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Gym mat foldable and your advantages

Do gymnastics. If your school trauma comes to life now, this is not the right guide for you. For everyone else: gym mats are not only practical and portable, you can also fold them up, which means space-saving storage and easy transport. This has many other advantages. Hygienic - your own thing, always with you. Take your mat with you wherever you go. In this guide you will learn everything you need to know about the folding gym mats. - Foldable gym mats | What are your advantages?

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Folding gym mat - in comparison

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ALPIDEX Folding Gymnastics Mat 180 x 60 x 3,2 cm Soft Floor Mat...
ALPIDEX foldable gymnastics mat 180 x 60 x 3,2 cm soft floor mat...*
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Why do you need a folding gym mat?

The mats are incredibly versatile. You can use it for anything:

  • Yoga
  • meditate
  • Pilates
  • Gymnastics
  • Use in the gym
  • With me on the beach
  • or take to the outdoor pool
  • Use as an underlay for animals
  • Use as a crawling mat for babies
  • Design your fitness room (not under the equipment)
  • Use as a pillow when you need to get under your car
  • Camping and camping
  • Therapeutic applications
  • Couch / seat - replacement
  • Picnic pad
  • Sitting comfortably while fishing

They are foldable the better. They have a low weight and do not have to be rolled up. You can even stack them to save space. With the help of Velcro fasteners, they can also be tacked together. This is how a giant mat is created. Maybe for a child's birthday, to romp and play?

Right away: The use of the mat determines the type of mat. A thin mat is sufficient for Pilates or yoga, but it can be softer for floor exercises or romping around. Most of the time, the manufacturers specify well for which application this or that mat makes sense. A soft floor mat is well suited when you train on equipment. Remember: The more stable you have to stand on the floor, the thinner the mat has to be. Foldable, thick mats are also great if you want to go to the beach or relax while fishing.

Gym mat foldable comparison

Which gymnastics mat is the right one? In the following sub-items we have summarized the most important components of a foldable gym mat for you.

Foldable gym mat size

Foldable gym mats are available in different sizes. The most common dimensions are:

  • 180 x 60/80 cm
  • 300x120 inch

These can be of different thicknesses, but mostly 5 cm .
Which size is right for you depends on what you have in mind and how much space is available.

Foldable gym mat material

With the material you have the choice again. Also consider the care: Gymnastics mats should also be cleaned every now and then and should be able to use at least one gentle cleaning agent. They should last a long time. The surface material should absorb your heat quickly, but still be waterproof. You can find out how to take care of your gym mat below.

artificial leather

Artificial leather is a mixture of different materials. Everything but no animal skin. Artificial leather also requires care, otherwise the material will be damaged, dry out and become cracked.

PU leather

What is polyurethane-coated leather? In this case, what is called leather is none. Not a real one, because PU leather means that it is a coated synthetic leather. With cheap PU leather, cracks develop very quickly and the coating crumbles.

Foam material

Solid foam is usually used for the filling. EPP (Expandable Polypropylene), for example. These are small plastic beads that can be processed in different densities and degrees of hardness depending on the task. They easily take on temperature.
Just as popular: EPE. These are also small pearls.

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Foldable gym mat care

The exercise mats and folding gym mats can be cleaned from time to time. The artificial materials rarely cope with harsh cleaning agents. You can wipe the mats with warm water. You should do this on a regular basis. Sweat, dandruff and other dirt that needs to be removed quickly collect. If you want to disinfect your folding gym mat, you can use special cleaners. These should be free from alcohol and other harsh substances.

Always let your mat dry out well before you fold it. UV light is also harmful. The sun also dries out the materials, makes them porous and robs the colors.

What to expect with the folding gymnastics mat Bestseller 2024: The best and most popular in the top 10 comparison | Honest tests should be taken into account

What things should you consider? We have summarized the most important questions for you below:

  • For what purpose do you need the mat?
  • How big should it be? Gym mat be?
  • How soft should the mat be?
  • Easy transport: does the gym mat have carrying aids?
  • How heavy is the folding gym mat?
  • Can you safely connect the mat to another mat?
  • Is the material breathable and non-toxic?
  • Can you clean the mat well?

Foldable gym mat advantages and disadvantages

Does it have to be foldable or is not enough a mat that you can roll up? If you only do yoga every now and then, a thin yoga mat may be right for you. Folding door mats are very useful for a lot of things:

Foldable gym mat benefits

✔ You can use the gym mats privately and also in sports
✔ You can get them in different sizes and
✔ Buy materials
✔ You can easily put several of them together

✔ You can stack the mats
✔ Handles make transportation easier
✔ You don't bend on your own
✔ Longer lifespan because they are folded, not rolled
✔ Easy maintenance

Foldable gym mat disadvantages

✘ Good mats are usually more expensive
✘ If you take your mat to the beach, you should protect it from the sun

Tip: You can easily protect your mat from UV radiation by using a fitted sheet.

Conclusion - folding gym mat

A foldable gym mat is available in different colors, sizes and materials. It offers considerable advantages over a simple sleeping pad. You can use it for everything imaginable, take it with you practically anywhere. Sensitive people who complain of allergies always have their own gym and sports mat with them. That is practical. It is also practical that you can connect many mats together and also stack them. Practical handles make it easy to take your own folding gym mat with you. Sport, leisure, hobby - your mat can go almost anywhere.

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