-white)information
High quality nubbed foam in professional quality suitable for optimal sound insulation.Not only are you purchasing an excellent quality product, but you are also saving more than 20% compared to competing products. Benefit from our optimal and most cost-effective solution...★ Length: Total 12M, one roll of 3M, can be divided into two seals, a total of two rolls (3M X 2seal X 2 rolls = 12M).
The convoluted foam filters a large frequency spectrum and offers efficient sound insulation. This technical sound insulation foam can be used for all frequency ranges.We are now offering the material that is 1,5 times stronger, which ensures 1,5 times more efficient vehicle insulation and anti-drumming. Noico 2 mm offers 1,5 times better performance than ...★ Seals well, adhesive strength is very good.
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Soundproofing for doors

On the other hand, there are also rubber room door seals that are simply pressed into the existing door gap or into the door frame. Such high quality Rubber seals made of TPE material are characterized by excellent thermoplastic processing, good resilience and particularly high flexibility and elasticity at low temperatures. Such seals are usually already built into modern doors, but they can also be retrofitted. The rubber seals are self-adhesive and available in different shapes and colors. This is the first step towards one Retrofit sound insulation for doors to be able to.

One more higher insulation effect can through the Upholstery of the door can be achieved. It is important to distinguish between doors whose door leaf hits the frame and those whose leaf is partially covered by the frame. With the first type, the sound insulation can be applied over the entire area up to the door edges. With the second type, the course of the frame must be marked on the leaf before the door is unhooked. That is the limit for noise protection, otherwise the door would no longer close.

Install the soundproofing for doors

To retrofit sound insulation for doors, it is a good way to get ready-made door insulation. Such finished sets made of imitation leather contain everything you need to insulate your door. With this door panel you can achieve a pleasant and warm atmosphere in your office, hallway or room. Whether private conversations, loud music or other noises will no longer be so audible for the neighbors. These claddings have the advantage that all work materials such as fastening nails or cover tape nails are included. Assembly instructions are also included.

The first thing to do is to unhook the door and place it horizontally on a suitable surface at working height. After removing the handle set, the door leaf is completely covered with the insulating material. The material may need to be attached to the door with glue. The material used must not be nailed, as the soundproofing effect would be lost at the nail points. The soundproofing is to be left out at the seat of the door handle. Before covering with leather, imitation leather or fabric, the sharp edges of the door must be broken with some sandpaper so that the material does not report or leave such places. Synthetic leather upholstery on a textile carrier material is particularly suitable for covering.

It is very hard-wearing and easy to work with, the synthetic leather or fabric is first attached to the upper edge with nails and then stretched downwards and also tacked on. The side fastening is done in the same way. For doors with a leaf that hits the frame, the final fastening is done with wide head or decorative nails. These nails are to be driven into the outer edges of the door. For the other type of door, the cover material must be fastened with decorative nails along the marked lines.

Acoustic foam as noise protection

If you do not want to use a ready-made set for soundproofing your door, you can use acoustic foam mats. The mats are often made of self-adhesive PUR foam (is also Convoluted foam called polyurethane). So you don't need any extra glue. The processing is quite simple. All you need is a good Stanley knife or scissors and a ruler to cut the foam.

Such mats can also be ideal for walls in living areas, cars or buses. The areas of application are very diverse here. Maybe you know it when background noises from the living room disturb the children or vice versa. These mats put an end to annoying noises once and for all. It can also be installed in technical devices to reduce running noises, for example from motors.

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  1. I tried that with the sound absorber mats. Soundproofing a door afterwards requires a little manual skill. The result, however, is excellent. I can recommend using these self-adhesive mats.

  2. You write that the sound would not penetrate from the outside to the inside. However, I am particularly interested in ensuring that our living noises do not penetrate through the front door to the outside. Would the protection be just as suitable for this?

    • The protection is just as suitable for this. It just depends on which side of the door the soundproofing is installed on. In your case, the soundproofing is then installed on the inside of the door.


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