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Soy products

Soy products - you should know that

Whole nations are divided on soy. Some who eat it, others who only eat those who ate it. Soy even came into disrepute for a short time: soy kills rainforests and is bad for estrogen levels. What is actually right now? Bad boy soy or good bean? And wasn't there something else with proteins? Vegan athletes are doing it, and in their protein drinks there is a good portion of soy in addition to peas and hemp.

There are many people who can no longer tolerate baby cow's milk or can only tolerate it in moderation. They look for an alternative and you can make pretty much anything from soy. Carnivores vs. herbivores? Does not have to be. A healthy diet consists of many things, not just one! Here comes our soyGuide. You can't argue about facts. Well then! Get the beans from the Far East!
- Soy products

Soy products - in comparison

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Check priceCheck priceCheck price17,95 €25,90 €Check price14,90 €8,59 €24,99 €2,71 €
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What is soy?

Soy is a shrub that grows up to 180 cm tall and is related to the peas and beans. Practical: soy pollinates itself. The Asians appreciate the plant very much and have been eating it for millennia. Only the end of the 19. At the end of the 20th century, she finally came to us, where she was first fed to cattle. Today we eat the little boy too. The soybean can be dried or eaten fresh, germinated, oil extracted, flour made, plant milk produced and pressed into every imaginable and inconceivable shape.

Soy today

What critics of soybean blame is that it has become a disaster. Gene-manipulated, it is cultivated on fields that used to be rainforests. The farmers work at dumping prices. The process that the bean ends up as a fattening feed is anything but appropriate to the species.

What is the alternative?
Products from organic and controlled cultivation. This is true for the bean as well as for the meat.

Is soy healthy?

The soybean has a bunch of fortifying ingredients. If it is organically grown and not genetically modified and, in addition, not yet completely neutered by the food industry, it contributes to a balanced diet. This benefits especially vegetarians and vegans. The taste of the bean, so without everything, almost sinks into the cellar. Only through spices and procedures is it a hit. When buying soy products, make sure that the ingredients are also from good sources.


Studies have found that the risk of cancer from consuming tofu decreases by about 50%. If you trade tofu through meat, you absorb less cholesterol. The isoflavones can be protective for women (breast and uterine cancer). In men, these substances protect the prostate. Only with thyroid problems, you should be careful and deny your problem with the doctor.

Auch heart disease can be reduced. Soy is well tolerated and the entire metabolism needs to "toil less" significantly less. That's good for your cardiovascular system with everything involved.

Ingredients soy

A listing of the ingredients of the bean, depending on 100 g:

  • Protein: 36,8 g
  • Carbohydrates: 23,5 g
  • Potassium: 1750 mg
  • Phosphorus: 590 mg
  • Magnesium: 250 mg
  • Calcium: 260 mg
  • Fat: 23,5 g

There are also plenty of vitamins and minerals:

  • Iron
  • Vitamins A, E, B1, B2, K
  • Folic acid (BXNUMX)
  • Manganese
  • Copper
  • Iodine
  • Selenium

and more.
A concentrated nutrient package!

Soy and hormones

Soy contains isoflavones containing the estrogens are very similar. For this reason, in thyroid disease, it is recommended to limit soy, since they can further disrupt the hormone balance. It may be different in some circumstances Menopausal symptoms out. During menopause the estrogen production is gradually reduced. Soya can now help to at least alleviate the symptoms. That also applies to Osteoporosis , The bean contains many good, supportive and healing nutrients. In case of uncertainty or if there is a special case, please check with the attending physician.

Soy allergy

Some people do not tolerate soy. This allergy can develop a variety of forms. The most common symptoms include:

  • Burning in the mouth
  • Itching in the throat
  • Redness and swelling
  • Swelling of the tongue
  • Swelling and numbness of the lips
  • Swelling in the larynx area

This is due to the protein building blocks Gly m 4, Gly m 5 and Gly m 6, which are not tolerated. The only thing that helps is to avoid soy.

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What soy products are there?

From the bean, many good things are done. Mung bean seedlings are by the way the sprouts of soybean and taste slightly nutty and great in a salad!

If you suffer from an allergy, you may have been given finished product ingredients as the food industry often works with soy. Soya sometimes appears just as surprisingly in the products as animal gelatin in pudding and sweets.


# Preview Products Rating Price
1 SATONOYUKI Shiki Tofu, 300g SATONOYUKI Shiki Tofu, 300 g* Currently no reviews 2,47 €Amazon Prime
2 Mori-Nu Silken Tofu - Firm tofu made from soybeans - versatile... Mori-Nu Silken Tofu - Firm tofu made from soybeans - versatile...* Currently no reviews 34,03 €Amazon Prime

Tofu is actually just drained soy curd. Quark is pressed similarly to cow's milk cheese. It comes in many flavors. Smoked or with herbs. You can fry it, heat it, put it in the soup, grill it ...
Good varieties can also be wonderfully cold - as a side salad, for example.

Tip: If you cut soda in cubes and put it in a delicious marinade and leave at least 12 hours in it, its tastelessness is history.

Soy milk

Soy milk is made by making a pureed, viscous soup from dried soybeans and water. This is then filtered and boiled.
Traditionally it is offered sweet or salty and is still full of minerals and vitamins. Among vegans and vegetarians, it is particularly popular in Europe and is enriched with, among other things, vitamin B12.

# Preview Products Rating Price
1 Alpro soy drink without sugar, 8x1L, shelf-stable | Source of calcium... Alpro soy drink without sugar, 8x1L, shelf-stable | Source of calcium...* Currently no reviews 19,12 €Amazon Prime
2 Alpro Soy Drink Original | vegan & lactose free | high in... Alpro Soy Drink Original | vegan & lactose free | high in...* Currently no reviews 29,88 € 26,19 €

Soy pudding

The soy pudding is a delicious dessert, which is available in different types of preparation and flavors. Main ingredient, of course soy instead of cow's milk. You can also prepare your soy pudding yourself. Healthy at the most in the base. Sugar and other chemical ingredients almost ruin the effect.
Soy pudding is now available in more than the three super varieties of vanilla - chocolate - strawberry, but they are all a minor sin. In this form you can hardly taste the soy-like.

# Preview Products Rating Price
1 Alpro Soja-Dessert Cremig & süß Karamell, vegan, laktosefrei,... Alpro Soja-Dessert Cremig & süß Karamell, vegan, laktosefrei,...* Currently no reviews 14,34 €Amazon Prime
2 Alpro Soya Dessert softer Karamel, 6er Pack (6 x 500 g) Alpro Soya Dessert softer Karamel, 6er Pack (6 x 500 g)* Currently no reviews 20,70 €

Soy - Cream

The soy cream or soy cream can be processed almost as well as cow milk cream. Nearly. But it also tastes great in tea, coffee and soup, even if it flocks at the beginning. How healthy that is ultimately depends on your consumption. Because the cream is produced industrially.

# Preview Products Rating Price
1 Alpro soy cooking cream cooking, vegan, lactose-free, gluten-free,... Alpro soy cooking cream Cooking, vegan, lactose-free, gluten-free,...* Currently no reviews 20,85 € 19,35 €Amazon Prime
2 Alpro Soja-Kochcreme Cooking Light, Vegan, Laktosefrei,... Alpro Soja-Kochcreme Cooking Light, Vegan, Laktosefrei,...* Currently no reviews 19,35 €Amazon Prime

Soy sauce

A Far Eastern version of the "Maggi - seasoning". It basically consists of water, soybeans, possibly grains and salt. The sauce is fermented. The process also releases glutamate, which is a flavor enhancer.

Soy - yogurt

Even the yoghurt, which is made from soy, is fermented and very similar to cow's milk yoghurt. He just tastes decidedly different. Bohniger, just. The typical yoghurt taste is missing. However, lactic acid bacteria are also used here for production.
Other ingredients are often coagulants. The yoghurt from soy is gluten-free, contains no lactose or cholesterol.

Tip: bought soy yoghurt with fruit preparation contain a lot of sugar. If you pay much attention to your health, take a yogurt without anything and cut in fresh fruit. Delicious! You can also make frozen yogurt yourself with an ice cream maker.

Soy protein drink

Here comes something for the athletes - professional or semi. Even in stressful times, the body benefits from a concentrated load of protein, which is needed not only for the muscles, but also for the nerves.
There are athletes who train only on vegan protein. Others like to mix. Possible, both. These drinks are enriched with many other minerals and vitamins and really do not taste bad!

Tip: You can also use the powder to make pancakes or pudding yourself! A healthy alternative to the traditional way!

Soy Products - Alternatives

Always just soy? And if you do not tolerate soy? Oatmeal, oat cream, rice milk and almond milk, as well as Lupinienjoghurt could represent an alternative for you. Maybe even if you do not tolerate so much soy. But also here: buy as organic and regional as possible, if possible.

What you can do with the soy bestseller 2024: The best and most popular in the top 10 comparison | Honest tests should be taken into account

About 80% of the imported soybean crop ends up in the animal mast. In South America, the rainforest is being cleared to create fields. In total, that's about 90 million tons per year. These are numbers, please, and indicate a very different problem.

What you can get from the 2024 bestseller: The best and most popular in the top 10 comparison | Honest Tests of soy should be noted:

  • Buy regional if possible
  • and ecological
  • Watch out for rain forest friendly cultivation
  • and that there are no genetically modified beans in your product
  • less is more: many industrially produced foods contain many additives

** Why is tofu called meat substitute? Tofu has very valuable ingredients that are very similar to those of animal meat - but for the most part healthier. The seasoning determines the taste: just as you would never get the idea of ​​gnawing a dead hedgehog from the street, you should get away from the fact that tofu tastes a lot when it is unseasoned, saggy and cold. **

Advantages and disadvantages

Cow's milk is touted as healthier. It has more calcium and also vitamin B12, which is vital for the human body. For this reason, nutrients are added in the soy products. The water balance is better with soy products. One liter of cow's milk contains about 1000 liters of water. On a liter of soymilk only about 300 liters. And the CO2? Here we are at 900 g CO2 per liter of cow's milk, soy milk comes in less than half. Your receipt is your ballot.

Benefits of soy

✔ Soy products have a much lower CO2 balance
✔ and avoid animal suffering
✔ They are a cost-effective alternative for people who can not tolerate lactose
✔ Vegetarians and vegans need hardly worry, the drinks and products are often fortified with nutrients
✔ Much can be done with soy and delicious "meat recipes" can be recreated
✔ Menopausal women can benefit from soybean
✔ Soya is also a good source of protein and protein for athletes

Cons soy

✘ Allergy can occur
✘ People with thyroid problems should eat little to no soy

Are soy products more expensive?

The difference between organic milk products and good soy quality, or soy sausages to organic meat sausages, is hardly significant. But yes, if you compare the cheapest fattening - meat with an organic soy sausage, it's more expensive. This despite the fact that the intermediate step was bypassed by an animal.

Conclusion - soy products

Vegetable protein, a comprehensive package of vitamins and minerals and a good eco-balance - if you pay attention to the ecology. In general, the bean is very well tolerated and menopausal women can even benefit from it - men too.

What is healthier can not be said (again). Every body is different and not all have the same laws. A healthy mix of everything is, as so often, a good way.

From soy you can make anything that cow's milk can. And if you can not tolerate soy, there are other alternatives. Nobody needs to starve and they do not give up anything.
Soy yoghurt, soy milk, tofu, saitan, soy sauce, soy cream, soy pudding - are you ready to try something new? To expand your taste horizon? Then get to the bean! She does not bite!

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Lots of positives Buyer ratings are often a sign that people are happy with the soy product.

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