Advice: The right sun protection - what do I have to pay attention to? | How do I best protect myself?

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Sun protection guide
Sun = UV radiation

Sun protection: In addition to its positive aspects, the sun also has harmful consequences. A healthy and responsible use of the sun can therefore not only help prevent sunburn, but also reduce the risk of long-term damage, especially skin cancer.

Now read here what you can do to really protect yourself effectively from the sun and still get the positive out of it.

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Basics - what do I need the sun for anyway?

The sun is the basis for the life of humans, animals and plants. No life is possible without the sun. From this principle alone, one can conclude that the sun is extremely important for us humans. They make us feel more alert and are often in a better mood. The sun is also extremely important for our skin, as it is responsible for well-being and external healing.

But what exactly does that mean?

The sun brings some valuable positive aspects:

  • Hormone release

The sun ensures that we are in a good mood and active. The warmth also creates a high mood.

  • Vitamin D formation

With the help of the sun, our body can produce vitamin D and thus strengthen our immune system, bones, muscles and teeth.

  • Healing of skin diseases

Sunlight is good for you, for example with psoriasis, neurodermatitis and white spot disease. Always have a doctor monitor the good effect.

However, if we are exposed to the sun for too long, it can lead to painful sunburn and other consequences. This is due to the so-called ultraviolet rays, or UV rays for short. But more on that in a moment.

Usually we already have one by nature natural skin protection, because healthy skin neutralized the consequences the solar radiation and has a protective effect.

One sign of this is, for example, that the skin becomes exposed to prolonged exposure to the sun cornea forms as additional protection. Another sign of self-protection is that browning. The dark pigment melanin is arranged in a protective manner around the nucleus of the skin cells. That's why we get tanned.

Important to know: The tan is not a sign of healthy skin, but a pure protective reaction, which means that harmful UV rays have already penetrated the skin.

So I can say that the sun is indispensable for humans, but should be used to a healthy extent.

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When can the sun harm my skin?

Above all, the aforementioned ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun have an effect on the skin. Depending on the wavelength, a distinction is made between UV-A and UV-B radiation.

The long wave UV-A radiation reaches deep into the skin layers (dermis). The effect of this is that the fibers of the skin can be damaged, which leads to a loss of elasticity with the formation of wrinkles. This type of radiation only causes one short-term tan and increases the risk for skin cancer, melanoma.

However, it is not responsible for the development of a sunburn.

The short-wave UV-B radiation penetrates the epidermis. As a result, the skin produces the pigment melanin and such a thing longer-term tanning arises, which serves as light protection. Also, this type of radiation does that Formation of vitamin D.which is important, for example, for building bones. However, UV-B is also responsible for sunburn, an inflammatory reaction that, depending on the intensity of the radiation, is associated with reddening, swelling, blistering and pain.

Sun protection: how does a sunscreen work | Sun lotion

How do I protect myself optimally and what options do I have?

There are various and numerous ways to optimally protect the skin. I would like to show you the most important ones in a clear list.


Basically, clothing offers the best protection against sunburn!


The scalp, eyes and neck in particular are quickly affected by sunburn, as they are a direct surface to the sun. Here can be a sun hat and sunglasses (UV 400) provide assistance. 

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Sunscreens protect for different lengths of time, depending on the sun protection factor and skin type. There are protective lotions and protective sprays with different levels of sun protection factors.


The following must be taken into account:

  • Skin type (light to dark)
  • Age of the person (child or adult)
  • How long do I want to stay in the sun
  • How strong is the sun? (Midday sun, strength depending on the region)
  • Pre-existing conditions in the skin

I can still do this following recommendations pronounce:

  • Apply several times before going into the sun + early
  • Renew regularly, especially after bathing and drying off (even with waterproof protective agent)
  • Do not exhaust the calculated protection time, rather only use up to two thirds and then apply again.
  • Mineral UV protection is preferable to chemical UV protection and works faster

If you also want to protect yourself from the sun in the simplest possible way, you can make yourself comfortable in the shade. It should be noted, however, that you can also get tan here.

Which sun protection is suitable for me?

Depending on skin type, age, skin areas and situation, there are many different sunscreens that can be applied to the skin. I would now like to list the most important clues for the individual decision.


Whether you choose spray, milk, cream or gel depends on what your own skin is like. Cream is good for people with dry skin. People with oily skin are more likely to choose gel.


Particularly good sun protection is necessary for children and the elderly, because the skin is more sensitive in early and older ages. There are special products for children, mostly fragrance-free. For older people, sun protection with a high sun protection factor, from SPF 20, is recommended.

Skin areas

The skin varies in thickness and some areas are exposed to the sun much more. For example the face and the back of the foot. There are special sunscreens for the face, but also day creams with a sun protection factor. For particularly sensitive areas, such as the back of the foot and lower lip, it is important to always apply carefully.


The sun exposure varies, people and their surroundings are individual. Sensitive skin and diseases such as neurodermatitis play a major role in this. But also whether you are mainly in mountain regions or near water. It is important to know the influences and to choose the appropriate sun protection.

Overall, sun protection with an appropriate sun protection factor should always be selected. In addition, it is better to have a sun protection factor that is too high than one that is too low.

Sun protection: what should I watch out for with children?

Tips for everyday life

The child's skin is much thinner than adult skin. The pigments, which provide the body's own protection against UV rays, are not yet fully produced in childhood. Every time the child is sunburned, the likelihood of developing skin cancer in adulthood increases.

Young children should not be exposed to direct sun until they are around two years old. If that is not possible, there is a Head protection and UV-proof clothing indispensable. If the children are older than twelve months, sunscreen can also be applied. Always use a high sun protection factor.


Always equip children with clothing, hat and sunglasses to protect them from UV rays. Always use sunglasses marked UV-400 or 100% UV protection.

Tips for everyday life:

Between 11 and 15 clock is the UV radiation highest. During this time, children should, if possible, not go out into the sun in summer. The basic rule here is that the shadow should always be preferred.

  • Always use a parasol when driving a stroller.
  • Children should always drink enough fluids in summer.
  • Use at least a sun protection factor of 30, even in midsummer and in southern countries SPF 50.
  • The nose, forehead, ears, hands, shoulders, knees and back of the feet need a lot of protection. Regular re-creaming should not be forgotten.
  • Always reapply sunscreen after swimming, sweating and drying off, even if it is a waterproof product.
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Simple rules to avoid

Sunburn + interesting tips

  • Clothing is the best sun protection
  • Avoid midday sun
  • When it comes to sun protection, a lot helps a lot
  • Post-creaming does not extend the protection time
  • Apply even when the sky is cloudy
  • Good sunscreens can also be absorbed quickly
  • Even tanned skin needs protection
  •  The skin can also burn under water
  • Pre-tanning in the tanning salon does not protect against sunburn

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