Maximum grip on snow and ice: Everything about snow chains for your vehicle

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How your car is safer with more grip in winter

Snow chains - More grip in winter Bestseller 2024: The best and most popular in the top 10 comparison | Honest tests

Snow chains. - Anyone who drives into cold or snow-covered areas may need them more often. Or at least should have it with you. In some countries they are even compulsory. But the thing with snow chains is sometimes not that easy. How do I wind them up, which chains do I even need, how many of them? Are there any things that I need to know in advance and when do snow chains even make sense?

In this guide we look at the matter of grip and have put together the most important things about snow chains. – Snow chains – More grip in winter Bestseller 2024: The best and most popular in the top 10 comparison | Honest tests

Snow chains bestseller 2024: The best and most popular in the top 10 comparison | Honest tests – in comparison

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Snow chains - assembly - video

Why snow chains?

You don't just need them against or for the snow. They also provide the necessary support in the mud. Those who have to drive through rough terrain often will not be able to do without them. From 5 cm of snow the snow chains can work wonders. Everything under it is poison for the tar and also for the tires.

Snow chains and their differences

The main difference lies between the actual snow chains and the starting aids. Snow chains themselves are then differentiated between track chains and drive chains. Of the chains themselves, only two are needed.

starting aids

These are intended only for a short distance, for example, to come from his property. Often these are just braces that give the tire the necessary stability and transport it to the road.

snow chains

Basically, full snow chains form a net around the tire.

Drive Chains

These are intended to prevent wheelspin. This means that the chain links transverse to the tire, so the running direction, run. Drive chains are logically mounted on the drive axle.

track chains

To keep the car in the lane, one needs track chains. These are made in such a way that the chain links run long with the tire. These are mounted on the steering axle.

Luckily, most snow chains today are a combination of track and drive chain, so you do not have to worry about that at least once. The materials are different. Plastic, textiles or hardened steel. These proportions can also vary in different chains. The hardened steel is the most durable among the materials, well, who will subject the chains to a final test before the trip. For this purpose, the chain links can either still be round, this is to help the chain independently rid of snow, or they can also be square.

Who loves his rims, is also lucky. Some manufacturers already offer snow chains with rim protection. This is not a guarantee, of course, but helps to keep the worst and to avoid the worst scratches. If there is no rim protection from the manufacturer, there is also a solution, rim protectors, which can be subsequently integrated into the chain.

What do I have to pay attention to when choosing snow chains?

First you have to know which chain you actually need. All you need is your tire size. This is made up of the three values ​​that are usually written on the tire itself. The chain depends mainly on the width of the tire. Once you have found this out, you will find various computers and tables on the Internet in which you can easily compare which group of chain you need. Once the chain group is clear, you can fine-tune it.

So what does a proper chain have to bring with you? A TÜV seal. That precludes right from the outset that the chains are too inferior.

Where do I need snow chains?

If you are traveling abroad, you should inquire in advance whether snow chains make sense in the various areas. Some roads in Austria, for example, are only approved for snow chains in winter. Cross-border a sign indicates the obligation of snow chains: a round blue sign with the white image of a snow chain. If this occurs, it doesn't help, the snow chain becomes a must.

Note: in Germany a maximum speed of 50 km / h applies if you have to use the chains.

How are the snow chains mounted?

Loose or tight? Opinions are already divided here. Loose chains get rid of the snow better, tight chains protect the tires. However, if you have a short distance to the wheel arch, you can rarely avoid tensioning the chains more tightly. It is also worth taking a look at the wheel arch to see how much space my car has available, as there are also standard sizes for the snow chains that take up a little more space. The assembly is not that easy for the inexperienced and can be rehearsed a few times before the actual use.

The principle is the same for every chain: the chain is in front of the respective Tubes placed, you drive a little on the chain to be able to close the ends. Different manufacturers have come up with different changes to the system, for example with a clamp that should simplify assembly.

Note: ESP or ASR sometimes doesn't quite get along with the chains, so switching it off is recommended here.

The various manufacturers still offer various assembly techniques, such as the quick, the ring and the rope assembly. With a little practice, however, all types can be learned quickly and safely.

Advantages and disadvantages of snow chains

Snow chains provide security, no question. One of the advantages of snow chains. With a little practice, they are also quickly assembled. Even those who are in the mud, they can just pull out of the mud. But not only when driving but also when braking they prove better stability, you will not slide helplessly around on the street, the tires do not go crazy and you're still steer the tires able. Ergo: everything in terms of safety is raised.

Disadvantages arise there at most from the additional effort, since you must build the chains as soon as possible from the tires again. The chains are very good for the current situation, but in the long run they can hurt the mature. Careful work is also part of dealing with the tires. The right fit to look that scrubs nothing or something falls off. Only then can a security be guaranteed.

Where to buy snow chains best

Cheap snow chains are available from around 50 euros. Those who prefer to equip themselves with high quality can play with chains that are around 250 euros in the good midfield. Especially for people who might want or have to drive more often and in more remote areas. The difference between retail and the diverse offers on the Internet is not particularly different. You can only turn the chains with the chains at home anyway.

Conclusion: snow chains

Even if snow chains are not compulsory or you rarely drive into areas where you have to pass snow-covered roads, it still doesn't hurt to put a set in the trunk for the winter. From as little as 5 cm of snow, the car loses a lot of its stability and we know from the past that the road clearance service sometimes takes a little longer. Even if in an emergency the cheaper ones can be, are worthwhile and save you, the chains can and will definitely help you in the event of an emergency.

They do not take up a lot of space and are not infinitely heavy either. Harm it won't. With a little practice you can also learn how to assemble it quickly and safely. That nothing stands in the way of next winter when it comes to safety.

Discover the top 10 of the best and best-selling snow chain products in 2024 on honest tests. We show a selection of the most popular items that have great customer reviews and value for money. Find the perfect snow chain product for your needs now!

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Lescars starting aid snow: snow chains size M for tires...
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Pyugxab 6 Pieces Metal 120mm 1,9 Tire Snow Chain for 1/10 RC Crawler...
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Vklopdsh 6 Pieces Metal 120Mm 1,9 Tire Snow Chain for 1/10...
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Citywalk 200 pieces winter cycling shoes car tires bolts screw...
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Durable Vehicles Off Road Wheel Tires 12mm Tires Snow Chains Spikes Studs.
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