Roast syringe - great kitchen helper for meat & fish

EXTSUD 60ml BBQ roast syringe with 3 needles, in stainless steel 304 for all parts grill marinade syringe spice syringe Kitchen helper for BBQ meat beef chicken pastries with jam, FDA certification MULTI-WAY

The roast syringe - great kitchen helper for meat, fish and Co. The delicious scent from the kitchen when you prepare a roast or a delicious fish dish! Gorgeous! It makes your mouth water. To ensure that such dishes get the right consistency - ideally crispy on the outside and wonderfully juicy on the inside - a roasting syringe is a very helpful kitchen utensil in addition to cooking knowledge.

Premiala - The only marinade syringe in stainless steel 304 for all...Ofargo stainless steel meat syringe with 3 marinade injection needles...OFG meat syringe made of 304 stainless steel, with 4 marinade needles for...Meat syringe marinade syringe, BBQ roasting syringe 60ml with 3...Ofargo meat syringe made of 304 stainless steel, with 4 marinade needles...EXTSUD 60ml BBQ roasting syringe with 3 needles, in stainless steel 304 for...Pulled pork set including meat syringe, roasting syringe stainless steel...B.PRIME marinating syringe INOX 60mlMeat syringe, marinating syringe, roasting syringe, 304...60ml BBQ marinade syringe stainless steel roasting syringe with 3...
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Premiala - The only marinade syringe in...*Ofargo stainless steel meat syringe with 3 ... *OFG meat syringe made of 304 stainless steel, with 4 ... *Meat syringe, marinade syringe, BBQ roast syringe...*Ofargo meat syringe made of 304 stainless steel, with 4 ... *EXTSUD 60ml BBQ syringe with 3 needles, in ... *Pulled Pork Set including meat syringe, ... *B.PRIME marinating syringe INOX 60ml *Meat syringe, marinating syringe, roasting syringe,...*60ml BBQ marinade syringe stainless steel roasting syringe...*
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◼️ The Premiala 60 ml marinade syringe injects spices and ...◼️ Leak-proof and robust for many years--metallic...◼️ Leak-proof and robust for many years: metallic ...◼️ 【3 types of needles and a marinating brush】 Two 14-14.5cm ...◼️ Leak-proof and durable for years: 100% ...◼️ Made from durable stainless steel. For marinating ...◼️ 3 types of needles: A 15cm needle with 12 holes ensures ...◼️ Easy marinating - seasoning roasts, fish, pastries, etc. from ...◼️ ➨Easy to use➨Ergonomic thread design, easy ...◼️ ♥ 【304 stainless steel material】: The Nifogo barbecue syringe ...
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€32,95€24,99€24,99€15,96€34,99€16,99€23,99Check price€15,99€15,98
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With the help of the roasting syringe, spice mixtures and liquids can easily be poured over the food or directly into the affected meat. There are no limits to your imagination! Deliciously fragrant herbs with a vegetable stock or hot spices with a meat broth can be put into the roasting syringe and “injected” directly into the tissue. This is how the perfect Sunday roast, the menu for a celebration or delicious marinades for the upcoming barbecue season succeed.

The roast syringe

A simple and reliable cooking utensil. In addition to good ingredients, dedication and passion, cooking requires time and the simplest possible steps. The roast syringe relieves the cook of work and also makes it easier. Various cooking utensils are required for different types of meat and dishes.

It mainly depends on what is to be prepared. Depending on the type of meat, you can use one of the two variants of a roasting syringe.

The very classic roasting syringe initially looks like a large injection syringe. The only difference is a blunt point and no needle. Roast syringes are often provided with a scale that makes it easier for the cook to portion the food correctly.

The second variant of the roast syringe is similar to an enema syringe. This has a long tip and a separate rubber body, similar to that of a bellows. This type of roast syringe is particularly popular because you only need one hand to operate it, which makes the work much easier.

Most roasting syringes also contain a very robust spray nozzle. The gravy, the stock mixture or the spice jus can be added directly to the food or directly into the meat.

Versatile helper for roast syringe

Due to the simple handling, the result can cook evenly. If you add the spice mixture directly to meat, fish or poultry, the meat will be juicy and consistently spicy. During roasting and preparation, the gravy can be absorbed and evenly distributed over the food. This not only has the advantage that the preparation is well distributed, but also prevents too much gravy from escaping unused.

You can easily make your own spice mixes in all flavors. Here you can taste in peace and create the right flavor note. How about a honey and mustard mixture? Something exotic mixed with a slight spiciness. Or something sweet with sugar and fruit juice for that certain extravagant taste? There are no limits to the imagination and what tastes good is allowed.

Advantage: The extended “injection needle” reduces the risk of burning your hands on a hot stove or oven.


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The processing of the roast syringes

As with all utensils in the kitchen, the roasting syringe is available in different designs and thus also price ranges. The filling quantity is often the same for roast syringes. This is around 50ml. In most cases, nothing more is necessary. If so, you have to fill the roasting syringe in two steps.

The difference that affects the price is in the quality. Inexpensive roast syringes are usually made of plastic. This means that they are not exactly heat-resistant and can quickly become damaged. The containers of the cheap models are mostly transparent and sometimes have 2 holes in the "needle".

The middle price segment has a more solid workmanship. There are up to four holes in the “needle” here, which enables a better flow. The upper price category is characterized above all by high-quality workmanship - mostly made of stainless steel. Many of these roasting syringes can even be put in the dishwasher after use, which significantly reduces the cleaning effort.

She takes care of variety

Would you like a delicious, extravagant menu for a special occasion? The roast syringe offers the ideal opportunity. How about a quick duck á l'Orange, for example?

[list style = "star-orange"] [list_item]Preparation of quick duck á l'Orange[/ list_item] [/ list]

The duck legs should be seared until they have a golden brown skin. The fat can be removed with a kitchen towel. The roasting syringe is filled with orange liqueur, such as Cointreau. Inject directly into the leg. Depending on the power of the oven, the legs have to cook for a few minutes. The liqueur spreads inside and brings a wonderful orange note into play. Delicious. This goes well with rice, a delicious salad and delicious side dishes that underline the orange taste.

An indispensable helper in the barbecue season

You can smell it from the gardens: the barbecue season has started and the smell of the pan-fried food makes you hungry! Ideal if you can easily make the marinades for the food yourself and add them directly to the meat. The roast syringe ensures an even result. The spicy marinade can penetrate the pores of the meat through small punctures.

A real benefit for the grill master are marinating syringes, which also fall under the roast syringe category. With this helpful utensil, the grilled food will be anything but bland and dry. The roast syringe has therefore proven itself especially when it comes to the taste of pan-fried foods.

If you just "rub" the meat with marinade before grilling, the spicy taste cannot develop inside. The meat is then spicy on the outside, but rather tasteless on the inside. It doesn't have to be! The roast syringe allows the marinade to penetrate deeper parts of the meat. This is especially beneficial because it allows for a certain juiciness. The roasting syringe is therefore ideal for meat that is already dry, such as turkey.

Cleaning the roast syringe

After the great pleasure comes the annoying tidying up and cleaning work. So that you don't invest tedious time here, the roasting syringe is even dishwasher safe in the best case. However, this is only the case if this notice is noted in the instructions for use. Otherwise it can lead to unsightly damage or, in the worst case, the destruction of the roast syringe.

If the roasting syringe is not dishwasher-safe due to its nature, you can only clean it by hand. Dried spices and marinades can really spoil your mood. With lukewarm water and washing-up liquid - ideally let it soak briefly - the residues dissolve easily.

Finally, rinse with clear water so that no detergent residues are left behind. Proper cleaning is important so that the roasting syringe maintains a hygienic condition and is ready for the next use.

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EXTSUD 60ml BBQ roasting syringe with 3 needles, in stainless steel 304 for...
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EXTSUD 60ml BBQ roasting syringe with 3 needles, in stainless steel 304 for...*
  • EXTSUD gravy can be used universally to marinate different types of meat and also for baking.
  • Made from durable stainless steel. For marinating meat: Suitable for pork, beef, chicken, poultry, fish,...
  • Just clean it. You can unscrew the needles again and these are then easy to wash.
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  • ➹ 【Easy to disassemble and easy to clean】 The meat syringe can be easily disassembled into parts that can be easily unscrewed ...
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Ofargo Meat Syringe Marinade Syringe, Meat Injectors for...*
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  • Precise scale markings - meat injector keg marks a precise scale, precise control of the amount of sauce to ensure that the ...
mumbi 36833 roasting syringe marinade syringe spice syringe...
mumbi 36833 roasting syringe, marinade syringe, spice syringe...*
Ideal for roasts, pulled pork, steaks, chicken, turkey and more.; The stainless steel cannulas are particularly sharp and durable.
Commercial grade turkey roasting syringe,...
Commercial grade turkey roasting squirt,...*
Silicone Spice Pump Size: 31 x 6cm; Made of stainless steel and silicone, lightweight and portable.
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JUJNE BBQ turkey roasting syringe with measuring roasting syringe...*
[Easy to clean] Cleaning is easy to clean with water. Dishwasher safe; Useful: Very useful barbecue tool.
Wilton Easy Flex Silicone Oven Squirt
Wilton Easy Flex Silicone Oven Pan*
Resistant to stains and odors; Simple and practical storage

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