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VERITAS Sarah - Mechanical sewing machine for beginners and beginners with 13 stitch programs, free arm, LED sewing light and electric foot control

Nowadays, DIY projects are more modern than ever, and an electric sewing machine can also be used. Whether in furniture construction, textiles or classic everyday objects: Those who let their thoughts run free and then implement them with everyday materials can create true works of art. These projects can usually not only be implemented particularly cost-effectively, but will also always produce very individual results. Depending on their skill and their own interests, everyone can create appropriate products that are not only unique, but also often have very practical benefits.

Singer Heavy Duty 4432 made of plasticinformationJuki HZL-LB5100 computer sewing machine with 100 sewing programs (utility, elastic and decorative stitches), automatic sewing, free arm, beginners, multifunctional displayinformationSinger Talent 3323, sewing machineinformationBrother JX17FE sewing machine with 17 sewing programs, free arm, electric sewing machinesinformationW6 VALUE WORK N 1235 / 61 Sewing Machine (Free Arm Super Utility Sewing Machine (29 Programs)) WhiteinformationBrother J17's sewing machine, semi-automatic, electromechanical - white, 4-Step buttonhole, 4 mminformationinformationinformationSinger Tradition 2273 Free Arm Utility Stitch Sewing Machine, 23 Sewing Programs, Whiteinformation
SingerCOMPLETE: Electronic sewing machine with 100 sewing stitches including decorative stitchesOver 23 sewing programs, with utility and decorative stitches, including stretch stitches【EASY TO USE】 A particularly intuitive, compact, convenient and handy sewing machine. Ideal for beginners and sewing enthusiasts23 sewing programs; e.g. straight and zigzag stitch, elastic blind stitch, lingerie stitch, stretch, straight and zigzag stitch, diamond stitch, overcasting stitch, special overlock stitch, feather stitchBrother J17s. Product color: White.23 sewing programs (6 utility stitches, 5 stretch stitches and 11 decorative stitches)
Singer Heavy Duty 4432ROBUST: Ideal for sewing thanks to the rotating gripper and inside metal materialquick presser foot change thanks to the automatic snap mechanism, variable stitch length and width【SUPER COMPLETE】 17 sewing stitches, backstitch, straight stitch in 6 designs, elastic stitches, buttonhole in 4 steps, adjustment of the buttonhole foot, needle position control, ...Built-in needle threader; Fast, easy threading of the needleType: Semi-automatic sewing machine.AC input voltage 220 - 240V
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If you are particularly creative and are also interested in special fashion trends, an electric sewing machine could convince you. With this product you will be able to implement any sewing idea quickly and easily. Depending on the scope of work and possible prior knowledge, you can choose between very different models, so that you will surely find a suitable product for your work area. If you are one too electric sewing machine If you want to buy, you can find the bestsellers 2024: The best and most popular in the top 10 comparison | Honest testing decisions will be made much easier by the following content. An intensive comparison will be presented to you Sewing machines test winner presented.

The electric sewing machine in comparison

Below we will show you 3 models of electric sewing machines. All products are rated “very good” by Stiftung Warentest and are therefore particularly suitable for beginner sewers – even without any prior knowledge!

1. Singer Mercury 8280 utility seam sewing machine

This model is offered as a free-arm sewing machine and impresses with its special sewing stitch quality. The machine is fully equipped. It not only has an automatic threader, but also a user-friendly reverse sewing button and an automatic thread cutter. The integrated threader ensures that the thread is not only picked up safely, but also processed reliably. The electric sewing machine from Singer not only works particularly quietly, but is also very easy to operate - an ideal model for every sewing beginner.

New! SINGER M2505 SINGER M2505* 199,00 €
New! Singer c7225 Singer c7225* 1.110,68 €

This model can usually be purchased for around € 100, making it particularly attractive for beginners.
With 13 different programs and 7 different stitch types, the electric sewing machine from Singer is more in the middle of the field. In addition, it has no display, which could make the sewing exercises much easier. If you opt for this model from Singer, you will only receive a 2-year guarantee on the product - a clear bottom in the product comparison!

2. Brother Innov-is 10 Anniversary

This model is also offered as a free-arm sewing machine. This product has an integrated display, which makes work with millimeter precision possible. Thanks to the automatic threader, the threads can be inserted quickly and precisely, so that even and clean stitches can be created. The extensive equipment of the device makes it possible that this product is suitable for both thick and thin fabrics.
Unfortunately, this electric sewing machine only has 16 sewing programs, so that the sewing variants with this model are significantly limited. The guarantee period for this device is only 3 years - particularly short compared to many other electric sewing machines. With a product price of around € 300-350, this device is extremely expensive.

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3. W6 N 3300 exclusive

The W6 N3300 exclusive is clearly the top seller of the electric sewing machines. This computer sewing machine is number 4 of the numerous sewing machines and impresses not least with its 120 sewing programs. The machine also has a display with which the individual work steps can not only be set precisely, but also tracked in a targeted manner. This sewing machine can be quickly and easily expanded into an embroidery machine, so that many other handicrafts are also possible with it. In addition to actual sewing, this machine can also be used for embroidery, patching and quilting. The automatic sewing function and the thread tension ensure the necessary precision when working. Thanks to the LED HQ sewing light, you can also put your sewing ideas into practice in the dark.

This electric sewing machine not only works particularly quietly, it is also very easy to operate. In addition, it ensures even and clean stitches, which are of great importance for a successful product. This electric sewing machine is the only product that has a 10-year guarantee! This electric sewing machine is particularly expensive because of its numerous additional functions. The regular purchase price is around € 250-300. This machine is therefore really only suitable for those customers who want to do other handicrafts in addition to sewing.

Buying an electric sewing machine made easy

Due to the extensive product range, you can choose from a wide variety of items in the field of electric sewing machines. So that you too can make a targeted decision on a suitable product, you should first record your own expectations of the machine. Important questions would be: Do I already have a basic knowledge or do I have to acquire all work steps? Is a classic product enough for me to sew or do I want to use it for other manual work? Am I interested in comfortable equipment or is a classic sewing machine with all of its basic functions sufficient? How much budget do I have? Does the warranty period play a decisive role for me?

As soon as you have been able to clarify these questions for yourself, the bestsellers 2024: The best and most popular in the top 10 comparison | Making honest test decisions much easier. You then have a variety of options to choose from when purchasing products. On the one hand, you can purchase the machine from a specialist dealer, where you can also get professional advice. On the other hand, electric sewing machines are increasingly being offered as special offers in supermarkets. The key factor here is the low price - professional advice cannot be expected here. Of course, you can also make your purchase online. All sewing machines are also offered on the Internet. The quick and easy product comparison and the often low prices are attracting more and more customers. Of course, personal advice cannot be provided here!

Discover the top 10 of the best and best-selling electric sewing machine products 2024 on Ehrliche Tests. We show a selection of the most popular items that have great customer reviews and value for money. Find the perfect electric sewing machine product for your needs now!

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