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What is a high-end computer?

There is no valid definition for high-end computers. Rather, behind this name hides the definition of a particular power and price category. The opposite is true for low-end computers, which offer low power at a low price. The mid-range are computers with useful components, which, however, do not have excellent performance, but rather act as an all-rounder. The high-end class of computers is characterized by the installation of very high-quality and powerful components. These devices are particularly convincing in benchmarks and are also specialized in individual areas of responsibility.

In addition, different areas of responsibility require different emphases with regard to the components. For example, particularly processor-heavy processes require above all high processor performance and multiprocessor calculation. However, the development of recent years has also developed the graphics cards to perfect alternatives, so that they are used in particular for fast computing. These include, for example, the mining of cryptocurrencies and the real-time calculation of traffic flows.

For which purposes are high-end computers needed?

As briefly mentioned in the previous section, there are different requirements for high-end computers for different tasks. In the following, the various fields of application are presented and the relevance of the individual components is explained. In addition, the relevant components are highlighted.

High-end PC for gaming

Best known is the concept of high-end PCs in gaming, especially because of the graphically elaborate Computer Games high demands are made on the system. Especially in the need to display games with maximum graphic details, components are loaded to the maximum. In addition, the hardware requirements are highly dependent on the resolution of the used screen, Nowadays, presenting maximum details on one hand is enough Full HD Screen already a potent middle class graphics card, a current one CPU (Central Processing Unit) and fast, abundant memory. But especially in the presentation of 4K resolutions the demands on the hardware increase enormously. Often one will Graphics card of the upper class as well as a Processorwhich has at least four cores required.

The Gaming PC profits most from a strong graphics card, which is dedicated. This means that there is no so-called "on-board graphics card" is used, but a separate graphics card, which via a PCI bus with the mainboard connected is. In addition, the graphics card requires the largest possible GDDR memory owns, as well as a fast memory type speed. The architecture of the graphics processor chipset is also relevant, since the newest architecture on an identical area provides for a higher number of computing units and thus guarantees an increased performance.

In addition, the processor plays a crucial role in the computing power of a game computer. A CPU with at least four cores is already an industry standard, while CPUs with eight or more cores are more of a rarity and do not necessarily offer benefits, as current games do not take advantage of these extra cores. Therefore, emphasis should be placed on a fast timing as well as on a boost function. In particular processors of AMD and Intel are alive with players as they provide high compatibility with established games.

Furthermore, the motherboard is often an underestimated component that can generate additional power. An optimized connection of the components enables a faster data transfer. Moreover, the integration of a SSD a cheap and useful way to minimize the reading and writing times of the computer. But also a big enough one random access memory, which is also called RAM, should be present. At least 8 GB RAM guarantee an optimal intermediate loading of data. However, an upgrade to 16 GB provides additional performance, while further upgrades no longer allow additional performance.

Professional workstation PC

Especially in the industry, the Workstation PC is the high-end counterpart when it comes to computing power. A workstation is characterized by particularly powerful hardware, which is needed for compute-intensive applications. Especially for Augmented reality applications These computers are used in the fields of mechanical engineering, vehicle development and the aerospace industry. But workstations are also used in the development of complex IT systems. In particular, the strong CPU and the professional graphics card distinguish these devices. In addition, these components are many times more expensive than high-end devices in private use.

Also for the area of professional video editing, Designs and photography are mainly used high-end computer. However, especially in this area, the Apple Inc provided hardware preferred application, since many programs are optimized for this area. Due to the optimal coordination between hardware and software results here a very good performance despite nominally worse hardware performance.

Which are the currently best components?

graphics card

The Graphics cards are especially the models from AMD and NVIDIA leader. The performance of a graphics card is specified in TeraFLOPS (TFLOPs). A flop indicates how many floating-point operations can be calculated per second. The currently strongest graphics card for private users of the manufacturer AMD is the Radeon RX 580which offers 6,2 TFLOPS performance. NVIDIA offers with the Geforce GTX 1080 Ti an even more powerful graphics card, which offers 9 TFLOPS performance, but costs almost twice as much as the competing product.

Especially for professionals AMD offers graphics cards of the AMD FirePro series graphics cards, which have been optimized for different purposes. Products range from components for medical technology and finance, CAD and design to components for media and entertainment to special models for cloud and GPU computing. But also NVIDIA has a special offer for Professionals, which is marketed under the Quadro series. The prices of these graphics cards are often far beyond the 1000 Euro limit.


The market of Processors is powered by Intel dominated, but also AMD offers powerful processors at a comparatively fair price. Intel offers Intel Core Series processors, especially for home users. Especially the i7 models are characterized by an enormous performance and provide sufficient computing capacity for 4K applications. AMD released at the beginning of the year a new processor architecture, which is marketed under the name Ryzen. Here, the models of the AMD Ryzen 7 series mark the high-end class, which offers a particularly high performance. However, the optimization of current applications is not yet finalized, so that the full power capacity can not be exhausted.

For professionals, AMD sells the models of the AMD Ryzen thread-ripper series, which in particular should perform several tasks simultaneously. In addition, these models have at least 8 cores and a maximum of 16 cores and can thus serve up to 32 threads (tasks) simultaneously. Intel, however, offers the processors of the Xeon series for servers, which guarantee particularly high performance. In addition, Intel announced the Core X models, up to 18 cores own and can serve a maximum of 36 threads.

random access memory - RAM

The memory is the DDR5 standard the current level of things. Compared to the DDR4 standard, the maximum bandwidth is double. Energy efficiency has also improved significantly, resulting in a better overall performance picture. However, the availability is not yet available, so at the current time DDR4 memory is used as part of a high-end PC.

hard disk

The clearest performance boost experienced by the integration of a user SSD (Solid State Drive), In particular, the fast read and write speeds with values ​​beyond 1000 Mbit / s provide extremely fast access to programs and games. In addition, the boot times for the operating system are minimized to a few times, so long waiting times are due to an SSD history. Particularly noteworthy in this category are the models from Samsung and SanDisk, as they offer particularly high performance.

Other components

Also a suitable power supply and mainboard should be integrated in the PC. When the power supply is to ensure a sufficient number of watts, otherwise the integrated components can not be supplied with sufficient energy and thus the retrieval of full capacity is not possible. The mainboard or motherboard is the motherboard of every computer and connects all components together. Pay attention to compatibility with the installed components and to a suitable socket for the processor. Furthermore, the motherboard also specifies the standards for the RAM and the graphics card based on the built-in interfaces.

What's the benefit of buying finished high-end computers?

Now that the individual components have been presented, the question arises, what advantages arise through the purchase of complete PCs. A particular advantage is the use of many components of a manufacturer. This results in a special compatibility among the components, so that no bottleneck arises. This is especially relevant for high-end PCs, as incompatible components can quickly spoil the pleasure of the device. In addition, when buying a complete PC no separate installation must be made, in which the components can be damaged. Furthermore, a finished gamer PC often has integrated water cooling, which minimizes the noise level and also enables more effective cooling. A gamer PC can thus be overclocked by the manufacturer, whereby the performance of the installed components is still heard.

How can I improve my PC myself?

Of course, your own gaming PC can also be overclocked on its own, but here is one high-performance cooling to pay attention. Overclocked components are particularly powerful, but heat builds up enormously, causing damage to the components. The overclocking is especially possible with processors and graphics cards, which are already powerful by nature. Also, the integration of an SSD brings the user an improved performance. The integration of a modern graphics card is also an effective means to quickly generate a performance boost.

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