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Over a third of all housework is kitchen work. It starts with an expedient Kitchen Equipment and the gentle preparation and preparation of food. Knowledge of the human requirement for nutrients, vitamins and minerals is also required.

The importance of the most important foods as well as the correct storage and preservation are prerequisites in order to feed the family healthily with as little effort and time as possible. This category aims to help make kitchen work easier through practical tips.

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Rationalization of kitchen work

The preparation and preparation of meals, the associated effort for cleaning the dishes and shopping for groceries. All of this currently takes a lot of time. In Austria and Germany, for example, each adult spends an average of one hour per day on household chores.

Let us assume that not everyone in the household participates equally in this work. This often results in an even higher daily rate for a person time. These facts should give food for thought about ways to reduce the chores of the household. The kitchen work should be shared among all family members so that not one person is overburdened.

The kitchen work begins with shopping

One should make it a rule in the evening to write down what to buy the next day. Taking into account the shopping opportunities in the company, on the way from school or work, you will determine who does which errands. A certain stock economy makes sense.

A notepad is a simple medium for storing brief information in writing.

It is constantly noted on it which food, detergent or the like has to be purchased. This can help avoid breakdowns. Waiting and travel times for shopping for groceries are significantly reduced if Household refrigerator and freezer can be used sensibly. This makes it possible to buy food with a limited shelf life only once or twice a week. However, the greatest time savings in kitchen work are achieved when all family members have their main warm meal in accessible facilities (school lunches).

But even where the warm main meal has to be prepared in your own household, the time required can be significantly reduced by using industrially prepared, kitchen or table-ready food.

The cheapest technique should be used to cook the food. For example, modern electric stoves are equipped with a timer or a timer is a clock that switches an electrical contact on or off or emits a signal at set times.

After making the appropriate settings, you will be alerted to the end of the cooking process by an acoustic signal, so you can do other work in the meantime. When using devices that are not equipped with such a clock, a short-term alarm clock helps, the egg timer is an alarm clock that measures short periods of time. That the food in the pot or pan is not forgotten.

Washing up

Pots, pans and the like should be rinsed off with clear water after use, if possible; of course, any food residues are removed beforehand. This prevents leftover food from drying out and it is also a little easier for the dishwasher. Leftovers do not belong in the rubbish; If you do not have a dishwasher that does the chore of washing the dishes for you, you can consider the following tips.

Pots and pans must be soaked immediately after use so that the food does not dry out in the first place. The items to be washed are sorted according to type and degree of soiling and positioned in an easily accessible position on the sink. First the glasses are washed and then the other dishes - starting with the least amount of soiling - and finally the pots. Cutlery with wooden or glass handles will not be placed in the washing up water. Dry cutlery immediately. The dishes are placed in a draining rack to dry themselves.

Dishwashing water

The temperature of the washing-up water should be 45 ° because the fat dissolves at 40 °. Protein begins to coagulate at 60 ° and is therefore difficult to remove from the vessels. Do not add detergent until you have let in the water. This means that no foam can form, which would then leave edges on the dishes.

Lemon peel for washing up

When doing kitchen work, you put the peel of squeezed lemons together with washing-up liquid in the washing-up water to give glasses a sparkling shine. If the dishes are washed after washing, a detergent must also be added to this water so that the dishes dries without leaving any stains. Beer glasses should only be rinsed with clear water and then polished, otherwise the beer will not get a flower. For reasons of hygiene, you should not use rags from discarded items of laundry to wash up. It is better to use a suitable dishcloth or the use of washing-up brushes.

Aluminum pots are bare again: When doing kitchen work, aluminum pots become shiny again if you peel them with potatoes, apples, rhubarb or boil them with vinegar. You can easily clean frying pans (not non-stick coated) if you heat them up a little and then wipe them with salt and a kitchen towel.

Enamel pots that have turned gray inside turn white again if you boil them with a little washing powder and then rinse them well with hot water. You can prevent the pots from turning gray if you boil them with vinegar water about every two months. The burnt-on topping of food can be removed by using salted water that remains in the pot for a few hours. Remaining residues are removed with a suitable pot cleaning cloth.

Clean glasses


When doing kitchen work, glasses are cleaned with lukewarm water with the addition of detergent and then rinsed. For washing up, I recommend a sponge brush or a soft cloth. So that the edges of the glasses are not damaged, they are placed on a soft cloth to drain. Glasses that have not been rinsed with detergent (beer glasses) are dried with non-fluffy cloths (microfiber cloths).

The jars will not collect dust as quickly if they are stored in the cupboard with the opening facing down. There should always be a small gap between the glasses so that they do not collide with each other if they are shaken. Water scale can be removed from carafes and glasses with vinegar water to which a little table salt has been added.

Kitchen work with burnt food

The use of appropriate cookware prevents food from burning. It is also important to have the right supply of heat, an appropriate amount of liquid, compliance with the cooking times and adequate supervision of the cooking process. That doesn't mean that you have to stand by the saucepan. You can certainly do other kitchen work during the cooking process. If the mishap has already happened, however, many dishes can be saved with a few small tricks.

Burned dishes of all kinds

The pot of burnt food is immediately placed in cold water. Then the food is carefully transferred to another pot so that no combustion residues can come off the bottom of the pot.

Burned meat

The burned areas are cut off. Then the meat is cooked in another pot, preferably with a little baking soda.

Burnt vegetables and legumes

After transferring the food to another saucepan, the smoky taste can be neutralized by adding sugar, spices and a little coffee cream.

Burned potatoes and milk

The black part is removed from burnt potatoes and the remaining part of the potatoes can be steamed in butter like fried potatoes. Burnt milk is poured into another saucepan and boiled with a little baking soda. However, it does not even burn if it is boiled in a double boiler especially for milk.

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