The best dating tips for men


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The best dating tips for men

The best dating tips for men

The best dating tips for men - this is sure to make your first dates a success

The best dating tips for men: In most cases it is not that easy for men to find out what women really expect from them. Especially when it comes to their first dates, the question arises for many of how they can convince their dream woman without going overboard. So if you finally dared and asked your chosen one out on a date, you will probably be excited about the event.

We have therefore collected some flirting tips for you and explain what you should pay attention to so that your first date is a complete success and there is also a second and many more dates. So nothing stands in the way of an exciting time with a great woman by your side and she won't be able to wait to see you again soon. - Best dating tips for men

While we can never fully understand the secrets of women, there are some dating tips for men that we can stick to to ensure that we are well prepared for the first date and that we are confident and confident about the best we can can get us out.

The best dating tips for men

Wear chic clothes in which you feel comfortable

As the saying goes: clothes make the man and that also applies to the first date. Therefore, you should make sure to wear clothes that you feel absolutely comfortable in, but that are still chic. You won't be able to impress your dream woman if you show up on the first date with sweatpants and an old t-shirt.

The shoes are also particularly important, as many women attach great importance to them. A first date is also a perfect occasion to treat yourself to new clothes and maybe invest in a pair of chic trousers and a matching shirt or t-shirt. In this way, you show your female counterpart that you care what she thinks of you and that you dress accordingly.

Be groomed and style yourself

Of course, you should also smell good on your date, so you should definitely shower beforehand. A visit to the hairdresser and the associated styling can also give you a real advantage at the first meeting with the new woman of your heart. A good scent and a strong deodorant should not be missing before the date, although you should not overdo it.

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Show her you're up to date

It is particularly important to most women to have a partner with whom they can talk about current issues and who knows what is happening in the world. One of the most important flirting tips is therefore to always be “up to date” and not to bore the woman with whom you will spend the evening. The best way to do this is to watch the news regularly and also read the newspaper. Current topics are always ideal for starting a conversation or breaking short periods of silence.

Finding the right topics to talk about - a real challenge on a first date

When the time has finally come and the date is approaching, it is above all the lack of potential topics of conversation that makes many men sweat. But with our dating tips for men, that doesn’t have to be the case. If you notice that the woman by your side is particularly shy, just start telling them a little bit about yourself and address current situations. You will quickly notice how she warms up a bit and is also ready to tell more about herself, although you should always listen very carefully and ask questions to show your interest in the young lady. Other good first date topics include:

your goals in life

Most women are attracted to men who have clear goals in life and work towards them. The important thing is not to have a good and highly paid job, but rather to show that you are honest and want to achieve something in your life. A life with perspectives is the basis for most questions, why you want to get to know a man better and finally fall in love with him.

your interests

One of your most important tasks on a first date will be to find out what her interests are and what she is passionate about. This way you not only show interest in her, but you always have the perfect topic of conversation ready to impress your dream woman. If she finds traveling particularly exciting, address this topic and describe to her where you have already been and where you would still like to travel. In this way, she will already imagine being able to discover these beautiful places with you and nothing will stand in the way of another meeting.

Topics you should rather avoid On the first date, please make sure not to tell too much about yourself. Most women find it far from exciting to never have a say and not be allowed to tell anything about themselves. Therefore, make sure that it tells of itself and opens up to you.

The perfect places for the first date

You can't go wrong here

• a nice walk followed by a visit to the café
• Sightseeing in your own city: get a tour guide and visit places together where otherwise only tourists would be
• a museum or an exhibition: show that you are sophisticated, but only if you are really interested in the respective subject areas
• Have a picnic somewhere special
• Have fun with bowling, skittles, darts or billiards

The best dating tips for men - Always be yourself - Be who you are -

Radiate calm and serenity, be open and curious

You can find tips for a romantic evening for two >> here

The second date - it can go on like this

If you have an exciting first meeting behind you and you think that she would also like a second date, it is best to indicate on the same evening that you would like to see her again. However, that is not enough and you should quickly and yet unobtrusively show a woman who is really interested in again that you want to meet up with yourself again.

The best way to do this is to send her a message about one or two days after the first meeting, in which you say how much you liked the first meeting and whether she might have time the following weekend. If you were wrong and she is not interested, don't be disappointed but happy that you can now turn to other women who might be a better fit for you.

If she does and she replies positively to your message, you should now think about what you could do on your second date. However, it is particularly important that you enjoy the date and approach your chosen one in a relaxed manner. In addition, the second date can be a little more exciting than the first. Another visit to the coffee house or a simple visit to the cinema will probably not knock the woman of his dreams off her chair.

You should therefore choose one of the following options:

• Visit an amusement park or climbing park: the adrenaline provides a special kick that will connect you.
• Go ice skating
• Take a trip to the lake and take a boat trip
• goes on a bike or inline skate tour
• take part in a cocktail class or a wine tasting

The second date – and then?

Have you already had a second date and are you still blown away by your new dream woman? Then congratulations, because if you are interested in another date, you are well on your way to the next step. Interestingly, it's not just a rumor that the third date is the most common first date, but don't let that pressure you. Even a first kiss on a third date can feel absolutely right and be the start of a great love relationship.

Still, it's a good idea to invite your new lady of hearts over to your house on the third date and cook for her, for example, as this shows her that you're really interested in her and that you're trying to impress her. No matter how simple the dish, if the woman is genuinely interested, she will want to return the favor as soon as possible. So approach the third date with a lot of ease and composure, because nothing can go wrong. However, it is important to move the date to the weekend, because the work stress of the week is already behind you and you can look forward to the evening together and everything else to come.

However, it is important to make sure that, even if you go to a small, cozy restaurant, you make sure that your apartment is tidy, that the bed is freshly made and that there is no embarrassing dirty laundry lying around in the bedroom. It is quite possible that you will spend the rest of the evening together at your house. It is therefore advisable to have a sparkling good night drink in the fridge, as alcohol reduces nervousness somewhat.

If you take all these tips into account, nothing stands in the way of the perfect first three dates and you will soon have a new woman at your side who will go through life with you and be happy to be your friend.

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