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Shape Shake - design, shape, form with a shake. Is that possible? The new cult drink from the areas of fitness, weight loss and sport is landing in more and more mouths and stomachs. The fairly young company is breaking new ground. Pasture milk instead of normal milk. Chicory root to fill you up and the sweetness of the stevia plant. What are the differences now? How do you prepare the drink? What flavors is it available in? We took a look at the Berlin company and pay attention to the new trend. - Shake Shape Top 10

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Who are Shake Shape?

Behind the Shake Shape product are two guys, Tobi and Philipp, who launched 2013 with the company Foodspring and since then reissued the dusty protein shakes with innovation, quality and continuous development. Shake Shape is just a product, they have much more to offer. The Berlin-based company is young, but has done very well so far and is an integral part of a community that not only looks after its body, but also looks after its taste and background.

What does the protein powder consist of?

The slimming shakes have three solid ingredients:

  • Proteins from New Zealand pasture milk
  • Fiber from the root of chicory
  • rounded off with stevia

The body needs proteins in order to make solid connective tissue and also musculature. The fiber provides a long-lasting feeling of satiety and the Stevia plant produces a healthy sweetness. Milk from New Zealand. Why? The company claims to have made agreements with the local farmers. The cows there are over 90% out, eating healthy herbs in healthy air, and are not high performance dairy cows, as in our home barn. They give an average of 11 instead of 20 liters of milk a day. The chicory has been decided because the file "soy" is ambiguous. Soy is often genetically engineered and not healthy in the long run, say critics. Also not very environmentally friendly. The healthy plus in soybean is often eaten by industrial production. Bad luck for the soy, good for the chicory. It can be grown sustainably and is free of biosynthetic hormones and additives. Stevia is an extremely sweet plant and it takes only a very small part to use as a sweetener. The industrially produced sugar is not healthy, we know. The turnip is a bit of a disrepute and the chemical sweetener anyway. Stevia is just right.


Veggy are all shakes, vegan not. For those who want to do without the animal in the food completely, but Foodspring has released its own series. Here comes the protein from pea, hemp, rice and sunflower. All great protein donors, these vegan shakes from Foodspring!

Are the drinks suitable for the diet?

Yes. In order to be able to successfully carry out a diet, one needs a minus on the kilocalories account at the end of the day. The shape shakes are made possible by the high fiber content of the chicory root and the egg white from the pasture milk. The sweetness comes from the stevia plant. It takes more than a serving of peas for the perfect bodywork out of which you do not run out of energy. That's why in a prepared shake whopping 70% protein. 6,7% carbohydrates and only 111 kcal later, the stomach is busy for a long time and has neat food for the muscles. An average meal, if you are on a diet, has round about 300- 500 kcal. If you replace it with a shake, you will loose 400 kcal. This allows a minus to reach the feed account faster. Anyone who does sport will be more muscular. They also want to be fed. A self-runner in things slim and a great fitness drink on top of that.

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111 kcal per shake, 11 varieties. Here are the magic protein powders:

  • Coco Crisp
  • Raspberry
  • Neutral / li>
  • vanilla
  • Chocolate
  • erdbeere
  • banana
  • Mango
  • hazelnut
  • Coffee
  • caramel


The basic recipe is 3 tablespoon powder mixed with 300 ml liquid. Depending on what you add, this results in:


The most economical version, but also the most unkempt. Water is zero kcal and tastes like nothing. The taste of the shake is dictated fundamentally downwards. It also does not want to be frothy and is rather something for people who swap enjoyment through effectiveness.

cow's milk

Cow's milk is the creamy and foaming variety, perhaps the most common. The liquid stays at home with the powder. Here, however, an increased nutrient intake is to be included in terms of fat and kilocalories.

Plants - milk

Some suggest mixing the different proteins. Pasture milk meets plant milk. Which this is, lies at the discretion of the consumer. Almond milk is a bit sweeter, rice milk is more watery, soy milk is rather firm and apart from the rice milk, these milk varieties sometimes have a rather high taste in their own right. Just put the whole thing in the shaker and mix well that the powder can mix completely. Already ready for the protein enjoyment.

What you should consider when buying

You can use the Shape Shake to lose weight. You can integrate it into your bodyworkout. You can also make it part of your life. Protein powders always go when life is exhausting because not only does our muscles need protein and the proteins they contain, our nerves also need it to stay strong. A shake with stress does not hurt either. Maybe he even relaxes when you know that you're doing something especially good with it. Only buy original foodspring shakes if you want to get the most out of the ingredients. The powders are also great in the combo package, where a shaker is already there. Also tasting packages, with several flavors are now and again on offer. Also whole starter sets. If you are looking for bargains, you will also find it on the net. You do not know exactly if you want to try the Foodspring Shake Shake? Read the diverse user opinions and reviews. It's also easier here, if you are not quite sure about the choice of flavors.

Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages and disadvantages, of course, always have such a radical change.


➶ 11 different flavors - there is something for everyone

➶ usually there is a handy Skaker right next to it

➶ easy on the go

➶ easy application

➶ delicious in many different liquids like milk, water, vegetable milk etc.


➴ not as cheap as "normal" protein powder


Healthy Weight Loss, Muscle and Nerve Healthy Feeding, just do something good for the body. With Shake Shape you have 11 delicious tastes on the shelf that make it all possible. You can just replace a meal with a shake. The proteins, fiber and proteins contained in the protein powder fill you up for a long time. The sweetie donates the stevia plant. 111Kilocalories per shake is a good way to say it, even if you exchange the cake with it. Fresh pasture milk from New Zealand and chicory make the drink not only from the ingredients, but also in terms of taste to something special.

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