Toilet Flusher: How to Maintain a Fresh and Clean Toilet

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Toilet scented rinse
Toilet scented rinse for hanging

There is nothing like a nice, clean bathroom with a clean and fresh smelling toilet to feel good about! A Toilet scented rinse is a simple one Toilet gadget für eine clean, lime-free and good smelling toilet. Every household has it and rightly so. A well-maintained toilet is a MUST and everyone likes it.

Many names for a toilet product with a fresh scent: Here you have the most common names for the toilet gadget.

Toilet fragrance rinse | Toilet hangers | Toilet cleaner | Toilet fragrance stone | Toilet freshener | Toilet stone | Toilet bowl stones | Toilet fragrance basket or toilet fragrance basket

Right with They are also called company names: Toilet fresh & toilet duck

In every supermarket or drugstore chain such as Rossmann, Aldi, DM, Kaufland, Netto or Lidl you will find toilet scented flushers or toilet Seine. Of course, you can also order cheap toilet fragrance stones online.

What versions are there for toilet scented rinse aid?

The WC cleaner for the toilet to hang is the most common. Here a plastic holder holds the toilet stone like a basket. But there are still toilet fresheners that can be glued on. Here a gel is attached directly to the inside wall of a toilet. With every flushing process, the toilet scented rinse gives off its cleaning and fragrant effect.

Toilet hangers are mostly equipped with a toilet block that gradually dissolves. They are there as BALLS, STONES or as a power gel. Toilet scented rinsers have prevailed that can clean and scent, and every toilet hanger should be able to do that. But they are often extra with DUO, double, fresh and clean, 2-fold to 6-fold effect etc. advertised.

An another alternative are toilet stones that one directly into the Toilet cistern can lay. The toilet scented stone dissolves very slowly in the flushing water and releases the fragrant and cleansing flushing water with each flush. Of course, only suitable if you can open the cistern yourself. With this alternative you achieve a higher level of cleaning, but you do not have a damp toilet scent stone that gives off its freshness over the long term.

What are the advantages of a toilet stone or toilet scented stone?

- hygienically clean toilet
- Anti-limescale protection of the ceramic toilet
- Long-term freshness with every rinse in the bathroom
- Protective effect against new dirt
- makes regular manual cleaning easier
- effectively protects against lime, dirt and urine scale
- no bad smells

What are the ingredients of a toilet stone and toilet scent stone / gel?

The active ingredients are usually very similar in terms of product and manufacturer. Toilet fragrance rinses or toilet fragrance stones are usually made of Sulfates, surfactants, fragrance oils, fragrances and dyes. Some more active ingredients that antibacterial act and inorganic salts. They can also contain waxes and other solvents. The included anionic and nonionic surfactants can very “lovely” Act.

Pay attention to them warnings on the packaging and keep the products safe from children. If you want to find out more about ingredients, you can here read more closely.

Where is the best place to attach a toilet fragrance rinse to the toilet?

A toilet fragrance stone can only develop its fresh and cleaning effect if it comes into contact with water every time the toilet is flushed. It is therefore advisable to install it in the water flow of your toilet. This can be different for every toilet. Always remember that a toilet scented toilet does not replace complete hygienic care and cleaning of your toilet. It only facilitates, refreshes and supports regular manual care.

Adding a trick to the toilet scented rinse


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What are the disadvantages of toilet fragrance stones or toilet bowl stones?

Wherever chemical composition plays a role, there are also disadvantages!

- You can pollute wastewater and the environment
- can have ecological & health aspects
- always protect from children
- Fragrances & cleaning are not always available depending on the manufacturer
- Discoloration of the toilet can occur.

Hygienic care & cleaning of your toilet

A good and simple alternative to maintaining and cleaning your toilet is with the toilet brush, a little Abrasives and Vinegar. You can use it to remove limescale deposits in a more environmentally friendly way.

How do I find a good toilet fragrance flushing device?

You can try out different variants yourself and find the best toilet scented rinse for you to hang on. Use the Internet or Amazon, here you will find many test results on different toilet scented flushers and you can avoid wrong purchases.

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Lots of positives Buyer ratings are often a sign that people are satisfied with the toilet scent stone product.

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