Slate slabs | Serving and decorating with slate plates


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Slate slabs | Serving and decorating with slate plates

Elegant black slate plates

If you like to decorate or prepare food, you can deal with slate plates. Slates for food porn or food blogs look very good. You have probably seen sushi on beautiful black slate plates. Here you get my impression of it.

What are slates exactly?

Slate is a natural product!

Slate is created through heat, pressure and movement. The confluence of masses of clay sludge and pressure applied to the surface solidified the clay stone. The later formation of the mountains contributed to the fact that the slate looks like we know it today through lateral pressure. High-quality, platelet-shaped minerals have been created by crystallizing under pressure from geothermal energy. As a result, the original clay rock has experienced new structures, the foliation can still be observed in today's rocks after several 1000 years.

** If you want to learn more about the formation of shale and its different species, we recommend this Slate Post.**

Slate tiles from BonAura 

BonAura® ARDESIA set of 6 slates 20x30cm - slate...
# Preview Products Rating Price
1 BonAura® ARDESIA set of 6 slates 20x30cm - slate... BonAura® ARDESIA set of 6 slates 20x30cm - slate...* 853 reviews 19,45 €

You can get the slate from Amazon and have natural edges. When used, these give the dish or your ideas a noble, elegant and quiet appearance. 

The slate plates from the 6 set are versatile.

- as serving plates for starters, main dishes or desserts

- as a plate coaster

- for decorative designs or placemats

The slate plates as buffet plates are heat-resistant and washable with warm water. Due to the uneven surface dishes can not slip. The small feet under the slates protect the surface of the table and let the slate float easily.

Material: 100% natural slate
Dimensions: L: 30cm x W: 20cm x H: 0,5cm
Colour: Black
Special feature: natural slate food suitable

The slates arrived well packaged. Each slate was packed in 2 bubble wrap. Each slate is structured differently on the edge and have slight differences in thickness. It is a natural product. The slates all have 4 small feet.

Ideas for using slates

  • You have invited guests to dinner and you can arrange the food in a different and classy way with the natural slate. 
  • The slates as serving plates use when watching movies.
  • Do you have a food blog or do you use product photography?
  • Use the black slate tiles for your products. They look more elegant and elegantly staged.
  • Build yourself a small photo set for product photography, where you put the surface, background and side wall as a photo box with slate sheets.
  • You can use the slates for information. Label the slate with chalk or similar washable pins.
  • Use slate tiles for your deco ideas as a coaster or background in your home or dwelling.

Order slates online

There is currently a discount campaign that will last until the end of December 2019. You can save 10% with the code "ETests10" or order here directly. [affcoups id = "120946"]

BonAura® ARDESIA set of 6 slates 20x30cm - slate...

Conclusion - slate slabs

I think they can be misappropriated or used where they are meant for them. As a gift idea also a great thing, because certainly not many such plates have in the household.

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