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How to Keep Your Keys Safe Outside and Inside

If you want your keys to be stored safely, you can either pay a security service to store them or buy a key safe. Not all safes are the same. Or rather safe. One must be protected from the weather, the other is kept indoors. There are various options to choose from. With a combination lock, a key combination or even a fingerprint. There are different designs for both inside and outside, which make the safe as such only recognizable at second glance. We have the advantages and disadvantages of the individual safes, where to buy them best and the different options in this little one Guide compiled. – Key safe bestseller 2024: The best and most popular in the top 10 comparison | Honest Tests

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Key safe bestsellers 2024: The best and most popular in the top 10 comparison | Honest tests – in comparison

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299,00 €Check price15,99 €124,90 €35,70 €Check price27,50 €60,59 €98,59 €Check price
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How safe is a key safe?

The times when you have to hide your spare key under a flowerpot so that someone else or you can find it in case of emergency, are thank God over. Not only because there are now very good and budget-friendly alternatives, but also because most crooks know about such tricks. The times are not safer. So it may mean: upgrade. If you do not want to risk annoyance with the insurance, you should also think about it.
But not only the second key, which wants to be housed safely, sometimes it is also necessary to make a key accessible to different people. Again, a key safe is gladly used.
The demands have increased and thus the relevance of security. A safe, no matter what is in it, is not a safe when it is easy to overcome. First of all, there is the material that he has to insist on. Solid metal. The safe should neither be easy to lever open nor easy to crack. If you want to be sure, you have to look for a safe that meets the so-called resistance levels. The higher the degree, the more difficult the departure.
The safe should not have externally visible screws, larger openings or the like. The smoother the surface, the less attack surface the safe offers.

What are the options?

A safe, whether for inside or outside, in the garden or in the house, must always have high-quality material processing. There must be no levers that can be attached and the safe must behave so quietly when codes are entered manually, for example, that nothing can be heard. If this is the case, you can develop the personal characteristics that you like.
So it is first to distinguish between the mechanical, such as the electrical locking systems.
For example, mechanical means you can set the code that opens the safe with a gear. Advantages and disadvantages also arise here. The advantage is that no power is needed. Disadvantage may be that the code is audible.
In the electronic models, where the code is entered using a combination of numbers, this cannot be heard. But you need a constant power source, unless they can be opened with an emergency key. - which in turn has disadvantages! There are also models that can be opened with a fingerprint.
Here you have to decide how safe such a safe should be. And where he finds application.
Most widespread are probably the models that can be anchored in the wall. Again, if you do not have a stable option, the whole safe will not help.
The key safe is available in various sizes. But not only that makes itself felt in the price. The requirements for the safe itself also increase with the price and the locking system itself. Many safes, which are electronically secured, still have a security key, with which one can approach the content of the emergency.

Advantages and disadvantages of a key safe

The benefits are basically clear. A secure safe protects the content from unauthorized access. Several persons who are entitled can conveniently contact the keys. The disadvantage that results from this is merely that a key safe, whether indoor or outdoor or on the property, is often recognized as such. Also to be considered is the installation and the visibility. Anyone who enters a code by hand and can be watched, it does not help.
In general, it can also be said that the higher quality safes offer better protection.

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Where to buy a key safe best

Cheap models are available from as little as 20 Euro. These too are made of solid steel and have safety features. If that is not enough, because he has received appropriate conditions from the insurance, or who would like to see his property better secured, he also has the opportunity to look around in various specialty stores offering special safety technology. Here you will also quickly find what certain resistance levels. Especially those who do not know or do not know exactly what is right for them, are well advised in the hands of professionals.
People who know exactly what they want and need, will surely find the right one on the Internet. For just a few keys or a whole battery - even in the network there are according to DIN standard key safes, which are also accepted by insurance, for example.
If you need to attach your safe outside, please be careful when selecting the safe that the flap that opens to enter the code must be weatherproof.
Particular care should be taken to ensure that the material is thick and provides sufficient protection. There must be no levers or screws, these are weak points. The number combination must not be "raisable", many combinations must be possible and the anchoring must not be torn from the wall.


A safe is not safe if it can not bring the requirements that it has to bring with it for safety. But the market has the right answer for every need. So they are all made of steel, have a device for a code or key, whether mechanical or electronic. Still, there are a few things to keep in mind. Thus, the safe must be securely attached and it must be protected against the inspection of unauthorized persons. If you have found the right system, which may also be accepted by an insurance company, you have made good provision for a key safe. Whether inside the house, outside in the garden or on the property. The different sizes and possibilities offer a lot of scope for your own, as well as for the security concerns. So a key safe can serve well.

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