Terrace fountain with LED column fountain

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Terrace fountain with LED column pillars

Terrace fountain with LED column fountain

The day is running out. It ripples gently and playfully and the light, stimulating smell of fresh, swirling water clears the way into your nose. Summer evening is only superficially warm, it gets fresh and the grill is still steaming away. Crickets chirp ... - something like that has been going on since the Gothic period. Wells and rippling water attract us. Since not everyone can access a castle park by captivating gorgeous playful fountains, the column fountains now come into our apartments, houses, gardens and the balconies.
In this Guide let's deal with the play of water. What you can get from the 2024 bestseller: The best and most popular in the top 10 comparison | Honest Tests You should pay attention to why LED technology is a great addition and what the care of your patio fountain should look like.
Water: March! - Terrace fountain with LED column fountain

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Terrace fountain with LED column fountain - in comparison

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Köhko fountain, Saxon Switzerland ... *Dehner garden fountain Largo with LED lighting, ... *Dehner garden fountain Albero with LED lighting, ... *Amur garden fountain fountain decorative fountain...*Arnusa fountain Grada can be planted with LED ... *Solar garden fountain fountain TREE STUMPS & CLAY JUGS ... *Dehner garden fountain Foresta with LED lighting, ... *Arnusa fountain Botana anthracite with ... *Dehner garden fountain Florero with LED lighting, ... *blumfeldt Felsquell - solar cascade fountain, ... *
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249,99 €399,99 €258,53 €109,95 €249,99 €179,95 €Check priceCheck price249,99 €89,99 €
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The LED technology is becoming ever more sophisticated, effective and modern. It saves a lot of power, because not a whole lot more Flashlight must be made to light up. The light that generates an LED is minimal. A lens through which the small spark of light is sent increases scattering. This makes it "more".

LED is thus not only dimmable, but can shine through the different colored lenses in all imaginable colors.

Terrace fountain with LED

They are available in the most diverse forms and that is what makes them Fountains so attractive. Basically they fit everywhere. They differed not only in the shape, the material and the installed LED technology, but also in the price and weight.

Colorful possibilities

Which shapes are interesting?

All these are available with monochrome LED or changing colors.


What you should buy is one Water Treatment, So no lime and no algae can form.
Little one Deco - Articles complete the ensemble. Floating or hanging, also around the terrace well, you can drape your personal belongings, which make your fountain something unique.

✪ Some high quality wells allow to adjust the different colors of the LED with a remote control. ✪


Different materials give different looks. From rustic to noble.

Stainless Steel

brushed Edelstahl is very easy to care for and robust, yet natural. Its shiny surface gives it an extra touch of chic. Stainless steel does not rust and has a long service life. Pay attention to the bestseller 2024: The best and most popular in the top 10 comparison | Honest Tests Make sure that you use high-quality stainless steel fountains. They should be slightly welded and/or screwed. Everything assembled will show play over time.


Glass is vulnerable, but especially in conjunction with stainless steel very high quality. The processed Glassware should not be too thin and very stable. Smaller vibrations (for example, from transport) have to be taken away. Should the well break once, that may Glass not thin and fibrous everywhere splinter.


The completely stone wells are usually too heavy and need a lot of water and energy. Something, what the real one Natural Stone but comes very close to Polyserin. This is a synthetic resin mixed with broken stone and sand. This is easier and still looks almost real.


Plastic is easy to work with and is usually durable for a long time. It may break very easily. Sometimes the color goes away. Minor damage can still be repaired under certain circumstances. For larger, the entire column well can be disabled. They can be reasonably sensitive, the wells.
If you look for a terrace well Plastic If you decide not to use it (especially in winter) you should protect it against the weather.

Power Supply

The Power Supply takes place with most wells either over one Solarcell or over a perfectly normal streampower outlet.

Anyone who decides to use solar energy does not have to worry about his electricity bill if he keeps his well constantly and often in operation. Many common wells have to the Solarzelle still a permanently installed battery. This guarantees a bubbly even at night.

With the fixed current you should perhaps still on the Cablespay attention or you have to extension cable to plan with.

height and weight

The weight can vary greatly and is not only of the size but also of the processed one Subjectl dependent. Of course, plastic is lighter than stainless steel. If you want to put your fountain in the house in the winter or in the frost-proof garage, consider also the Transport, If the well is too heavy and unwieldy, then accidents are often inevitable.

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Inside and outside

There is nothing wrong with setting up a patio fountain for outdoor use indoors as well. Some wells splash but to himself. They are usually with more Water filled and accordingly "coarser". Those looking for a really "clean" affair for their living room should also pay attention to the many customer opinions and reviews. The user is very critical about products from the internet.

★ Wells are also suitable as humidifiers! ★


Not every well tolerates frost. On the one hand, it's the materials, such as plastic, that do not like frost at all. On the other hand, water spreads in the frozen state. This can lead to the complete destruction of the well.
For this reason, always pay attention to the information provided by the manufacturer!

What you can get from the 2024 bestseller: The best and most popular in the top 10 comparison | Honest tests should be taken into account

Here we have a small checklist that will give you your bestsellers 2024: The best and most popular in the top 10 comparison | Honest testing decisions should simplify:

  • How much money do I want to spend on the well?
  • how heavy and big should he be?
  • what material should he use?
  • give me one color or should the fountain in several Colors to shine?
  • can and must he stay outside in winter? Can I ensure the care?
  • which power supply should he have?
  • did I think of the accessories?
  • is the Pump quieter than the sound of the water?


The Water Treatment hilft Calciumresidues and the formation of Algae to avoid. Still, you should keep the fountain regular cleanso that nothing can settle anywhere and mold. And with some care, you will enjoy your fountain for a long time. If your fountain needs to be outside in winter, there are some things to keep in mind:

  • Before it freezes, all the water must come out of the well and also out of the pipes
  • You can protect him with dirt and leaves Plane
  • Interrupt power and also the Plug protect from weather and water
  • if Filter are present, they must also be cleaned and stored safely

How far can your well be dismantled? To protect and preserve it is worth the effort to disassemble, cleanse and then store it.
However, some wells generally have to be protected from frost and can not stand outside in winter. The manufacturers have made their recommendations.

After a long period of disuse, a column well has to be cleaned as well, something is always collecting somewhere in the infinite widths of an object.

A water exchange is also recommended. The accessories have to be exchanged so that the fountain is no paradise for bacteria and germs.

If the well (even in summer) is in the rain, also take into account that the precipitating water will dilute the water of your well enriched with chemicals. This may require further addition or even replacement of the water in the well.


A Buddha in the study - a ball on the terrace, a wall of water in the living room. That also saves energy and colorful. The column wells not only look chic, they can also be decorated in person and can be used as a Luftbefeuchter be used, let's be honest: the splashing calms and relaxes a lot.
Granted, the wells need a bit of care and that varies from model to model. It's worth it, you can upgrade every living area. Acoustically and visually. Your area becomes something special. And running water revives not only the air, but especially the soul.

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Dehner garden fountain Salo with LED lighting, approx. 81 x 34 x 33...*
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Lots of positives Buyer ratings are often a sign that people are happy with the patio fountain product.

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