Substrate preparation when wallpapering

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All dry plaster or wood surfaces are suitable as a substrate for wallpaper. The Substrate preparation when wallpapering often takes more time than wallpapering itself. Loose plaster or other plaster damage must be removed before wallpapering. Plastered surfaces must be at least 4–6 months old before they can be wallpapered. All types of old paintwork must be completely removed before wallpapering. Smooth plasterboard should be roughened with sandpaper before gluing.

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Wooden walls or hardboard

In the case of wooden walls or surfaces made of hardboard, you must countersink all screws and nails. Furthermore, all screws and nails must be treated with a rust preventive agent. This will prevent unsightly rust stains from developing in the further course. You can cover joints, cracks and holes with glass fiber fleece. This is necessary to avoid stress cracks in the wallpaper. Chipboard with a very coarse surface must be peeled off beforehand with a glue spatula. Heavily absorbent under grounds are given a layer of waste before wallpapering.

A simple method

A simple method is to cover the surfaces with newspaper beforehand or simply to paint with liquid waste. These are ready-mixed to buy in stores. But why is it necessary to vacuum the substrates such as chipboard beforehand with glue or waste? This is so important because these substrates would absorb the glue on the wallpaper too quickly during processing, so the wallpaper cannot adhere to this substrate. Proper preparation of the surface when wallpapering makes the actual wallpapering easier. This makes it easier to make simple corrections by moving the wallpaper back and forth on the surface.

Wallpaper wallpaper selection

The choice of wallpaper that you can find in stores differs in terms of the material. The type of processing and its intended use are also important.

Before buying a wallpaper you have to decide:

  • for which room is the wallpaper intended?
  • which subsoil is available
  • what are the requirements for the durability of the surface
  • how many years should the wallpapered surface last?

After answering these questions, you then choose between conventional paper wallpaper, vinyl wallpaper, woodchip wallpaper, [tooltip position=”top” text=”Also available as a self-adhesive film”]velor wallpaper[/tooltip], aluminum wallpaper or fiberglass non-woven wallpaper.

Aluminum wallpaper

Aluminum foil is laminated on a paper carrier, the aluminum surfaces are printed or embossed, which creates a special light effect. The wallpaper shines and reflects light and heat. The colors are lightfast and have a high luminosity. The surface is washable, smudge-proof and impermeable to water vapor. The wallpaper has to be processed quickly after applying the wallpaper paste to the back, otherwise the foil may come off the paper. With such wallpaper, numerous wall damage such as grease, water, soot stains can be pasted over without pretreatment, even rust does not penetrate. The wallpaper is processed end to end.

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Fiberglass non-woven wallpaper

The wallpaper carrier is glass fiber fleece, which is printed with binding agents, the wallpaper is very hard-wearing, smudge-proof, highly tear-resistant, does not rot and is flame-retardant. You do not need to worry about cracks or smaller holes in the plaster before gluing the fiberglass non-woven wallpaper. The wallpaper covers such damage with ease. A Substrate preparation when wallpapering is not necessary here. The wallpaper is processed with normal wallpaper glue, preferably with the addition of a little latex colorless. We recommend not to coat the back of the wallpaper, but the wall evenly with a layer of glue that is not too thick. The individual strips of wallpaper work together end to end.

Vinyl wallpaper

This type of wallpaper is made of plastic-coated paper, is impermeable to water and washable. These properties make vinyl wallpaper particularly suitable for gluing surfaces in the bathroom, kitchen and corridor. The surfaces to be glued must be clean, flat and firm. Old glue paint must be removed, oil bases or substrates made from alkyd resin paints must be roughened. Wet, hypothermic or spongy walls are not suitable as a substrate. Very absorbent substrates must be pretreated before gluing. If the surface shows strong color differences, a light colored coating with latex is recommended.

Woodchip wallpaper

This wallpaper was given a rough surface by embedding wood grains in paper during production. It is well suited for wallpapering room ceilings. This wallpaper is also ideally suited for walls of rooms in which the furniture is to be particularly effective. The wallpaper is processed end to end, so that shadows can form if the relatively thick wallpaper overlaps. Standard wallpaper glue is used for gluing, with the addition of latex colorless. The wallpapered surface can be painted with a mixture of two thirds of the latex paint white and one third of the wall paint.

Velor wallpaper

Textile dust is placed on paper printed with glue paint, creating a velor-like surface. The wallpaper looks very warm in the room. The surface does not accept dirt very much. This is due to the fact that the surface of the velor wallpaper is antistatic. Careful cleaning with a vacuum cleaner or a soft hand brush is quite possible. Velor wallpaper is glued end to end with normal wallpaper glue. When smoothing the wallpaper with the wallpapering brush, the surface should be protected by placing paper on it. It is a good idea to press the wallpaper onto the wall with a paint roller instead of a wallpaper brush. A special preparation of the substrate is not necessary when wallpapering with velor wallpaper.

Make wallpaper washable

Washable by painting over with colorless latex paint wallpaper. Before doing this, a test must be made on a piece of leftover wallpaper. This test is necessary because not every wallpaper is colourfast and the pattern could be smeared when it is painted over.

Wallpaper differ

If wallpaper is very difficult to remove from the wall, you can proceed as follows: Cook a porridge from well-swelling flour, which you add with about 10% table salt. After diluting until it is spreadable, add another 10% concentrated acetic acid. The old wallpaper is coated with it and can be easily removed after a short exposure time.

Determine the need for wallpaper

The normal roll of wallpaper is 0,56 meters wide and 10,05 meters long. The usable width is 0,54 meters. You get three panels from one roll of normal high rooms. That is about 5 m². The roll requirement for a room is calculated as follows. Take twice the length (in meters) and twice the width of the room and add both of them to determine the perimeter of the room. This then, multiplied by the height of the room, results in the required area in square meters. For example, a room 4 meters long, 5 meters wide and 3 meters high results in a wall area of ​​54 square meters. As a result, you need eleven rolls of wallpaper. Since you have more waste with patterned wallpaper, you should buy a roll of wallpaper more than calculated.

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