Why microfiber towels belong in every household


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Why do microfiber towels belong in every household? Whether as a large bath towel or as a small towel: microfiber towels are convincing in every size. In any case, they are light and dry faster than any other towel.

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This makes them particularly popular when traveling, at the campsite or on the go. But they are also practical at home, because the towels simply go with everything. They serve as a beach towel to sit on as well as on the green meadow at a picnic.

The smooth material does not absorb sand or grass. It is therefore dirt-repellent and can also be easily shaken out. Such a microfiber bath towel is also ideally suited to protect the surface of your deck chair or in the sauna. Since microfiber has an antibacterial effect and dries quickly, it does not absorb any unpleasant odors.

But the practical microfiber towels can do even more and therefore belong in every household.

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Microfiber towels for travel: for showering, bathing or as a beach towel

Especially when traveling, a Microfiber bath towel quickly its advantages. In general, microfiber towels are very light and can be folded extremely thinly. That saves space in the luggage. The soft microfiber towels soak up a lot of water. The high tech material consists mostly of polyester. The innovative towels have a great advantage here.

In contrast to heavy cotton, microfiber immediately releases moisture to the outside. As a result, the microfiber towels dry again much faster than a cotton towel, which soaks up the moisture. When on vacation, a microfiber bath towel can also be used as a practical beach sheet.

It looks small in the beach bag, weighs almost nothing and is ready to use again the next day, dry. This means that microfiber towels are also suitable as travel towels for backpackers on multi-day trekking tours or, of course, for camping.

Microfiber - the high tech material for versatile towels

Microfiber bath towels are not only popular companions on vacation. They are just as suitable for day trips to the swimming pool or the wellness area. Here, too, they impress with their low weight and pack size. The light towels do a great job in the sauna.

The innovative polyester material is a real high-tech fiber. A towel made of microfiber can take up to 350 percent of its own weight. Classic terry towels also absorb a lot of moisture, but store it in the fibers. The microfibre, on the other hand, conducts the moisture back to the surface, which means that it evaporates more quickly. A microfiber bath towel needs around 30 minutes in the sun to dry completely.

Would you like a compact, quick-drying and absorbent towel for the gym, for hiking or for a short trip to the swimming pool / lake? Do you want it to be easy and straightforward to take with you? Or should your towel be a space-saving travel companion for a vacation with your family? Then the Fit-Flip microfiber towels are just right for you.

All advantages for you at a glance: ultra light, minimally small pack size, extremely absorbent fiber structure, quick-drying, dirt-repellent, pleasantly soft, antibacterial, strongly suppresses the growth of bacteria, with practical snap-fastener loop for hanging and drying, with and without imprint (washable), including carrying bag.

Microfiber towels can do anything: for sports, camping and for children

Anyone who does a lot of sport knows damp towels in their sports bag. They quickly start to muffle and are already unpleasant to smell at home. It is different with antibacterial towels made of microfiber. They don't smell even after a long transport.

This makes them ideally suited for your children during sports lessons or in a swimming club. Because even if the little ones forget to pack the wet towel separately, nothing happens. Because the towel is very dry after wringing it out.

Microfiber shower towels are also convincing when camping. Because they can be washed out quickly and easily in the smallest washbasin on public camping toilets. Thrown over a chair to dry, the towel is dry and can be used again after a very short time.

The innovative and functional material of microfiber towels

Microfibers are very light and fine. Manufacturers therefore need a lot more fibers for a thread than for other fabrics. The surface of the thread increases and this ensures the high suction power. The microfiber fabric can consist of various materials.

One of the most suitable materials is polyester, but some manufacturers also use nylon. Some brands use their own composition, for example a mixture of polyester with polyamide or even with natural fibers. What they all have in common, however, is that the microfiber is very soft to the touch and retains its shape, even after frequent washing.

On the contrary: Did you already know that a microfiber towel just keeps getting better after every wash?

It's that easy to care for microfiber towels

It is advisable to wash colored shower towels or beach towels made of microfiber before using them for the first time. Because sometimes the towels still color. That depends on the color and the manufacturer, who usually also specifies this.

Usually you wash a microfiber towel in the washing machine at 30 or 40 degrees Celsius. You can put it in the dryer at a low temperature. Since the microfiber bath towels dry very quickly, this is usually unnecessary. Depending on the brand, the towels have a loop on which you can easily hang the light towel anywhere to dry.

Microfiber towels - small, light and always with you

They are just as suitable as small towels for on the go, as bath towels or beach towels made of microfiber on vacation, for sports or when traveling. A microfiber bath towel even fits in the diaper bag and serves as an antibacterial changing mat on the go.

The towels impress with their light weight and small volume on hikes and trekking tours. They dry quickly and don't smell even after days. Many microfiber bath towels come with their own mesh pocket so that you can continue drying without moistening other laundry in the bag.

Anyone who travels a lot with children or for sports quickly learns to appreciate the practical microfiber towels.


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