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- € 7,90Topseller 1
TUPPERWARE BrotMax Junior 2 white black A 201 bread bin ...
57 Reviews
- € 5,91Topseller 2
Tupperware Junior BreadMax 2 bread containers, black / white, ...
23 Reviews
Tupperware Junior BreadMax 2 bread containers, black / white, ... *
  • Original Tupperware
  • BreadMax, CheeseMax
  • Bread remains with the clever CondensControl system
  • The perfect climate for your cheese - without muffling
Topseller 3
TUPPERWARE BrotMax Junior white black A143 Bread box bread ...
26 Reviews
Topseller 4
Tupperware © Junior-Brotmax Black
12 Reviews
Tupperware © Junior-Brotmax Black *
  • - the bread box for a loaf of bread. Toasted bread or smaller ...
  • - thanks to the membranes embedded in the lid, water is drawn out ...
  • - Special feature of the Junior-Brotmax the divider for dividing ...
  • - Dimensions: 31,8 x 15,7 x 15,1 cm
Topseller 5
TUPPERWARE BreadMax CondensControl Bread Box Bread Professional + ...
3 Reviews
Topseller 6
TUPPERWARE BreadMax 2 Bread Box Bread Guard Bread & Co + ...
1 Reviews
Topseller 7
Tupperware lunch box black lime with separation bread box ...
19 Reviews
- € 1,24Topseller 8
Vikima bread box I [33x18x12cm] bread box with bamboo lid I ...
24 Reviews
Vikima bread box I [33x18x12cm] bread box with bamboo lid I ... *
  • ✅ SUSTAINABLE MATERIAL - The Vikima Bread Box stands for ...
  • ✅ APPROPRIATE DESIGN - You are looking for a ...
  • ✅ AIRTIGHT AND PRACTICAL - Our bread storage has ...
  • ✅ INTEGRATED CUTTING BOARD - For even more additional benefits ...
- € 2,10Topseller 9
Tupperware sweet tooth 2,5 L blackberry Bellevue ...
30 Reviews
Tupperware sweet tooth 2,5 l blackberry Bellevue ... *
  • Original Tupperware
  • easy to open
  • great for pastries and fruit
  • Flour or sugar
- € 3,00Topseller 10
Tupperware potato storage 8,3L black ...
103 Reviews
loading ...
- € 7,90Check these top 1
TUPPERWARE BrotMax Junior 2 white black A 201 bread bin ...
TUPPERWARE BrotMax Junior 2 white black A 201 bread bin ... *
Original Tupperware
36,90€ - € 7,90 29,00€
- € 5,91Check these top 2
Tupperware Junior BreadMax 2 bread containers, black / white, ...
Tupperware Junior BreadMax 2 bread containers, black / white, ... *
Original Tupperware; BreadMax, CheeseMax; Bread stays with the clever CondensControl system
35,90€ - € 5,91 29,99€

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