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Glow Neon Party Supplies, 98,4 Feet 6 Rolls UV Black Light Reactive Luminous Ribbon, 28,9 Feet 2 Neon Paper Garland, LET'S GLOW Banner 10 Star Hanging Swirls, 25 Fluorescent Balloon
54 Pieces Luminous Party Supplies, Including 57,8 Feet Black Light Neon Star and Circle Dots Paper Garland Banner Hanging Decorations, 50 Pieces 10 Inch Reactive Fluorescent Neon Balloons
Eventlights 20 NEON long drink cups 250 ml - reusable UV light cups - black light party cups
UV black light, NIPEECO 72W 36 LEDs UV Par Lights DMX with remote control stage light for party, bar, stage, Christmas, Halloween, wedding
Blacklight Party Balloon UV Blacklight Reactive Balloon Neon Fluorescent Glow Party Balloon 12 Inch Colorful Latex Balloon for Blacklight Party, Birthday, Wedding Accessories, 5 Colors (100 Pieces)

»Kitchen, household & living


»Kitchen, household & living

»Musical instruments & DJ equipment


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  • Package Contents: The neon party supplies set contains 6 rolls of UV black light reactive tapes (16,4 feet long per roll), 1 piece 8,2 feet LET'S GLOW paper banner, 1 piece 14,4 feet neon paper circle dot garland, 1 piece 14,4 , 10 foot neon paper star garland, 29,5 pieces 25 inch long star hanging swirl decorations, 10 pieces black light reactive fluorescent balloons (XNUMX inches each), enough quantity to do your project well
  • UV black light reactive tape: The luminous tapes have 6 different colors, such as red, blue, purple, yellow, etc. The UV black light reactive material makes them visible and bright under black light, so they are good for decorating walls and floors, windows , Dance floor, furniture and even clothes to enhance your party decorations. This tape is designed to last as long as necessary and won't leave any sticky smudges on most surfaces.
  • Neon Paper Garlands: We offer you 3 types of neon paper garlands including LET'S GLOW banner, circle dot garland and star garland, 10-piece star decorations in 5 colors.These paper garlands are durable and can be hung on walls, trees, tables, windows or doors as a background for different parties will. This creates a dazzling atmosphere and makes your party decorations impressive
  • Neon Fluorescent Balloons: These neon fluorescent balloons are made of high quality latex, are non-toxic and durable, safe to use and can be inflated with helium. The balloons also have 5 different vibrant colors including pink, orange, yellow, green and blue. nice additions that will be a hit at any party or event and add extra fun to your parties
  • Glow Under Black Light: These glowing party items look bright in daylight, but glow under black light and glow amazingly to create a pretty fluorescent effect for your parties that is suitable for most occasions, such as: B. for black light parties, neon parties, birthdays and weddings, grow party, stage decoration, carnival, dance party or wherever bright neon colors are needed
  • Package Information: You will get 2 pieces of Neon Circle Dots paper garland with about 45 pieces of waffles, 2 pieces of Neon Star garlands with about 40 pieces of five-pointed stars, 50 pieces of neon fluorescent balloons in 5 colors, enough quantity to decorate your parties and they will sure to be a big hit at any neon theme or glow party
  • Neon Paper Garlands: 2 types of neon paper garlands for you including the circle dot garlands and star garlands. All are made of high quality neon paper in bright colors, are durable and easy to carry. You can put them on walls, trees, tables, windows or doors to create a dazzling atmosphere for your parties; Size: The circle dot garland measures approximately 14,4 feet long and the round wafer is approximately 5 cm / 2 inches in diameter, the star garland is 14,4 feet long and j
  • Neon Fluorescent Balloons: These fluorescent balloons are made of latex material, safe and reliable material, non-harmful and sturdy to use. Our balloons have 5 different neon colors including pink, yellow, green, orange and blue. You have a choice of many colors to decorate your parties; Size: Our fluorescent balloons can be filled with helium and measure approximately 10 inches in diameter when fully inflated
  • Glow under black light: These neon paper garlands and latex balloons look bright in daylight, but glow under black light and are fluorescent under UV light to create a romantic atmosphere for your parties - a practical solution for added fun and great decor
  • Suitable Occasions: The Neon Party Accessory Set is great for black light parties, neon parties, birthdays, glow parties, weddings, dance parties, Christmas parties, baby showers, New Year celebrations, carnivals, stage decorations and other happy events
  • BLACK LIGHT: Great lighting effect in black light / UV light / black light / fluorescent party glasses ✓ Perfect for bars, disco, neon parties, black light parties, carnival ✓ NEON COLORS: Luminous NEON colors even in daylight.
  • CUP SONG: Ideal for the cup song ("When I'm Gone"): Fantastic glow effect in black light!
  • CHILDREN'S BIRTHDAY: Colorful plastic cups are harmless and inspire every child with their neon color. A black light lamp lights up the water glasses or juice glasses and makes the celebration unforgettable. Safety plus: There are no broken glass if the drinking cups fall down.
  • SCOPE OF DELIVERY: 20 reusable cups x 250ml in a set ✓ DIMENSIONS of the neon cups: Height: 120 mm / diameter: 65 mm - NEON COLORS: NEON-pink, NEON-green, NEON-yellow, NEON-blue ✓ Plastic cups: polystyrene ✓ Reusable ✓ Dishwasher Safe ✓ Food Safe Drinking Glasses ✓ Made in Europe ✓
  • SECRET TIP: Mix quinine-containing ingredients into your long drinks for ingenious black light effects, these intensify the LIGHT EFFECT (tonic water or bitter lemon). Serve a Kölsch in a glowing plastic glass during carnival, use the glowing glasses as decoration in the party room or use them as cocktail glasses or for a fun drinking game.
  • 【Flexible design】 The UV stage light can easily switch the lighting mode using a wireless remote control and can also be easily controlled by any type of DMX controller.
  • 【Five control modes】 1. DMX mode 2. Voice control 3. Remote control 4. Master-slave 5. Automatic. The DMX512 control system is more professional and can control more than 2 UV black lights at the same time.
  • 【Six lighting modes】 The ultraviolet light has six effects: strobe mode; static color mode; Fade in and fade out mode; automatic mode; DMX mode; Sound activation mode.
  • 【High quality performance】 Aluminum and PVC materials make the black light more durable. 36 high-quality LED lamp beads, 36x2W ultra-long power, service life up to 50.000 hours.
  • 【Portable and applicable】 360 ° adjustable bracket, easy to install. The UV black lights are suitable for churches, family celebrations, schools, art performances, discos, DJ shows, Christmas, Halloween.
  • Enough amount to decorate: The package contains 100 pieces of black light party balloons, enough amount to decorate your parties. Size: The balloons measure approximately 12 inches when fully inflated, the right size that can be combined to create a happy atmosphere
  • Black light reactive: Our neon fluorescent party balloons are available in 5 different colors, including pink, orange, yellow, green and blue. They are neon colored in normal light, but shine incredibly bright in black light. Nice decorations to brighten up the atmosphere of your celebration
  • DURABLE FOR LONG-LASTING FUN: These UV black light reactive balloons are made of high quality latex material that is durable, odorless, safe to use, and can be inflated with air or helium. They will last a long time if you tighten the air inlet at the moment the balloon is finished inflating
  • Amaze your guests: Since the colorful latex balloons can glow under black light, you can use them to decorate your parties and give your guests a surprise when they enter the room. These colors are eye catching and bring amazing visual effect to people and help create romantic atmosphere, children and adults will love them so much
  • Make Your Parties Memorable: The Reaction Black Balloons are colorful additions to black light parties, carnivals, baby showers, bridal showers, weddings, birthday parties and wherever bright neon colors are a must, you can use them to decorate dance floors or transform a simple room in a dreamy place
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Topseller 6
Fluorescent neon tape 6 rolls, KANOSON ...
251 Reviews
Fluorescent neon tape 6 rolls, KANOSON ... *
  • ✨6 pieces of fluorescent tape: One roll ...
  • ✨Easy to Remove: This UV tape is easy and safe to ...
  • ✨Safety Tip Tape: With fluorescent tape, you can ...
  • ✨Usage: Made from our neon cotton, it is ...
Topseller 7
HOLDLAMP black light tube UV LED black light lamp DMX512 ...
1 Reviews
HOLDLAMP black light tube UV LED black light lamp DMX512 ... *
  • ✨ 【UV black light】 The HOLDLAMP black light uses a ...
  • ✨ 【Working mode】 Black light has different working modes ....
  • ✨ 【DMX / remote control】 LED black light supports the ...
  • ✨ 【Suitable for several occasions】 This stage light is suitable ...
Topseller 8
PSYWORK 6-pack 50g black light wool neon mixed
312 Reviews
PSYWORK 6-pack 50g black light wool neon mixed *
  • Wool in the neon colors orange, pink, yellow, red, green and white
  • with fluorescent effect, shine fantastically under ...
  • the white yarn then appears in a great bluish ...
  • convince with unbelievable charisma and therefore captivate ...
Topseller 9
Onforu 5M UV LED Strip, black light strip with power supply, ...
1.024 Reviews
Onforu 5M UV LED Strip, black light strip with power supply, ... *
  • 【HIGH QUALITY】 This 5M black light LED strip lights ...
  • 【SAFE AND EASY TO USE】 The working voltage of the LED ...
  • 【SELF-ADHESIVE & CUTABLE】 The UV LED strip can not only ...
  • 【WIDE APPLICATION】 The 5 meter UV LED strip works ...
Topseller 10
Lictin UV Bodypainting 8 colors 6 children's make-up glitter ...
1 Reviews
Lictin UV Bodypainting 8 colors 6 children's make-up glitter ... *
  • Black light make-up color lights up: children's make-up shines ...
  • Body painting is safe and non-toxic: Lictin children's make-up ...
  • 8 colors 6 glitter make-up: Lictin UV Bodypainting has 8 types ...
  • Perfect black light make-up set: Children's make-up set fulfills ...
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