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Pressure cooker instructions. Several food components can be cooked at the same time in a very short time in a pressure cooker. The is also for waking up Pressure cooker suitable. You will have a dish made from potatoes, meat and vegetables after just 30 minutes. You can also boil down in the pressure cooker and it saves a lot of time. There are instructions below for boiling down in a pressure cooker.

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In the pressure cooker, which is actually a Pressure cooker there are several inserts on top of each other. The food with the longest cooking time is placed on the lower tray, followed by the middle one and then the one with the shortest cooking time.

To prepare a dish consisting of pork knuckle (30 minutes), sauerkraut (8 minutes) and boiled potatoes (8 minutes), you need a total of 30 minutes of cooking time. First the pork knuckle is placed on the lower insert and cooked for 22 minutes with the lid closed.

Then, according to the pressure cooker instructions, the lid is opened and you put the sauerkraut in the middle insert and the boiled potatoes on the upper one. With the lid closed, it will cook for another 8 minutes and the finished dish can be served.

Few vitamins are lost

The pressure cooker instructions say that despite the high temperatures in the pressure cooker, fewer vitamins are lost due to the short cooking times than less high temperatures but correspondingly longer cooking times. The hermetically sealed lid largely preserves the flavoring of the food. The short cooking times also save you energy. A pressure cooker is available in stores in sizes 1,5 Lieter, 5 Lieter (one to two people), 7 Lieter (up to six people) and 9 Lieter (up to eight people).

Fruit and vegetables can be cooked in pressure cookers of sizes seven and 9 liters (see Preserving - Preserving). It is also possible to juice fruit with the pressure cooker. Because of its popularity and practicality, manufacturers are constantly working on the functionality and safety of pressure cookers. A latch in the lid prevents, for example, the opening of the pot when it is under pressure. A bayonet lock with five lugs on the pot and lid ensures that the pressure of the steam is evenly distributed.

Pressure cooker cooking times

the cooking times in the pressure cooker are specified slightly differently by the individual manufacturers. At this point, however, from my own experience, I can give you a rough overview of the cooking times in a pressure cooker.

Boiled potatoes in a pressure cooker take approx. 8 minutes, vegetables on average approx. 7 minutes, the cooking time for pork knuckle is only 30 minutes, a roast mutton is ready in 20 minutes and a chicken in 25 minutes.From the operating instructions for your pressure cooker you can find the correct cooking times. A guideline here can be that you save approx. 50% in time and energy.

Suitable for all types of stoves

For electric, gas, glass ceramic and induction hobs are Pressure Cookers suitable. It is also worth mentioning that escaping vapors are largely reduced, thus also reducing the odor nuisance. A particular advantage for smaller apartments. The dishes from a pressure cooker taste more aromatic than from traditional pots. All pots are equipped with a practical handle that allows them to be carried safely and reduces the risk of burns.

A perfect investment for everyone who values ​​a healthy, balanced diet and has little time in everyday life. The best thing about it: the side dishes are not only healthy, they also taste nice and crisp and fresh!

Pressure cooker instructions

The operating instructions for pressure cookers can be found on the manufacturer's website. The instructions are mostly available for download in PDF format. You can find the instructions for the products offered here at Tefal customer service. On the Tefal website there are not only the operating instructions for the pressure cooker, but also for all other products offered by Tefal, for example for cookware and kitchen utensils.

Safety instructions for pressure cookers

Never put your pressure cooker in a hot oven. A pressure cooker that is under pressure should only be moved very carefully. Do not touch the hot surfaces (especially the metal parts). Use the pot handles and knobs. Use gloves if necessary. Check regularly that the pot handles are properly attached. If necessary, retighten the screws on the pot handles. Use your pressure cooker only for its intended purpose. Your pressure cooker cooks under pressure. Improper use can cause scalds.

Make sure that the pressure cooker is properly closed before using it. See chapter "Close". Make sure that the cooking regulator is in the "Steam off" position and that the pressure indicator has dropped before you open the pressure cooker. Never use force to open the pressure cooker. Make sure that it is no longer under pressure.

Never use your pressure cooker without liquid, this will seriously damage it. Make sure that there is always enough liquid available during cooking. Only use suitable hotplates and hobs in accordance with the operating instructions. Never prepare milk-based recipes in your pressure cooker. Do not use coarse salt in your pressure cooker. After cooking, add fine salt.(This information is without guarantee)

Preserving in the pressure cooker instructions

Pressure cooker instructions

If you do not want to boil down large quantities, a pressure cooker is very suitable for this. You will save an enormous amount of time here. For example, if you usually need up to 90 minutes for vegetables in a canner, it only takes about 10 minutes in a pressure cooker.However, this requires a pressure cooker with a capacity of 7 to 9 liters. Use industrial jars for boiling, these are more suitable than the widely used grooved jars, screw jars are also possible. You can preserve a larger amount by using the industrial jars. Instructions for boiling down in a pressure cooker are given below.

After you have closed the jars with spring clips, you can put them directly in the pressure cooker. The use of a sieve insert is an advantage here. Depending on the size of the Pressure cooker Fill in half a liter to 1 liter of water. The fill level of the water should be about half the height of the glass.

Close your pressure cooker according to the instructions and switch on the heat source. The cooking time can be found below for the respective food and starts when the level or ring on the pressure cooker valve has been reached.

The cooking levels or temperatures and boiling time listed are especially for the pressure cooker.

  • Tender berries: level or ring one 5 min
  • Other berries: level or ring 1-8 min
  • Pre-cooked jam and jam: level or ring one 1- 2 min
  • Stone fruit and pome fruit: level or ring one 10-12 min
  • Pickled vegetables: level or ring one 10 min
  • Vegetables: level or ring two 25-30 min
  • Meat and sausage products: level or ring two 25 min

When boiling down with the pressure cooker, particular care must be taken that the pressure cooker must neither be cooled down under running water nor steamed off after the prescribed boiling time. The reason for this is that the glasses come under overpressure when they are boiled down in the pressure cooker. If you cool the pot under running water or if you steam it off (as with other dishes) the glasses will not cool down as quickly. When the pressure cooker is opened, the contents of the glasses are then squeezed out by the excess pressure that is still present. So you then have the fruit or vegetables from the glasses in the cooking water of the pressure cooker.

After the prescribed boiling time, place the pot next to the heating plate until the steam pressure has subsided and the valve no longer shows anything according to the regulations. In this way, the remaining overpressure can be reduced evenly. This can take up to half an hour for the pressure cooker to cool down. Only then can you remove the glasses. In the case of glasses with spring clips, these remain taut until the glasses are completely cold. This is my Instructions for boiling down in a pressure cooker.

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