Time Cube Test: Time management cubes for your effective time management


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Time Management Cube
Time Management Cube

For better time management and motivation, I discovered and tested these time management cubes from GSY. I will introduce you to many possibilities of use and utilization. Whether you call the part countdown cube, time management cube, time cube, cube timer or egg timer is up to you.

Dice Timer or Cube Timer

GSY's Cube Timer is a handy time management tool designed in the shape of a cube. It comes in many colors. Here I would like to introduce you to the color white and pink. The white cube has four different time intervals: 1, 3, 5 and 10 minutes. The pink cube has four different time intervals: 15, 20, 30 and 60 minutes.

Both cubes work with a gravity sensor and automatically start the time measurement as soon as you turn the cube upside down with the desired countdown. The Cube Timer is perfect for studying, cooking, working out, yoga and much more.

Simple & effective

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Do you know that, you have plans and have to take out your smartphone again to set a timer? You can just leave it there or leave it there! The cube is only turned briefly and the timer starts. You don't often have a China gadget that is so simple and yet has many advantages.

Since there are 2 different Cube Timers, you have more choice when it comes to time settings. I wanted to be flexible and prepared for different situations.

This is how I use the time management cube

Here you have a few ideas how I use the cube timer or how you could use it. All time specifications are only examples, which can of course be variable.

  • Home office: On the desk for breaks or direct time-limited tasks that I set myself.
  • Sports: 20-minute workouts or a short 3-minute exercise are possible.
  • Household: Clean up a specific room or complete a task in 10 minutes.
  • Games: Parlor game like Tabu or others where a running time is needed.
  • Raising children: Motivation and time reminder for tasks, whether studying, tidying up, playing or going to sleep.
  • Sporting tournaments: Time-limited sports games or change by time are possible.
  • Cooking baking: Can be used as a kitchen timer/egg timer for many preparations.
  • Bathroom: Limit bath time & brushing teeth.
  • Breaks: 5 minutes you just want to take
  • Hobbies: limit your free time to your hobby instead of wasting time.

Setting & Operation

2 AAA batteries must be inserted into the battery compartment, then you can use a slide switch from the off mode you Hi mode or Lo mode to adjust.

With the Hi mode and Lo mode you switch on the time management cube and at the same time select the Volume (louder/quieter) of the acoustic signal.

A small simple mini display shows the running time remaining. It's not always easy to read the display due to the rotations of the cube, but usually you just don't need it. For me it shouldn't have had a display, but it's built in.

To select a specific timer, all you have to do is turn the cube to the appropriate position. The desired timer (number) is displayed on top of the cube.

The Cube Timer is very easy to operate. You simply rotate the dice to start the timer. The gravity sensor ensures that the timer starts automatically as soon as you turn the cube over. As soon as the preset time has expired, an acoustic signal sounds. Turning it off is just as easy, you turn the Cube Timer back to the cube side without a timer=number.

Time Management Cube
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Conclusion on the Time Cube

Overall it is a very simple but effective china gadget to control a time or time management. In terms of price, it could be a bit cheaper because it only has a small sensor + mini display and some plastic. You can certainly get it cheaper somewhere directly from China, but Amazon is simply and directly available. Nevertheless, it serves its purpose well and I can only recommend the Time Cube!


– super easy to use
– Gravity sensor fast and direct
– Simple design + many colors available
- can be used for many things


– unfortunately no 2x batteries (AAA) included
- could be a bit cheaper

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