Baking - frying - deep-frying

Bosch MUM5 CreationLine_Kitchen_machine_buy-af12da4d

Bosch MUM 5 kitchen machine - the versatility in the kitchen

Dirk Re.

The Bosch kitchen machine has a multitude of options and comes with a large number of accessories for flexible preparation. I report how it performs in everyday life.

Tefal fryer

Test: Tefal fryer Super Uno Access FR3100 | Frying made easy

Dirk Re.

Deep-frying should be quick and easy. What added value do I really have with the 74,99 Euro deep fryer? I have tested the model from Tefal, now read my test report here.

Carbon monoxide alarm


Carbon monoxide alarms alert residents in good time if carbon monoxide escapes from heating systems or gas boilers. Smart carbon monoxide alarms detect faults in networked areas at an early stage and you can find out what they can do here.

Baking cake instructions


Baking cakes and other sweet treats is not just a popular hobby. But it is also seen as an art in its own right. Because here creative people have the opportunity to live out their lives and create beautiful delicacies for special occasions.

Easy cup kitchen


he easy cup kitchen for the baking professionals of tomorrow. Every child would like to bake it themselves to give dad or grandma a cake for their birthday.