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Tefal fryer

The reason I bought this Tefal deep fryer was because I like to quickly cook a wide variety of foods. It can also be cleaned in the dishwasher. In terms of handling, it is particularly simple and easy to use. The Tefal Super Uno Access offers exactly the aspects that are important to me and these ultimately moved me to make a purchase.

With a Capacity of 2,2 kg this deep fryer offers enough space for the preparation of various foods 4 people.


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First impression | Handling

The first impression is quite positive. The Uno Access fryer is compact and only has a power button and temperature control. The handling therefore seems to be very easy.

The device basically has the basic housing and the basket for deep-frying. With a Weight of 3,3 kg this model is very much robust and stable. What I quickly noticed is that you can always see the food from above using a viewing window, for this reason you can also see whether the food is ready without opening the deep fryer.

What I also find pleasant is that there are various above the Tefal deep fryer Frying Descriptions are appropriate. For these reasons, it is easy to see the temperatures at which meat, fish and French fries, for example, need to be prepared. The thermostat is up to one Temperature of 190 ° C adjustable.

What further impressed me is that the Tefal deep fryer has a Activated carbon filter to filter the odors. The filter thus catches strong smelling odors immediately without the kitchen completely smelling of the food. This is a very helpful point, especially with fish.

Overall, the capacity includes the basket itself 1,5 kg of fried food.

Tefal Fryer Super Uno Access FR3100 pictures

What can I prepare with the deep fryer?

The fryer from Tefal Uno Access FR3100 offers a wide range of applications and allows the preparation of many different foods. Any food that can be fried with oil can be used here. These include, for example:

· French fries, potatoes, croquettes
Meat (poultry, schnitzel, etc.)
· Fish
· Meatballs
Vegetables (cauliflower, zuccini, etc.)
Fruit (baked banana, apple rings)

Numerous individual recipes can also be tried out.

What should I put attention on? Which oil? Tips!

If you would like to fry regularly, you should always observe a few basic rules so that the food tastes even better. For deep-frying you should always use this correct oil or fat to be selected. There are big differences in what determines the later taste.

Basically, there are special oils for deep-frying that can withstand very high temperatures of up to 190 ° C. Furthermore, it is important that the food only after cooking with salt and pepper be seasoned. Also for deep-frying Palm oil, coconut oil or clarified butter very suitable. Refined olive oil can also be used without hesitation. However, the inherent taste is very intense, which is by no means compatible with all dishes.

When it starts to smoke, fats and oils start saponifying and it becomes the Substance acrolein released. This not only creates a pungent odor, but is also hazardous to health.

Lastly, you should be following Remember the guiding principle:  

The drier the food gets into the deep fryer, the better is it.

Important: The activated carbon filter must be changed regularly!

What temperatures do I need?

The ideal fat temperature for most of the food is included about 180 degrees. At this temperature the crust can form quickly and little fat or oil will penetrate inside.


At a too low temperature the fried food will be against it soak up heavily with fat or oil and the food becomes greasy and heavy. At a too high temperature On the other hand, the crust of the fried food will form too quickly and turn brown while the food inside is not yet fully baked. In order to determine the correct temperature of the deep fat fryer, this deep fryer has a Thermostat with indicator light. That makes the preparation much easier.

If you can hear a hissing sound and the flour or breadcrumbs turn brown quickly, the correct temperature has been reached. Otherwise you should wait a little longer or the temperature will increase.

Cleaning the Tefal deep fryer Super Uno Access FR3100

In my opinion, cleaning the Tefal Super Uno Access FR3100 fryer has the great advantage that many parts are dishwasher-safe. The container with non-stick coating is easy to clean as the container and lid are removable and dishwasher-safe, as is the basket with handle.

Alternatively, the individual parts can also be washed by hand if they are needed again immediately.


Advantages and disadvantages of the Tefal fryer Super Uno Access FR3100


  • Good price segment
  • Easy handling
  • Versatile
  • Suitable for dishwasher
  • Adjustable thermostat


  • Activated carbon filter must be changed regularly (costs)
  • Strong odor despite the filter


Conclusion: Tefal fryer Super Uno Access FR3100

You prefer a easy to use Deep fryer is looking for that versatile and easy to clean will do everything right with the Tefal deep fryer. The optical design is just as convincing in my opinion as that robust stability. The viewing window enables constant insight into the deep-frying process.

This deep fryer is particularly suitable when things have to be done quickly or when the preparation is to be carried out for several people.

I find the current price of 74,99 euros to be fair and in line with the market. Overall, I am absolutely satisfied with the Tefal Super Uno Access FR3100 deep fryer and can therefore only recommend it. She definitely passed my test.

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