Saving electricity in the household

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Saving electricity in the household: 16 ingenious tips: Save up to 2000 euros a year! How you can save money, minimize electricity costs & cheat the electricity usury

If the electricity bill is sent to the house once a year, many households get annoyed, they want to Save electricity. Again a large sum has to be paid. To this end, the contributions have been increased for the coming months. Now, at the latest, many people are asking themselves: How can I save electricity at home? There are many options. We would like to introduce some of them to you below.

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Save electricity on lighting

If you want to save electricity at home, you should make the most of daylight possible. Private writing areas or PC locations are ideally chosen so that they are oriented towards the window. In addition, white walls brighten the room. Bright lampshades also enhance the lighting effect. It is generally recommended to use energy-saving LED lamps with dimmers.

The LED has conquered the electronics markets at breakneck speed in recent years. It combines the advantages of the halogen lamp with an unprecedented economy in consumption and an almost endless durability. Their biggest disadvantage is the significantly higher price.
But how much can be saved by using an LED? How long does it take for the purchase to pay for itself? Is it always worth replacing or is the LED lamp more for a new acquisition?

The consumption in direct comparison

The numbers can vary, but generally an LED light source needs around 10-15% of the power, like a halogen lamp, to achieve the same light intensity. At Energy saving lamps the difference is significantly smaller, here it is about 30-40%.
A halogen lamp with 60 W, for example, would have to be replaced by an LED with 7 W in order to maintain the light intensity.
Regarding the numbers: A hallway with 10 halogen lamps of 60 W each is to be modernized with LED light sources.

0,06 kW x 10 lamps x 10 hours of lighting time x 230 working days
Consumption halogen = 1380 kWh per year

0,007 kW x 10 lamps x 10 hours of lighting time x 230 working days
LED consumption = 161 kWh per year

In this case we would have a saving of 1219 kWh per year, i.e. around € 400. That covers the price for the purchase of the LED light source. Added to this is the significantly longer service life of the LED.

Now let's take a case where the payback period is at stake. A hall with 50 two-lamp tub lights (2 x 58 W) is charged, whereby the LED lights (2 x 24 W) are assumed to be double the price.

Price of fluorescent tube = 50 lights x € 100 = € 5000
Price LED tube = 50 lights x € 200 = € 10000

Therefore: 50 luminaires x 0,068 kW power difference x 10 hours x 230 working days
Difference per year = 7820 kWh

So: 5000 € price difference / (7820 kWh x 0,3 €)
Payback period = 3,33 years


So we see that in both examples the purchase will finance itself within a reasonable period of time. If you now calculate the same example with a light duration of 24 hours a day, the differences are even more drastic. Or let's assume that the company works 365 days a year.

In principle, the LED is worthwhile wherever a long lighting time is to be expected, as it pays for itself there quickly. However, there is nothing against equipping all locations with LED lights, because those that are only rarely used are characterized in this case by an almost endless durability.
This point should also be considered when making a decision.

Low-power baking and cooking

Electricity can also be saved in the kitchen. An induction hob requires less energy than other hobs. There should always be a suitable lid on the pots and pans. The lid increases the temperature in the vessels faster and the cooking time is shorter. Depending on the dish, a pressure cooker can also be an advantage to save electricity.

Wash the laundry with little energy

Another factor that can lead to high electricity costs is washing clothes incorrectly. Therefore, only full machines should be washed. With a 1/2 button, it is not possible to save money. In addition, “cold” programs are often sufficient for thin laundry.

Heating, computers and other devices

Electricity can not only be saved in many activities. The right devices are also crucial. Basically, older household appliances use more energy. It is therefore advisable to replace an old heating pump with a high-efficiency pump. For washing machines and electronic kitchen appliances, attention should be paid to energy efficiency class A +++. It is also recommended that fridges, freezers and freezers be defrosted regularly. Electricity is also saved if the refrigerator is not directly next to a heat source and its back or top is well ventilated. It is also possible to save energy with new flat screens. It is similar when the PC or laptop is switched off or put to sleep during breaks.

Change electricity provider

If you want to save electricity without sacrificing technical comfort or have already minimized everything, you should think about switching from your electricity provider. The price differences can be very large. This means that quite a bit of electricity costs can be saved each year.

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