Sonic electric toothbrush | Fairywill FW-507 tested

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Sonic electric toothbrush | Fairywill FW-507
Fairywill sonic toothbrush

Fairywill FW-507 in pink

Are you looking for a new sonic electric toothbrush that doesn't cost more than € 100? Then here is a possible solution to your problem. I was looking for a sonic electric toothbrush for a long time and came across the Fairywill FW-507 in pink on Amazon.

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How is the Fairywill FW-507 sonic toothbrush doing to my teeth and gums? Does she clean the teeth cleanly and thoroughly? How do the 5 cleaning modes and the 2 minute timer work? I am curious whether the battery will really last 4 days on a charge of 30 hours and whether the sonic toothbrush is really waterproof. The whole set for about 25 €.

Sonic toothbrush 1.0

Fairywill FW-507 | package contents

- Fairywill FW-507 sonic electric toothbrush
- 4 brush heads (3 + 1)
- USB-C charging cable (unfortunately without power plug)
- Manual

First impression | Fairywill FW-507 sonic electric toothbrush

When I unpacked the Fairywill FW-507 sonic electric toothbrush, I was very surprised how good and light it is in the hand. The micro-bristles are very soft and pulsate 40.000 times a minute. I found that the sonic toothbrush has a USB-C connection very positively. I find the processing normal to common as with other electric toothbrushes.

Technical data | Fairywill FW-507

Battery pack: 4 hours charging time (lithium battery)
Battery life: up to 30 days when used twice a day
Cleaning programs: 5 with 2 minute timer
Waterproof: IPX7
Charge: USB-C cable
Sound: pulsates up to 40.000 times per minute
To brush: made of Dupont nylon

Brush head Sonic electric toothbrush | Fairywill FW-507
brush head

The electric toothbrush from Fairywill is a sonic electric toothbrush. This sonic toothbrush pulses up to 40.000 times in one minute and has no rotational movement like that of Oral-B, for example.

The brush head is constructed like a wave, the bristles are made of Dupont nylon manufactured. The rounded bristles are used for gentle and thorough cleaning of the teeth and gums.

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The Fairywill FW-507 sonic electric toothbrush has 5 modes:

"White" = stands for teeth whitening, removes plaque and stains
clean = stands for daily cleaning
"Sensitive" = stands for sensitive teeth.
“Polish” = stands for inter-dental polish.
"Massage" = stands for gum massage

You have to go to the Power button button Press briefly to access the different modes. The Fairywill FW-507 sonic toothbrush has a 2 minute timer who regularly pauses briefly every 30 seconds and helps to improve our cleaning habits.

The sonic toothbrush from Fairywill FW-507 promises a long battery life. After a 4 hour charge, with the included USB-C charging cable should the battery Hold for 30 days. The USB charging cable is compatible with various power adapters.

Pros / Cons | Fairywill FW-507 sonic electric toothbrush



  • Easy handling
  • 5 different modes
  • long battery life
  • USB-C charging cable
  •  40.000 times pulsing per minute
  • Tooth wave brushes made of Dupont nylon
  • no power plug for the socket
  • tickles the teeth a bit at the beginning, takes getting used to

Using the Fairywill FW-507

I put the matching brush head on the Fairywill sonic toothbrush and opened up toothpaste. Then I chose the White Clean mode and I have to say it tickled a little at first. Then I went through all modes by briefly pressing the power button.

The 2-minute timer pausing very briefly every 30 seconds is very helpful. In the end, I felt like the dentist cleaned my teeth. The functions of the Fairywill FW-507 electric sonic toothbrush is very easy to use. Finally, clean the sonic toothbrush normally under the tap with the water running.


Tip: when attaching the brush head, first attach it straight and then turn it slightly to the right. Do the same when you drop off.

sonic toothbrush

Conclusion: Fairywill FW-507 sonic electric toothbrush

I am really more than surprised by the Fairywill FW-507 electric sonic toothbrush, you don't always have to spend a lot of money on a sonic toothbrush. I've tried different sonic toothbrushes before. None of them were as good for my teeth and gums.

My teeth really feel cleaner and have gotten lighter too. At first I was a bit skeptical about the battery life. The battery really lasts for almost a month depending on usage and modes. In the shower she proved the waterproofness, everything was great. For the price of about 24 € I would buy the Fairywill FW-507 electric sonic toothbrush again at any time.

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