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GMT for Kids ultra-light 6-part school backpack
GMT for Kids ultra-light 6-part school backpack
School backpack set by GMT for Kids
GMT for Kids school bag set 6 pieces Ergonomic ultra-light...
51 reviews
GMT for Kids school bag set 6 pieces Ergonomic ultra-light…*
  • 0,75 kg Ergonomic Schoolbag: With ultra-light materials, the satchel weighs only 0,75 kg. The height-adjustable chest strap and the…
  • Safety thanks to the reflectors on all sides: the satchel has a reflective design all round. This ensures safety…
  • 22L volume: The 22L volume fully covers the school's material needs. There are 6 accessible pockets or compartments to store study and…

GMT attaches great importance to functions that relieve children's backs and protect their health. Therefore, the decision to find the right lightweight school bag for your child is very important. Two mothers founded the brand with this thought in 2017 GMT for Kids.

Whether starting school or replacing an old or heavy school backpack or satchel, let's take a look at the 6-piece set from GMT, the ultra-light and ergonomically shaped schoolbag GMT Light with a weight of 750 g in the Space Agent design.

GMT for Kids school bag set 6 pieces Ergonomic ultra-light... GMT for Kids school bag set 6 pieces Ergonomic ultra-light... GMT for Kids school bag set 6 pieces Ergonomic ultra-light... GMT for Kids school bag set 6 pieces Ergonomic ultra-light... GMT for Kids school bag set 6 pieces Ergonomic ultra-light...

The special features and details of the ultra-light school bag

The GMT for Kids ultra light school bag in a 6-piece set is a practical and light solution for parents who are looking for a school bag for their children. In addition to the school bag, the set includes a pencil case, a junk bag, a leisure backpack, fun Kletties and a rain cover.

The 6-piece set explains GMT as follows:

GMT LIGHT 750 g super light 6-piece satchel set - Space Agent

  • Schoolbag - ultra-light ergonomic schoolbag for school
  • Leisure backpack – for leisure and sports
  • Pencil case - for an organized pencil case
  • Pencil case – the pencil case to rummage around in
  • Fun Kletties - small design changes
  • Rain cover with reflectors - everything protected in the rain

Product Details:

· Dimensions:

  •   Schoolbag: 41x27x14cm
  •   Leisure backpack: 33.5×25.5x14cm

Manufacturer: GMT for Kids
Design: Action Hero
Color: sea ​​blue
Weight: 750 grams
capacity: 22 liters
Product: 6 piece backpack set
Suitable for: Children in grades 1 to 4 (height from 115 cm to 150 cm)
Warranty: 3 years

Special features

  • Ultra light, only 750 gr.
  • One-piece molded back adapts to child's body shape for upright posture
  • EVA spine protection pads
  • Breathable four-way mesh back design, keep kids back dry
  • Wide, S-shaped shoulder straps for better pressure distribution
  • Non-slip buckle of the chest strap guarantees that the backpack is fixed even better
  • 180° open construction at the top guarantees easy and quick access to school supplies
  • Reflective elements ensure better visibility in the dark
  • Imaginative design with Velcro stickers that put you in a good mood every day
  • Elastic side bottle pocket
  • Hard-wearing floor (4x hard plastic feet, no direct contact with the floor)
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Features that other buyers have positively highlighted:

⭐ Best school bag for my 4th grade son.
⭐ Material and workmanship is really great.
⭐ Material is strong and sturdy.
⭐ Ergonomic padding, perfect size.
⭐ I'm impressed with the quality.
⭐ Strong stitching throughout the satchel.
⭐ Space for all necessary school supplies.
⭐ Set is great and super processed.
⭐ Perfect for small children and easy on the back.
⭐ Absolute purchase recommendation.
⭐ Comfortable to wear and plenty of storage space.
⭐ Great to see in the dark.
⭐ Lots of space and very comfortable to carry on your back.


  • ECO-FRIENDLY FABRIC - Made from recycled PET
  • kind to the skin
  • IPX 4/5 water resistant
  • Oil repellent
  • Anti mold
  • Antibacterial effect rate>99%

Effectively protect your child's spine

GMT for Kids school bags have been certified by several testing institutes to protect children's spines. The GMT LIGHT schoolbag reduces its own weight without losing its ergonomic function. ✅TÜV tested ✅Reach certificate ✅SVHC tests ✅360° reflector design ✅EVA spine protection pad ✅Recommended by doctors

The GMT school backpack

A good school bag is important to protect young school children's backs and help them transport their school supplies safely and in an organized manner. The GMT for Kids 6-Piece Ultralight School Bag reviewed here is an excellent choice for parents looking for a lightweight and convenient option.


One of the biggest advantages of the GMT for Kids ultra light school bag is its low weight. With only 0,7 kg. it is one of the lightest school bags on the market and makes it easier for children to carry their school supplies all day long. A good choice for children who are not yet strong and fit.


The satchel has padded shoulder straps and padded back panel, which ensure that the backpack is comfortable to wear and the load evenly distributed becomes. The Shoulder straps are adjustable, so that they can be perfectly adapted to the size of the child and thus a comfortable to wear is guaranteed.

Storage space

The satchel offers enough storage space for textbooks, notebooks and other school materials. It has several compartments and pockets that make it possible to store everything neatly and clearly. The main compartment is large enough for all your school books and notebooks, while the front pocket is designed for smaller items like pens and keys.

Longevity & rain protection

The school bag is made of high quality materials that make it sturdy and durable. It's also water-repellent, so rain won't be a problem. The backpack is made of durable materials and is very robust, so it will last a long time even with frequent use.

If it's raining heavily, your child is cycling or a longer stay in rainy weather is unavoidable, there is an extra bag with an integrated rain cover. It is easy to attach and the signal color makes it easy to see.


The school bag is available in other colors and designs so that children can make their own taste and choice. With the supplied badges, your child can choose which motif to decorate their satchel, junk bag or pencil case with.

GMT for Kids school bag set 6 pieces Ergonomic ultra-light... GMT for Kids school bag set 6 pieces Ergonomic ultra-light... GMT for Kids school bag set 6 pieces Ergonomic ultra-light... GMT for Kids school bag set 6 pieces Ergonomic ultra-light...

Leisure backpack or sports bag

You can use the leisure backpack as you want or as needed. It has useful pockets, as you need them in everyday life or in your free time. Whether your child is going to someone's house for the night or to play, you can pack everything you need here.

pencil case & junk bag

The GMT for Kids pencil case and junk bag are included in the 6 piece set and designed for kids in the same style. They are ideal for everyday school use. The pencil case is a pocket for writing utensils such as colored pencils and fountain pens. In the pictures you can see what is already included in the pencil case. The junk bag is suitable for items such as glue sticks, compasses, rulers or other craft items or pens. Both bags are robust and durable like the school bag to withstand the demands of everyday school life.

Conclusion: GMT school backpack set 6 pieces

GMT for Kids: Super ultra-light 6-piece school bag
GMT for Kids ultra-light 6-part school backpack

Product Name: GMT school backpack

Product Description: Design: Action Hero Color: Sea Blue Weight: 750 grams Capacity: 22 liters Product: 6-piece backpack set Suitable for: Grade 1-4 children (height from 115cm to 150cm) Warranty: 3 years

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My conclusion about the GMT school backpack

Overall, the GMT for Kids 6-piece ultra-light GMT satchel offers an excellent combination of lightness, convenience and storage space. The set fits together harmoniously and there is a lot for a school starter.

The filling of the pockets and the accessibility for a child is easy and practical. The ergonomics and the adjustment options for the child are also very positive. You will only see the longevity in longer everyday life, but based on other reviews that should fit and of course depends on how a child handles the satchel. It's great that the pencil case is already filled with a few utensils.

I think that knowing that the child is being prevented from health problems by carrying the satchel is also of great value.

The rain cover is very easy to use over the school bag with the elastic band. The small rain bag can be hung on the inside or outside of the school bag with a carabiner. Only the zip from the rain bag could pose a problem for the little ones when closing or opening, as the stuffed rain cover could get stuck in the zip with the fabric. Maybe a velcro would have been better here. Alternatively, you have to use the rain bag, but not necessarily, since the GMT school backpack would have enough other pockets for it.


– 6 parts
– ergonomic
– ultra light
- lots of storage space
- Suitable for school beginners
- good workmanship
- some extras


– the zipper of the rain protection bag could get stuck from time to time
– nothing else worth mentioning

You can find more information on the GMT website or directly in GMT shop
Here you go to Instagram channel

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GMT for Kids School Bag Set 6 Piece Ergonomic Ultra Light School Bag Girls Boys Children School Backpack Elementary School Unicorn School Bags 1-4. Class backpack 22 L

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GMT for Kids: Super ultra-light 6-piece school bag