VR 3D video glasses - HD - UHD - 4K - 8K

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The best VR 3D video glasses with up to 8K are coming

VR 3D video glasses

Fortunately, if everyday life is too boring, you still have other options. Parallel universes have not yet been invented or discovered, but they are something that is almost as good. We are talking about VR video glasses. VR stands for “virtual reality” and that’s exactly what happens in a lifelike 360 ​​degree 3D manner. In addition to normal films, games are also being produced that are ideal for virtual reality and even the porn industry has not only jumped on this bandwagon, but is also expanding it massively.

Whole sites, subscriptions and manufacturers have gathered around this invention, which is not brand new, but is enjoying ever greater popularity. Let's check into the other reality and see how VR video glasses work, which major providers are on the market, where you can best buy reality and for whom it is worthwhile. - VR 3D video glasses - HD - UHD - 4K - 8K

VR 3D video glasses - in comparison

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Check priceCheck price699,90 €1.649,00 €Check priceCheck priceCheck priceCheck priceCheck priceCheck price
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How does VR video glasses work?

Either the content is transmitted directly to the glasses via a computer, smartphone or game console. Each eye has its own lens, which is slightly curved. The data is converted so that the user perceives the virtual reality as 3D. Or you have to plug the entire device, i.e. the smartphone, directly into the glasses. The cheaper option. Special software then ensures the same 3D effect. The software also recognizes head movements and you can look around in the world you are in. If you want to have it super cheap, you can even make your own glasses. This is made of cardboard and is available in the internet shop.

What options are there

VR glasses for the Smartphone, For Playstation or PC. In the following list we have summarized the most common manufacturers and their prices. Many other things are important, especially for the gaming scene, such as the right computer. The exact dates of the requirements are usually in the small print on the respective homepage.
The Playstation has found its perfect solution with the Playstation VR. Many possibilities, however, have the smartphone owners. The price-performance ratio varies quite a bit around here always look closely and inquire accordingly.

The resolution: The higher the resolution of the VR glasses, the better the 3D experience. With many VR glasses you can still see the pixels. Pimax, for example, works with 4K and already 8K, costs more of course, but with the best viewing pleasure.

Which big manufacturers lead the market?

Consoles and computers

VR 3D video glasses from Oculus

Oculus is a virtual reality company committed to acquiring 2014 from Facebook. It is very clear, vigorously developed and screwed. Oculus Rift has been around 2016 and was developed for computer games. Oculus is only for the computer. And it has to bring with it: an 3.0 USB output, two 2.0 USB ports, 8 GB Ram (or more), at least Intel-i3-6100 / AMD Ryzen 3 1200 and a sufficient graphics card such as one NVIDIA GTX 1050Ti, If you are unsure, on the webside of Oculus you can download a program that checks the computer, if it is suitable. The Rift is available for about 450 Euro.

HTC Vive Pro

2880 x 1600 pixels puts the Pro on the disk. Plus point: it is connectable with WLAN. Vive Pro requires 4 GB Ram, an 3.0 USB port and at least Windows 7. An Intel® Core ™ i5-4590 or similar. The exact dates are also visible here on the website. About 880 Euro you have to put it on the table.

HTC Vive

The little brother of Vive Pro. With about 700 Euro a bit cheaper. For that, the goggles in few fewer pixels, 2160 x 1200. 32 headset sensors ensure that you are constantly tracked, allowing you to move precisely in the room with pinpoint accuracy. What you need? 2 GB Ram, 2.0 USB and an AMD FX 8350 or similar.

Sony for Playstation

If you are explicitly looking for something for the Playstation, you will land more safely Sony and his Playstation VR. Custom-made, the Playstation VR even comes with a PlayStation 4 VR Aim Controller, which is available for around 80 euros. This is a weapon. The Playstation VR comes with around 250 euros, however.

Pimax for PC

Pimax already works with 4K and with 8K resolutions. Prerequisite is a powerful computer.

The 3D glasses for the mobile phone

Samsung Gear

Came with the galaxy 8 on the market, but is compatible to Galaxy 6. To play, there is a controller to do so. At the moment you can buy the gear for about 80 Euro. Not too expensive for much more entertainment.

Google Daydream View

Takes over there and works like the Samsung Gear. A compatible smartphone is inserted in the goggles and controlled by the controller. With almost 90 Euro, it also plays priced in about the same league.

Zeiss VR One Plus

The glasses from Zeiss are even more affordable, with around 60 Euro it goes to the start. 4,7 - 5,5 inch covers them without any problems, without specifically favoring mobile phone models.

Google Cardboard

If you like to do handicrafts, you can do that as well. The Google Cardboard is made of cardboard, costs around $ 20 Euro and you can just put your smartphone in front of it.

Advantages and disadvantages of VR video glasses

The advantages and disadvantages are closely tied to the user and thus to his requirements. If you just want to try it out once, you can sniff the world of 3D with a Google Cardboard. Real players need more. Not only a suitable base, but also the associated equipment. This has the disadvantage that quality has its price. In both directions. If you want to sink less coal and have a good smartphone, you can get by with Zeiss glasses or even something cheaper.

The market is crowded in this one Guide We have only listed the most common ones and those from the major providers. Overall, you can say that quality doesn't have to be the most expensive thing; it becomes more difficult when the systems have to be compatible. Wearers of glasses are also not at a disadvantage. Holders are available that can accommodate the glasses. The glasses just shouldn't be too big. VR Lense Lab is another keyword. Here's something for lens wearers to put on their eyes. Special mounts and options are offered.

Where to buy the virtual reality at best

Trying is about studying, so here too. Especially those who value a virtual world as real as possible, where not only the graphics, but also the sound are right, will hardly be able to get around to try out the different products. Once you have decided to simply browse through the net in the various offers, you will find excellent bargains.

The glasses for smartphones are much cheaper and the well-known manufacturers come more or less to the same quality. Various channels and apps, games and films are making the market fatter. One grows towards the other and so this form of entertainment becomes more and more saturated.
Quality in HDTV - for most glasses no magic. The technology is getting sharper, faster and more precise.

Conclusion: VR 3D video glasses

While some prefer to be outside or explore real worlds, technology is advancing and with it the demands of users. Even if the opinions differ here and there, where the sense or nonsense lies, it is exciting to watch where the journey is going. What is possible. How or in what form you ultimately use it for yourself, everyone has to decide for themselves. Social networks like Facebook are involved in a lot, everything is knitting together more and more. The 3D - capable films and games are becoming more and more established. Even the porn industry doesn't let this goblet slip by.

They already exist, the virtual women and men who, thanks to the technology, provide for interesting hours in hotel rooms. It won't be long before this technology can also be produced from home and used for weddings, birthdays and events. For learning, shopping or traveling virtually. Technology is a tool in which we decide what we use it for.

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