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The best VR glasses come with up to 8K

VR 3D video glasses - HD - UHD - 4K - 8KIf the daily routine is too boring, fortunately, there are other possibilities. Although parallel universes are not yet invented or discovered, they are something that is almost as good. We're talking about VR video glasses. VR stands for "virtual reality" and that is exactly what happens in true - to - nature 360 degree 3D style. In addition to normal films, games are also being produced that are ideally suited to virtual reality, and even the porn industry has not just jumped on the bandwagon, but is also expanding it. Whole sites, subscriptions and manufacturers have gathered around this invention, which is not brand new, but enjoys more and more popularity. Let's take a look at the other reality and see how VR video glasses work, which major players are on the market, where you can buy the real thing best and who is worth it. - VR 3D Video Glasses - HD - UHD - 4K - 8K

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VR 3D Video Glasses Top 10 - in comparison

Forart VR headset 3D VR glasses Universal virtual reality headsets with headset controller, compatible with mobile phonesinformationExplorer 3D Glasses Virtual Reality Immersive Headset for Windows Mixed Reality (Refurbished)informationSAMSUNG Gear VR Virtual Reality Consumer Edition, WhiteinformationDESTEK 2020 Updated V5 VR Glasses, 110 ° FOV, Anti-Blue Light HD Virtual Reality with Bluetooth Remote Control for iPhone 12/11 / X / Xs / Max / 8P / 7P / 8/7, Samsung S10 / S9 / S8 / Note 10 / 9/8 / Plus, 4,7-6,8 inchesinformationHeromask: VR headset + math games [multiplication tables, mental arithmetic.] Interactive toys for children 5 6 7 8.12 years. 3D AR VR glasses - gifts for kids birthday - Christmas. VR gamesinformationDell 545-BBBE Visor VR glasses whiteinformationHP Inc. HP Reverb VR Headset, 5.5 x 17.7 x 8.4 cminformationHTC Vive Cosmos Virtual Reality HeadsetinformationHP Windows Mixed Reality Headset VR1000-100nn (Experience Virtual Reality, VR Glasses including Motion Controller)informationHTC VIVE - VR glassesinformation
Compatible device: smartphonesVideo connector, USB 3.0 connector, 3,5mm Audio connectorErgonomic design. Compatible with S6, S6 Edge and S6 Edge +. Dedicated content. 360 degree view.【2020 New VR headset released】 Prepare the VR content and simply insert the smartphone into the VR glasses, enjoy the adventures that you have only dreamed of before ...🎲 [HEROMASK MATHEMATICS VIDEO GAME] → Press the button and use it to start laser beams. Kids will learn math while having fun! Search for Heromask videos on the internet. Included:...The Dell Visor is a VR headset that is compatible with the Mixed Reality Platform from Microsoft Windows and is ready for immediate use.Native resolution 2160 x 2160 at 90 HzVIVE Cosmos is the PC VR system of the present and the future. Experience the most impressive Vive resolution to date. Immerse yourself in virtual reality with the simplest set-up and ...Experience Windows Mixed Reality - virtual reality with added value. The HP Mixed Reality Headset including controllers for immersive immersion in virtual worldsContents: 1x virtual reality glasses (headset), 2x controller, 2x base station, 1x link box, connection cable
Sensor type: objective virtual realityResolution 1140 * 1440 / per eye Refresh rate 90 Hz, F = V 110 degree,【Comfortable and light】: Compared to the 380g heavy V4 glasses, the 5th generation of the DESTEK glasses is a bit more ...→ Multi-award-winning educational game suitable for children aged 5, 6, 7, 8 ... up to 12 years. For this reason, other customers often buy Heromask Mathematics as ...Stunning, no matter where you look: With a resolution of 1440 x 1440 per eye and a refresh rate of 90 Hz, you will experience 360-degree views in full sharpness.Resolution per eye 2160 x 2160Improved inside-out tracking. Greater freedom of movement with six camera sensors. Precise inside-out tracking thanks to a wide field of view and six degrees of freedom (6DoF). Stunning VR ...Integrated motion detection, unrestricted freedom of movement, simple setup, excellent wearing comfort, mixed reality environment in combination with 2D content - more than 20.000 ...Refresh rate: 90 Hz
29,99 € 299,95 € 28,99 € 34,79 € statt 37,79 €54,00 € 447,14 € 553,97 € 800,00 € 444,90 € N/A
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How does VR video glasses work?

Either the content is transmitted directly to the glasses via a computer, smartphone or game console. Each eye has its own lens, which is slightly curved. The data is converted so that the user perceives the virtual reality as 3D.
Or you have to put the entire device, so the smartphone directly into the glasses. The cheaper option. Special software then provides the same 3D effect. The software also detects head movements and you can look around in the world you are in right now.
If you want it super cheap, you can even make your own glasses. This is made of cardboard and is available in the internet shop.

What options are there

VR glasses for the smartphone, For Playstation or PC, In the following list we have summarized the most popular manufacturers and their prices.
Especially for the gaming scene, many more things are important, such as the right computer. The exact data of the requirements are usually in the small print on the respective homepage.
The Playstation has found its perfect solution with the Playstation VR. Many possibilities, however, have the smartphone owners. The price-performance ratio varies quite a bit around here always look closely and inquire accordingly.

The resolution: The higher the resolution of VR glasses, the better the 3D experience. Many VR glasses still show the pixels. For example, Pimax works with 4K and already 8K, of course, costs more, but with the best viewing pleasure.

Which big manufacturers lead the market?

Consoles and computers

VR video glasses from Oculus

Oculus is a virtual reality company committed to acquiring 2014 from Facebook. It is very clear, vigorously developed and screwed. Oculus Rift has been around 2016 and was developed for computer games. Oculus is only for the computer. And it has to bring with it: an 3.0 USB output, two 2.0 USB ports, 8 GB Ram (or more), at least Intel-i3-6100 / AMD Ryzen 3 1200 and a sufficient graphics card such as one NVIDIA GTX 1050Ti, If you are unsure, on the webside of Oculus you can download a program that checks the computer, if it is suitable. The Rift is available for about 450 Euro.

HTC Vive Pro

2880 x 1600 pixels puts the Pro on the disk. Plus point: it is connectable with WLAN. Vive Pro requires 4 GB Ram, an 3.0 USB port and at least Windows 7. An Intel® Core ™ i5-4590 or similar. The exact dates are also visible here on the website. About 880 Euro you have to put it on the table.

HTC Vive

The little brother of Vive Pro. With about 700 Euro a bit cheaper. For that, the goggles in few fewer pixels, 2160 x 1200. 32 headset sensors ensure that you are constantly tracked, allowing you to move precisely in the room with pinpoint accuracy. What you need? 2 GB Ram, 2.0 USB and an AMD FX 8350 or similar.

Sony for Playstation

If you're looking for something for the Playstation, then Sony and its Playstation VR will be safer. The Playstation VR even comes with a PlayStation 4 VR Aim Controller, which is available for about 80 Euro. This represents a weapon. The Playstation VR comes with about 250 Euro but still to.

Pimax for PC

Pimax already works with 4K and with 8K resolutions. Prerequisite is a powerful computer.

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The 3D glasses for the mobile phone

Samsung Gear

Came with the Galaxy 8 on the market, but is compatible to Galaxy 6. To play, there is a controller to do so. At the moment you can buy the gear for about 80 Euro. Not too expensive for much more entertainment.

Google Daydream View

Takes over there and works like the Samsung Gear. A compatible smartphone is inserted in the goggles and controlled by the controller. With almost 90 Euro, it also plays priced in about the same league.

Zeiss VR One Plus

The glasses from Zeiss are even more affordable, with around 60 Euro it goes to the start. 4,7 - 5,5 inch covers them without any problems, without specifically favoring mobile phone models.

Google Cardboard

If you like to do handicrafts, you can do that as well. The Google Cardboard is made of cardboard, costs around $ 20 Euro and you can just put your smartphone in front of it.

Advantages and disadvantages of VR video glasses

The pros and cons are closely tied to the user and thus to his claims. If you just want to try it once, you can already get a taste of the world of 3D with a Google Cardboard. Real players need more. Not just a suitable base, but also the associated equipment. This has the disadvantage that quality has its price. In both directions. If you want to sink less coal and have a good smartphone, you can get along with Zeiss glasses or even with something even cheaper. The market is full, in this guide we have listed only the most popular and the big ones.
As a whole, you can say that quality does not have to be the most expensive, it is more difficult if the systems have to be compatible.
Spectacle wearers have no neglect. Brackets are available that can take the glasses with you. The glasses must not be too big. VR Lense Lab is another keyword. There is something for the lens wearers on the eyes. Special brackets and options are offered.

Where to buy the virtual reality at best

Trying is about studying, so here too. Especially those who value a virtual world as real as possible, where not only the graphics, but also the sound are right, will hardly be able to get around to try out the different products. Once you have decided to simply browse through the net in the various offers, you will find excellent bargains.
The glasses for the smartphones are much cheaper and the well-known manufacturers come more or less to the same quality.
Various channels and apps, games and movies are making the market richer. One thing grows out of the other and so this form of conversation is becoming more and more saturated.
Quality in HDTV - for most glasses no magic. The technology is getting sharper, faster and more precise.


While some people prefer to be outside or explore real worlds, the technology is moving forward, and with it the demands of the users. Even if here and there, the ghosts will divorce, where the sense or nonsense lies, it is exciting to see where the journey goes. What is possible. How or in which form you ultimately use it for yourself, everyone has to decide for themselves.
The social networks like Facebook are neatly involved, everything gets more and more together. The 3D - enabled movies and games are becoming more and more established.
Even the porn industry does not let this cup pass by. They already exist, the virtual women and men who, thanks to the technology in hotel rooms, provide interesting and integrated hours for the installation.
It will not be long before this technology can be produced from home, used for weddings, birthdays and events. To study, to shop or to travel virtually. Technology is a tool where we decide what we use it for.

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Recommended vr video glasses hd - Top 10 top seller list

The most popular vr video glasses hd products vr video glasses hd offers with discount for saving

Check these top 10Saleto 50to 100to 250to 500to 1000from 1000eBay *
Topseller 1
YAP WiFi Video Glasses Smart VR 3D Glass Moving 1080P HD Private Theater Media Player (Two Colors), Black
  • ★ Powerful CPU: Built-in CORTEX-A7IH quad-core 1.3GHz CPU can decrypt most formats of documents, movies and games easily and ...
  • ★ expended memory: support TF card up to 128G, no need to worry about running out of space of smart glasses memory, can ...
  • ★ The ergonomic design: For a comfortable wearing style and interactive VR experience. 1080P HD screen and 3060PPI pixels, easy, important moments ...
Topseller 2
Smart Android WIFI Video Glasses 98 Wide Screen Portable Virtual Reality (VR) 3D Glasses, Full HD 1080P Private Theater with Media Player (Two Colors), Blue
  • Powerful CPU: Built-in CORTEX-A7IH quad-core 1.3GHz CPU can decrypt most formats of documents, movies and games easily and ...
  • Expended memory: support TF card up to 128G, no need to worry about the space of the smart glasses memory is running, you can ...
  • Ergonomic design: For a comfortable wearing style and interactive VR experience. 1080P HD screen and 3060PPI pixels, easy, important moments in ...
Topseller 3
Royole RY0102EUNW2 Moon 3D VR Headphone Virtual Mobile Theater Video Glasses White
  • Crystal clear picture quality and active noise cancellation creates a truly immersive cinematic experience. Whether you are on the plane or at home, ...
  • Advanced AMOLED displays create a huge virtual display with a curved screen, full HD resolution, stereoscopic 3D, high resolution, ...
  • Supports online streaming and game consoles via Wi-Fi and HDMI. Can play, recognize and optimize all common video and audio formats ...
Topseller 4
3D VR glasses, video game glasses virtual, HD virtual reality, anti Blu-ray lens, suitable for 3D film and games 5-7 inch smartphone cell phone
  • ★ 3D VR headset view: stand by the sea and watch the sea water, imagine the wind blowing in your face.Our 3D field of view makes you like a ...
  • ★ Wide Compatibility: VR Headset can be compatible with all Android and Apple smartphones between 5-7 inches. Search for "VR" in the APP store, ...
  • ★ HIFI stereo headphones: Equipped with high quality stereo headphones and has 3D phase sound technology, brings you a ...
Topseller 5
DESTEK V4 VR Glasses, 103 ° FOV, HD Virtual Reality with Bluetooth Remote for iPhone X / Xs / Xs 8 7 6 6s Plus, Samsung S9 S8 S7 S6 / Plus / edge ...
845 Reviews
DESTEK V4 VR Glasses, 103 ° FOV, HD Virtual Reality with Bluetooth Remote for iPhone X / Xs / Xs 8 7 6 6s Plus, Samsung S9 S8 S7 S6 / Plus / edge ...
  • ✔ VR field of view of 103 ° - Stand on the summit of the Alps and look at the surrounding snow-capped mountains ... Become the ...
  • ✔ Eye-friendly HD lenses - With anti-blue coating, incomparable clarity; a huge screen that is easy on your eyes and brilliant ...
  • ✔ More fun with Bluetooth remote control - Complete the mission to inspect a deserted planet to see if there is a life for the ...
Topseller 6
You save 2,00 €Topseller 7
DESTEK V5 VR glasses, 110 ° FOV anti-blue light HD VR w / trigger for iPhone 11 / X / XS / Max / XR / 8P / 7P / 8/7, for Samsung S10 / S9 / S8 / Note 10/9/8 Plus, 4.7-6,8 ...
  • √ 2019 DESTEK New released VR glasses - Prepare the VR content and simply insert the smartphone into the VR glasses, enjoy the ...
  • √ Comfortable and light - Compared to the 380g heavy V4 glasses, the 5th generation of the DESTEK glasses has new plastic components and ...
  • √ Eye-protecting HD lenses - We always put our customers' experiences first. Like the V4, the V5 has 94% ...
Topseller 8
3D VR Glasses, YEMENREN HD Virtual Reality 3D VR Headset with Bluetooth Controller, for Android Smartphone iPhone (Black)
  • 120 ° IMMERSIBLE VISIBILITY: An 120 ° field of view for optimal 360 ° All-round panoramic VR view of videos like going to the cinema. You can give the concert ...
  • COMFORTABLE WEAR & EASY ADJUSTMENT: The eyepatch is made of soft leather, breathable and elastic. Adjustable headband ensures ...
  • EYE PROTECTIVE HD LENSES: The Virtual Reality glasses with anti-blue coating apply the aspheric optic plastic lenses, which are ...
Topseller 9
Yuneec Skyview, FPV glasses for multicopter (suitable for Typhoon H, Tornado H920), Virtual Reality Gaming, 5 inch HD display, HDMI output
  • High quality FPV glasses for your virtual reality experience. Connect the Skyview glasses to your multicopter and see exactly the same as the ...
  • Compatible with the Yuneec Multikoptern Typhoon H (with ST16), Tornado H920 (with ST24), all devices with HDMI output such. B. game consoles, PC, or ...
  • The high-resolution 5 inch HD display provides a brilliant picture (resolution 1280x720), headphone jack for sound transmission.
You save 39,01 €Topseller 10
ZEISS VR ONE Plus - Virtual Reality Glasses For Smartphone - 360 Grad Movies Photo Gaming Augmented Reality
  • Innovative product design - The ingenious processing technology and the ZEISS quality lenses based on 170 research offer you ...
  • Precision lenses from ZEISS - Unlike most headsets, the ZEISS VR ONE Plus is designed to be used at different distances to ...
  • Experience quality - The ZEISS VR ONE Plus optimally enlarges the display of your smartphone. The quality of experience therefore depends on the ...

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