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Table dishwasher | Mini dishwasher

A real one dishwasher is practical, but also big. It does not fit in every apartment and certainly not in a camper. Does a table dishwasher really have to be? Prejudices such as: "Well, I'm just getting the three cups rinsed myself!"
The table dishwasher is an extremely practical and hygienic companion. With us you can find out why this is the case and what options you have, what you should pay attention to when buying a table dishwasher and the advantages and disadvantages of a dishwasher. - Table dishwasher | Mini dishwasher

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Table dishwasher - in comparison

MEDION mini dishwasher (table dishwasher, ...Bomann TSG 7402.1 dishwasher / table dishwasher, ...Midea ST 3.20N mini dishwasher table dishwasher, ...respekta GSPU 42 A Mini built-in dishwasher 42 cm LED ...MEDION table dishwasher (6 place settings, 6 ...Bomann TSG 7404 table dishwasher, 6 place settings, 5 ...Mini Portable Automatic Countertop Dishwasher ...Klarstein Amazonia Mini Dishwasher Dishwasher ...Klarstein Azuria table dishwasher, free-standing, 6 ...Klarstein Aquatica - Mini Table Dishwasher, EEC A, 125 ...
429,99€300,00€259,99€169,00€359,99€223,99€Check priceCheck priceCheck price239,99€
MEDION mini dishwasher (table dishwasher, ... *Bomann TSG 7402.1 Dishwasher /...*Midea ST 3.20N mini dishwasher ... *respekta GSPU 42 A Mini built-in dishwasher 42 ... *MEDION table dishwasher (6 place settings ... *Bomann TSG 7404 table dishwasher, 6 ... *Mini Portable Automatic Countertop ... *Klarstein Amazonia Mini Dishwasher ... *Klarstein Azuria table dishwasher, ... *Klarstein Aquatica - Mini Table Dishwasher, ... *
◼️ Mini dishwasher with compact dimensions, 6 washing programs, ...◼️ Can be used with or without a water connection thanks to the 5L water tank, ideal ...◼️ Perfect washing results - soiled dishes every ...◼️ Energy efficiency class G◼️ Compact and free-standing table dishwasher for 6 ...◼️ Ideal dishwasher for camping, caravans, offices and ...◼️ Efficient: the dishwasher uses ultraviolet + ...◼️ N / A◼️ N / A◼️ COMPACT AND SIMPLE: The requirements are compact and simple ...
◼️ Water supply: you can connect the dishwasher to a ...◼️ The compact housing offers space for plenty of cutlery, ...◼️ Water supply: you can connect the dishwasher to a ...◼️ 2 place settings,◼️ Systematic cleanliness: Choose from the following programs: Intensive, ...◼️ The compact housing offers space for plenty of cutlery, ...◼️ Easy to use control panel: the dishwasher is equipped with ...◼️ N / A◼️ N / A◼️ PERFORMANCE: There is space for two place settings inside of the ...
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429,99€300,00€259,99€169,00€359,99€223,99€Check priceCheck priceCheck price239,99€
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What is a table dishwasher

A table dishwasher is smaller. In principle, that's the only difference to a normal dishwasher. The materials are the same, the mini dishwasher has different programs for the wash cycle and also for drying, it can be assembled by yourself and inside it there is a sophisticated system for most high-quality models, where you can put plates and cups and cutlery can accommodate space-saving. Some devices also have a timer.

Inside there is usually a compartment for cutlery and a basket for plate, Cups and Co.

Who is a table dishwasher suitable for?

Do I actually need it? If you have a small apartment, you may also have space problems with a single dishwasher. For a small table dishwasher, on the other hand, you can actually find a place everywhere. If you:

  • have a small apartment
  • owns a motorhome
  • with pleasure Camp Fährstr
  • you can own a party room
  • have a small kitchen in the office or
  • are looking for a present

a small dishwasher is really an option for you.

Today's devices use less water and less Dish soapas if you were washing by hand. In addition, washed at 60 ° C, your dishes are hygienically clean. You save time yourself, even if you have to plan every now and then that you have to maintain and maintain the device.

Table dishwasher or dishwasher?

Even if there is space, some people do not need a large dishwasher. On the contrary. If you are rarely at home or cook very little, your large dishwasher may not be working at full capacity. It may run a lot more often than it should, simply because you don't do that much Dishes you need. Not all Pots and Pans are not allowed in the machine because of the salt - maybe at the end of the day there are many plates and Glassware to rinse over - and the machine is not yet full after two or three days. Even then, a small device can be the better choice for you. It is busy and the remains on the plate and the cups are not glued.

Why table dishwasher

The table dishwasher can have several advantages:

  • The dishes are always clean and hygienic
  • Even smaller quantities no longer have to be in the "rinsing line"
  • More time
  • Nothing is in the way
  • Saves water and detergent
  • Fits almost anywhere

The connections are the same as for one large dishwasher, so standardized. All you need is a water connection and electricity.

Table dishwasher possibilities

Even with one table dishwasher you have different options. What differences should you watch out for?

Table dishwasher connections

Sets for connecting the table dishwasher are available in stores. Make sure that the diameters and the threads fit, but actually they are always standardized. Actually! A normal inlet hose with a aerator connection is usually provided. If this does not fit, there are corresponding adapters that can be mounted on the shut-off valve and also on the inlet.
A small dishwasher can also be temporarily connected to the tap. This makes it especially flexible for campers!

Table dishwasher sizes

How much fits in a table dishwasher? Normally one assumes six place settings. Of course, this varies from the size of the dishes and glasses and cups. If you only have smaller plates (i.e. none Pizza plate) and using normal cups, you can get a lot in there. Each manufacturer has a few sample images related to his machine, which you can use to see how much space your machine has. Clever manufacturers have also designed the basket for the dishes so that you can use them to store either cups or plates in a very space-saving manner.

The outside dimensions of the device are approximate (plus minus depending on the model) at 50 x 55 x 45 cm.

Energy and time

The different programs of the machines also allow a short rinsing time, so about 90 minutes needs a normal program but also like a large dishwasher. If you pay attention to the efficiency class, you will already get devices from A+ and find higher. This makes washing with the small machine particularly economical.


Many manufacturers have already stated how loud the dishwasher will be. This can be an advantage, for example if you only have a small pantry kitchen or the dishwasher is in your motorhome. Very quiet dishwashers create around 48 dB. This volume leveled off when transferred to "quiet library" to "quiet apartment". For comparison: A vacuum cleaner generates a volume of around 70 dB.
But even this information is only of approximate value - how loud you ultimately feel the machine is also due to your own hearing, the background noise and where it actually stands.


Many additional options. Some machines can recognize how full they are and therefore regulate themselves a bit. Thanks to a timer, other machines can finish washing up when you get up in the morning, many machines have up to 5 different programs on board. These gimmicks vary from machine to manufacturer - this ultimately also has an impact on the price.

Table dishwasher with water tank

Table dishwasher with water tank are completely free of a fixed water connection and very mobile. You only need a power connection and fill water into the water tank, which is very interesting for campers.

# Preview Product Rating Price
1 MEDION mini dishwasher (table dishwasher, ... MEDION mini dishwasher (table dishwasher, ... * Currently no reviews 429,99€
2 Bomann TSG 7402.1 dishwasher / table dishwasher, ... Bomann TSG 7402.1 dishwasher / table dishwasher, ... * 350 Reviews 379,00€ 310,00€

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Table dishwasher notes

Is there anything that shouldn't be put in the dishwasher? Yes. The salts used in the dishwasher attack the coating of many pots and pans. Stainless steel doesn't like dishwasher either, it starts up quickly. The best way to find out whether your cooking utensils are dishwasher-safe is to refer to the manufacturer's instructions.

And glass? What about glass in the dishwasher? Crystal glass, very thin-walled glass (wine glasses) or glasses with a print or frosted glass do not like the dishwasher either.

There are also boards or Wooden spoons. It is best to wash it off by hand.

What is left is really only ceramic and thick glass, because even materials such as brass, silver, tin, bronze and copper do not like the automatic bath at all.

Table dishwasher care

It runs and runs and at some point it runs less well. The sieves are full, the drain is blocked. For this reason, regular cleaning and maintenance is part of caring for your dishwasher.
If you briefly remove the coarsest remains from your plates in advance, they will not end up in the machine. Regular refilling of special salt and rinse aid is just as important as monthly empty rinsing (at the highest temperature). If you have very chalky water, you can also add vinegar essence to the machine's empty rinse.

All this helps keep germs and bacteria away and your dishes are shiny clean.

What you should consider when buying tableware

What should you pay attention to when buying a table dishwasher?

  • Size : The dimensions must fit in your kitchen / office / camper
  • capacity : How many place settings and what kind of plates and cups do you want to wash?
  • Connections : Do all connections fit your project and if not, which adapters do you need?
  • Consumption : Is it a frugal device or is it relative?
  • Equipment : From the programs to the division of the dishes, your new mini dishwasher should suit you exactly

At the next opportunity, take a look at your favorite model at a dealer. Here you can also ask your questions directly!

Advantages and disadvantages of table dishwasher

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a tableware dishwasher?

Advantages of table dishwasher

✔ Fits almost every little corner
✔ Is more economical than washing by hand
✔ Fresh dishes that are not dried out
✔ Hygienic, as washing takes place at 60 ° C plus
✔ More time for other things

Disadvantages table dishwasher

✘ Increased effort for cleaning and maintenance of the machine

Table dishwasher conclusion

The little brother of a normal dishwasher has it all: especially for single households or for people who only cook really big at home, a small dishwasher not only relieves the water costs, it also makes the whole kitchen very quickly much tidier. In offices, in the tea kitchen, in the camper: small devices take up little space, but help to keep things tidy. They are also more economical. Even if the machines need regular maintenance, you shouldn't put everything in the dishwasher: the new models are quiet and very energy efficient.

Buy popular table dishwashers | Buy table dishwashers cheap online

Buy table dishwasher - top 10 topseller list

Top 5-10OfferseBay
- € 20,00Topseller 6
Klarstein Amazonia 6 Dishwasher Table Dishwasher ...
186 Reviews
Klarstein Amazonia 6 Dishwasher Table Dishwasher ... *
  • POWERFUL AND ECONOMICAL: 6 place settings can be found inside the ...
  • 6 PROGRAMS: The Amazonia 6 Argentea dishwasher offers ...
  • LED DISPLAY: All programs can be viewed quickly and easily via ...
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Installation is easy thanks to ...
Topseller 7
Bosch SKS62E32EU Series 4 Freestanding ...
3 Reviews
Bosch SKS62E32EU Series 4 Freestanding ... *
  • Extra drying: With the extra drying function, you can even ...
  • AquaStop: The dishwasher's AquaStop system offers 100 ...
  • Automatic programs: water consumption, water temperature and ...
  • ActiveWater technology: ActiveWater technology maximizes ...
Topseller 8
Klarstein Lagoona mini dishwasher free-standing, ...
25 Reviews
Klarstein Lagoona mini dishwasher free-standing, ... *
  • POWER: Thanks to a maximum power of 1380 W, the ...
  • 7 PROGRAMS: The right choice is made with 7 washing programs ...
  • ECO-PROGRAM: The particularly energy-efficient ECO program washes ...
  • TOUCH CONTROL PANEL: All programs can be quickly and easily ...
Topseller 9
Comfee CTG 556N table dishwasher dishwasher / small ...
6 Reviews
Comfee CTG 556N table-top dishwasher dishwasher / small ... *
  • 【Compact dimensions, flexible installation】 Our flexible ...
  • 【Flexible rack system for variable loading】 Thanks to the ...
  • 【Six washing programs】 Six washing programs, intensive, normal, ...
  • 【Off-peak washing】 You can use the ...
Topseller 10
Klarstein Amazonia 6 Luminance Dishwasher ...
137 Reviews
Klarstein Amazonia 6 Luminance Dishwasher ... *
  • POWERFUL AND ECONOMICAL: Up to 6 place settings can be found inside ...
  • 7 PROGRAMS: The Amazonia dishwasher offers seven ...
  • TOUCH BUTTON: All programs can be quickly accessed using the ...
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Installation is easy thanks to ...
loading ...
- € 69,00Check these top 1
- € 63,47Check these top 2
Bomann TSG 708 table dishwasher (energy class A +, ...
Bomann TSG 708 table dishwasher (energy class A +, ... *
Device dimensions L x W x H (cm): 50,0 x 55,0 x 43,8
299,00€ - € 63,47 235,53€

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Table dishwasher - buying advisor

Bomann TSG 5701 mini dishwasher, can be used with and without water connection, dishwasher, table dishwasher, 5 liter water tank, small dishwasher, free-standing for mobile homes & camping, white
We have one for you List of purchase criteria created. It protects you from mishaps and possible annoyance in the year 2021. Get your knowledge from buyers, friends and the internet. Before you have products on the topic table dishwasher want to buy, be smart about these and be well prepared. on Honest tests you can find some tests (including pool, Fitness, Home & garden) & How-To (including Smart Home, Beauty, craft) who can help you further.

Your questions that you should ask yourself to find your suitable product.

  • What budget do I have to buy?
  • What do I want to do exactly with the product?
  • Where can I find table dishwashers at a good price?
  • Which table dishwasher products do other people recommend?
  • What is the best way to use table dishwasher, is there any information on the Internet?
  • What is the quality of table dishwasher?
  • How to use table dishwasher correctly!
  • What are the special features of this product that I really want to have?
  • Are there often problems with tableware products?
  • What is the shelf life of the product?
  • Can you find solutions to the problem?
  • Can you find table dishwasher tests or on the Internet Table dishwasher comparisons?

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