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Are you older and not as flexible as you were when you were young? A sock donning aid makes it much easier for you to put on socks and stockings in everyday life.

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What is a sock donning aid?

Motor mobility decreases with age. Just as with physical impairments or accidents, broken bones in younger people, a sock donning aid can be of enormous relief in the daily routine. Whenever you have massive problems putting on tights, stockings or socks, a sock donning aid is worth its weight in gold.

It allows you to easily put on your socks or stockings while standing. So you don't have to bend down at your feet anymore. This positive aspect gives you more quality of life and independence in everyday life without having to rely on outside help. The dressing aid has a shell that can be made of aluminum, plastic or fabric. The two elastic bands attached to it allow you to put it on.

How exactly does a sock donning aid work?

Dressing aids are especially used in care Socks used, but also in the private sector for senior citizens or people with motor impairments, the use of sock donning aids is not necessarily uncommon. As a first step, you put a sock on the shell of the sock donning aid. Then you put the construct on the floor.

You hold the attached ribbons in your hand. Now you can put your foot into the sock while standing or sitting and pull it up towards you using the straps. When the shell with the sock has reached the ankle, the shell can be removed. The sock is on. You repeat the same principle with your other foot.


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The sock donning aid made of plastic and aluminum

Since sock donning aids are so-called adaptation aids, they are offered in different designs and materials. Depending on the type of impairment, either the sock donning aids made of aluminum or plastic are better indicated. In the following we explain to you which different materials exist on the market:

Aluminum and plastic

These models are made of aluminum and plastic. They have the positive quality of being very resilient and stable. It is therefore ideally suited for people with high weight and severe handicaps. They are available in different sizes, which are based on the circumference of the calves. These models are particularly suitable for dressing tight compression stockings exactly.

with a flexible ring

These models are suitable for all types of socks, stockings or tights, as well as compression stockings. The handling is a bit difficult at the beginning. With this model, you roll a sock or stocking over a gel ring. As a result, the rolled-up sock is then unrolled over the foot. If you are severely physically restricted, this variant is not recommended.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Sock donning aids make it easier to put on socks in everyday life
  • Aluminum sock donners are very robust and shockproof
  • Sock donning aids have a very long service life
  • They are dust and dirt resistant
  • You can use your socks with a sock puller while standing or sitting

Sock pulling aids do not have many disadvantages. However, they take a lot of getting used to and you need some practice in handling. Very cheap sock donning aids are not as functional and high quality as branded products are.


  • You need some practice and expect to get used to it
  • Unfortunately, cheap bargains are often made from inferior materials.

What to look for when buying your sock donning aid

Your sock donning aid does not have to shine in terms of color and design, but rather fulfill its purpose. It should offer you more comfort when getting dressed and relieve you. This also over a very long period of time. When buying your sock donning aid, decide which model to choose. A model made of aluminum and plastic is very robust and also ideally suited for higher weight classes.

The type of impairment or illness is also decisive. If you are very physically restricted, you should buy a high-quality model that really helps you in everyday life. Your new aid should avoid joint pain and offer you a high level of comfort. If you have to wear compression stockings, we strongly recommend that you choose an aluminum model. If it is only about stockings and socks, a sock donning aid made of plastic is always sufficient.

The Material Your sock donning aid is another crucial factor that you have to consider when buying your sock donning aid. Models made of resistant aluminum are suitable for compression stockings. If you only want to wear silk or nylons, models made of fabric are also sufficient. These have little friction and can be used without any problems and effort.

The Size must also be taken into account when purchasing. If you buy a sock donning aid for yourself and, for example, have a lot of water in your feet and legs, your sock donning aid must be larger or adjustable. Seniors who have edema on their feet should also choose a sock donning aid that is adjustable. The handles should be flexibly adjustable in length.

Care instructions:

You should clean and wash sock donners regularly to avoid athlete's foot and strong odors. Please note the manufacturer's care labels to determine whether the sock donning aids are machine-washable or have to be washed by hand. You can easily clean sock donning aids made of aluminum or plastic with a damp cloth and some disinfectant spray.


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Are there any indexed manufacturers and trusted brands?

Some of the leading manufacturers and brands with which you play it safe include:

  • Activera
  • Aidapt
  • 1PLUS
  • Sinbide
  • Weinberger
  • Stick specialist

Where should you buy your dressing aids?

On the one hand, you can purchase them in specialist shops from your trusted orthopedic surgeon. The advantage of this is that you receive in-depth purchase advice on site. In addition to a try-on and an expert explanation of how to put it on, you will also receive care tips and can also buy accessories such as disinfectants.

On the other hand, you can also use the listed brands / manufacturers in online retail on the website of the respective manufacturer or Amazon looking for your perfect sock donning aid. You don't have to leave the house, which is a big advantage if you have restricted mobility.

The disadvantage is that you do not have in-depth purchase advice and have to rely on the product description and the existing reviews. It is your decision whether you want to buy your sock donning aid from an orthopedic surgeon, the manufacturer's online shop or an online mail order company.

Our conclusion: Guide to sock donning aid

You can get quick help for warm feet in the form of your sock donning aid. However, do not rely on bargains that impress with their price. Often the quality is short-lived and you have to spend twice the money. Clean your sock donning aid regularly so that your product can continue to serve you when donning your socks for a long time.

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