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With a Starlight projector Each child gets their very own starry sky projected onto the ceiling with stars and planets, with different colors. This can be used to create a nice atmosphere while playing, reading or falling asleep. A children's night light, like a star projector, has a calming effect on children. No more fear of the dark. There are also many modes a starlight projector can have, including projecting ocean waves and real starry skies.

Starlight projector in comparison

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However, not all devices are suitable for the perfect star experience in the children's room. Some of them can be very noisy to use as Einschlafhilfe to work. Or they only work with batteries, which can regularly cause problems when they run out, so always read product reviews from other buyers.

Starlight projectors that are offered in shops differ not only in shape and design, but also with different functions. So you can find simple starlight projectors that constantly offer the same star image and starlight at the push of a button. Other variants inspire with variations in the lighting program.

White stars or color-changing starlight or equipped with color-changing accents there is a lot to choose from. There are also starlight lamps with batteries or with a power supply unit. The number of stars, the luminosity and the range can always be different. In addition to the stars, there are now also projectors that illuminate the moon, the universe or ocean waves towards the ceiling.

Starlight projectors with motor: here the projector turns quietly and slowly 360 degrees. If you are interested in a starlight projector, you can choose between a wide variety of designs.

What you should look out for with the starlight projector

  • That it illuminates your whole bedroom as beautifully as possible at night
  • Interesting varied decoration of the ceiling
  • Has multiple modes
  • It should be environmentally friendly and energy-efficient with little consumption, with LEDs
  • A simple operation and a dimmable possibility of the light
  • Check power supply via USB, batteries or power cord
  • Whether the projector has a remote control

But there is still an alternative to the starlight projector. On Ocean wave projector this throws ocean waves into your room or onto the ceiling, as if you were swimming in the water and looking up at the water surface.

Video | Starlight projector test

Unpack the starry sky projector and test it! [unboxing/review]

Here you have a toplist with different starlight projectors. This is clearly displayed and clearly shows the best sellers of Amazon. With this starlight projector top list you can find your starlight projector in a short time, read the reviews!

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