What you can do against warts and corns!

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Fight warts and corns

What you can do against warts and corns!

You can get them on your hands, on your feet, and in the worst case, right in the face. We're talking about warts and corns. Nobody wants them. Not even the witch next door. Almost everyone gets it at some point in their life. For some people they either go away on their own, some have them cut out and some lucky people are generally spared from them. This Guide is aimed at everyone who suffers from strange bumps. We explain how they occur, how to get rid of them, how to avoid them and what the differences are between warts and corns.
This Guide does not replace a doctor or medical self-medication! – What you can do about warts and corns!

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What are warts and corns?

They both have one thing in common: they are unwanted, knobbly and, depending on where they are, can hurt. They are on the skin and occur either individually or in a pack. Sometimes suddenly, overnight. To master the warts and eyes, you can acquire a little knowledge. The most important thing is to know the differences. There are also cases where it is better to go to the doctor.

Differences warts and corns

There are important differences in the types of warts - if you are not sure, have them diagnosed by a doctor or naturopath, because some warts can also be contagious.


There are different warts:

  • Age warts : Oval to roundish, usually occur after the 50est year of life. They are light brown to black and can reach the size of a bean. The cause is so far little known. It is believed that these warts are associated with a lower immune system due to the aging process.
  • brush warts They are whitish or even in skin colors. Often they arise around the mouth, around the eyes or lips. Their shape is filiform or oblong.
  • molluscum They can become pea-sized and have a dent in the middle. They are also called swimming pool warts. They especially like your arms, fingers and upper body. Your guess is correct: this type of warts is contagious. It is the MCV (molluscum contagiosum virus). This comes from the group of smallpox viruses.
  • Genital warts : Genital warts are contagious, but only occur in the genital area. Either on the penis, on the anus or on the vagina and labia. If you suspect that you have genital warts, please consult a doctor and avoid sex. Even if a condom protects!
  • plantar warts : Plantar warts love your feet and only occur there. These are the warts that hurt so much. They usually occur alone on the places where you load your foot. Often a horn callus grows over it.
  • flat warts : They grow 1-5 mm and are mostly skin colors. Either the surface of the wart is finely spotted or dull. Your favorite place? Face, hands and up to the upper arms.
    In adolescents, this wart likes to appear during puberty.


And there are different corns:

  • Clavus miliaris : do not hurt, they are not under pressure, flat and round.
  • Clavus vascular : is a corn-eye, in which blood vessels run.
  • Clavus durus : is a hard, very condensed corneal nucleus.
  • Clavus mollis : likes to come between deformed toes and has a soft flat core.
  • Clavus papillaris : has a white border and inside there is liquid. Even a bruise is possible and this corn is very painful.
  • Clavus neurovascular: : harbors nerves - and for that reason is very painful.
  • Clavus neurofibrosum : likes to live on the sole of the foot and on the ball of the foot and is therefore very painful.
  • Clavus subungualis : This corn-eye grows under the nails and is correspondingly painful.

The formation of warts and corns

The main difference lies in the cause: While warts can be transmitted by viruses and rooted in a weak immune system, the cause of corns is pressure and their cornification.

Warts are HPV bound. The human papillomavirus is not only passed on from person to person, but also by gymnastic mats, towels or barefoot running in the pool. If the skin has minor injuries, the virus penetrates and bounces! Wart.

The corn By contrast, it is by no means contagious. It just comes from permanent pressure. The first one develops a callus and the underlying tissue becomes horny and thickened until it becomes a real horn.
Anyone who has a spreading or countersunk foot is heavily loaded.
There are hereditary dispositions, diabetes, people who have a metabolic disease.

What one says in holistic naturopathy

Holistic naturopathy says that the skin is a person's protective layer on all levels. Someone can develop a “thick skin”, fat can also be viewed as a “protective shield”. Someone who is particularly “thin-skinned” is sensitive. And then there are the warts, which serve as a symbol. Not wanting to “take hold” of life, “helplessness” is part of it. The hands also stand for “grasping” and “creating” life, the feet for “the path of life”, “direction” and also for “moving in life”. You can feel for yourself whether something in your life “disgusts you” and whether you don’t want to “touch” it or whether you don’t want to “go there”.

Recommended reading: You will find many guides on various topics in the advice section !

What helps against warts and corns?

Corns can usually be avoided if you do without too tight shoes. If you take good care of your foot, do not dry it out, and if you (if you are suffering from it) consider your diabetes or metabolic disorder, you have a good chance of avoiding the corns. In case of misalignment of the foot you can go to an orthopedist and get advice.

Anyone who suffers from warts again and again is welcome to look at it holistically. Since warts often appear with a weakened immune system, take a look at your lifestyle. Stress or poor nutrition that your gut does not like. The intestine is the seat of health.

In addition, we have listed here supporting measures.
The Genital warts please to the doctor!

Home remedies for warts

Warts are keratinized skin that carries a virus. This means that you have to work clean, otherwise the viruses spread and you have a wart elsewhere. Likewise, the tissue around the wart is normal, so also sensitive. You can apply a layer to whatever you want to apply to the wart Vaseline to apply around the wart. This protects the healthy skin and the fluids remain trapped in the vaseline.

Try using:

  • Garlic or onion - fights bacteria and viruses
  • Tea tree oil - this too is an antiseptic
  • Lemon juice - contains acid
  • Vinegar - also contains acid
  • Honey - is also great for fighting bacteria and viruses, too
  • Sorbic acid or
  • Banana peel or
  • Dandelion juice can help

Footbaths also help to soften the hard cornifications.
In a mortar 5 Aspirin grind, mix with half a tablespoon of lemon juice and pour the whole in your foot bath, feet pure. If you have soaked it, about 15 minutes, then you wrap your feet in a warm towel. Depending on how tall she is, you can easily remove her after one hour (+ -).

In older writings is recommended to brush the wart with morning saliva or morning urine - even if that sounds a bit disgusting: urine as well as saliva have a lot of acids and these are very intense especially in the morning.

Home remedies for corns

Again, the above home remedies can help. In order to actually prevent the corns, the following things are important:

  • avoid too tight shoes
  • and too tight socks

Medicines for corns and warts

Against corns and warts there are a few effective remedies that you can buy in the pharmacy, for example. As a tincture or plaster. Usually, these agents contain propolis or salicylic acid. Both soften the hardening and you can remove the wart or the corn.
Please pay attention to the description or ask your pharmacist. Some products are not suitable for diabetic patients and people with circulatory disorders.

If you go to a doctor, he has another opportunity to freeze the wart or the corn. If that does not help, then you can get the ugly time out of surgery.

Discuss warts

When discussing a wart, one works with the subconscious mind. If something is believed unconditionally, it sets in motion an impact. That's why some people get sick because they've been told. Or because it has been said that it is not so bad - and then it is not. Everything you believe tends to be realized. The energy always follows the attention. A saying that has been used in the warts consultation for centuries is:

"What I see, that will pass
what I paint, that softens
Wart, fall off! "

Anyone who has had good experiences with autosuggestion can try to mumble or talk to this spell while he is painting his tincture on the wart.

Your subconscious mind will stimulate your immune system just by wanting it. The chances of success are not so bad!


As inside so outside, it is not in vain. You could look holistically at your warts and corns. What restricts you? Where do you not want to "tackle" life? Is something wrong with you?
The intestine is the seat of health and here, too, psyche and physicality are closely related. The intestinal brain, it is said.
Do something good, do something for yourself, eat well, balance your life. With it you can support your body very much. Your immune system will work better and more effectively, and if you do not faint, your feet will not, your mind will not.

Conclusion - warts and corns

Corns and warts are annoying. But to get under control very well with the means and possibilities presented here. If there is no other way, you go to a doctor and have them treated.
It is important, if your sore body hurts, then let a professional approach. Liquids may be spread to other people or to another area of ​​your skin. In case of insecurity, genital warts and acute health problems, you can not get around a clarification. Warts that contain blood vessels or fluids as well as nerves should not be treated by yourself. To your health!

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